BN spouts racism, yet Pakatan is blamed

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YOURSAY ' What a strange thing to hear from the Umno-BN No 2. It would seem Muhyiddin is unfamiliar with the concept of irony.'

Muhyiddin and Anwar exchange fire in Johor

your say Dood: BN deputy Muhyiddin Yassin said, "Who is the one that usually makes statements to fan racial sentiment? He (DAP leader Lim Kit Siang) said one thing in Malay areas and said he wants to safeguard the Chinese in Chinese areas. Who is racist?"

What a strange thing to hear from the Number 2 of Umno-BN. It would seem that Umno-BN leaders are unfamiliar with the concept of irony.

And he said Iskandar Malaysia the most developed region in Malaysia? This is news to me. I would nominate Muhyiddin's statement for the list on ‘Malaysian Politicians Say The Darndest Things'.

Hmmmmmmmm: The things that Muhyiddin said - was he referring to BN or Pakatan Rakyat? Saying different things to different races has been made into an art by BN.

I think Muhyiddin is campaigning for Pakatan. The prophecy of Rahman makes opponents do silly things.

Jesse: Muhyiddin once said he is a Malay first and a Malaysian second, but denies being a racist. The government is supposed to govern for all Malaysians. If he becomes PM, surely non-Malays are finished.

Zen: If the Johor people do any more stupid things, they will lose their state like they lost Singapore to the British 200 years ago.

Jiminy Qrikert: Zen, you are an idiotic fear-monger who does not deal with facts. Pakatan is led by Malays. Anwar is a Malay. He will protect the interests of Malays. Malays make up the majority of the population in Johor. The MB in Johor will always be a Malay.

And since you are so damn ignorant, Johor has a Malay sultan whose position is secured and protected by the Msian constitution. Johor will remain Malay-dominant, only this time it is non-Umno Malays will lead.

As we fast approach May 5, the difference between Pakatan and BN campaigning is becoming crystal clear to the rakyat.

Pakatan leader Anwar Ibrahim campaigns on issues concerning the rakyat, challenging the BN policies that enrich its cronies through corruption and lopsided deals that burden the rakyat.

BN campaigns by smearing the Pakatan leaders through character assassination. BN still thinks the rakyat are stupid, blind and deaf.

Quigonbond: The tide is clearly and irreversibly against Umno - it is just a matter of whether they get swept under this time, or the next.

BN's Hamidah Osman blacklisted for political violence

Boiling Mud: If BN could hold their ceramah a stone's throw away from those held by Pakatan Rakyat, why can't a Pakatan candidate set up its operations centre near BN's in Batu Gajah?

This land does not exclusively belong to anyone or any party and their ghouls and orcs.

The public display of bad behaviour by BN's Sungai Rapat candidate Hamidah Othman is shameful. This woman ought to apologise before she is hauled to court for physical assault.

Don't just blacklist candidates who flout the laws. What is Bersih going to do with their blacklist?

Why not distribute them to the constituencies, with the misconducts stated clearly next to the names of the culprits? At least then, the voters could decide whether they would still give their votes to ‘samseng'.

P Dev Anand Pillai : And we thought that the women in Umno were a little more civil and educated. The people of Gopeng should teach Hamidah a lesson.

She even ridiculed ex-Perak speaker V Sivakumar when the state was under Pakatan, so don't forget, she will try to cheat, but if the people rise, no matter how much they cheat, they will still lose.

ACR The infamous Hamidah Othman who brought up the Indian and snake story in the Perak assembly. What else can be expected of her? She is the embodiment of UMNO arrogance, rascism and gangsterism.

Anonymous999: Perhaps she is a classmate of Perkasa deputy Zulkifli Noordin?

Fair&Just: If the Nanyang case is true, the police and the gang of hooligans are harassing, intimidating and preventing the reporter from making a police report and the police personnel involved must be detained and charged for obstruction of justice.

And the irony the party responsible for justice are the ones obstructing it. Who catch the police? The aborted Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) is the best and just solution to police's abuse of power.

Hang Tuah PJ: I am lost for words to describe this woman. Malays are supposed to be a soft spoken gentle race. What happened? Well, I guess when you don't have brains, you use brawn.

BTN: I'm not surprised by the behaviour of Umno people. As I've noticed in many occasions, there are two types of Malay. The ones who are patient and sincere belong to the opposition and those who are violent and unreasonable belong to Umno.

Anonymous #79563009: Even women candidates for Umno can behave like gangsters. So people, you know for whom to vote.

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