Deputy DG's assassination raises violence another level

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YOURSAY 'When the people leading the country commit crimes themselves, what do we expect criminals to think? It's open season.'

Customs No 3 shot dead in Putrajaya

your say SawPg: My deepest condolence to the family of Customs deputy director-general Shaharuddin Ibrahim. Whatever was the reason, we may not know. What matters is, what has become of our country?

What has become of our security and safety? Why is it that the very machinery that is supposed to provide us with the safety and security does not seem to be effective anymore?

How is it that they are so effective when serving their political masters and so efficient in going after members of the opposition, but not able to give us a safe country to live in?

Up2U: Even with the death penalty for possession of firearms, we still have such assassination. There were several cases up north and one wonder whether the police have had any success in solving those crimes.

This speaks badly of what is happening in Malaysia, especially so when so many known criminal kingpins seem to be thriving and even getting 'datukship'.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Well, it looks like the violence has now gone up the next level. What could the motive of the assassination be?

Why was the timing now? And it is being committed in broad daylight in the federal administrative capital where the PM's Office is situated.

One would have thought that this is the safest place to be in Malaysia but it has now becomes otherwise. This is why we have to cleanse the system and put the right people in the right places. We need cops to do policing, not politiking.

Let's not forget about corruption. The murder will have to be investigated from that angle as well.

The Customs Department is placed very high on the list of the most corrupted departments in the system. We need a fresh start and the cleansing process must be initiated immediately.

CD: It is clear to all that in the last 30 years, the law and order situation of Malaysia had degenerated into the abyss.

When the people leading the country commit crimes themselves, what do we expect criminals to think? It's open season.

The situation has now become so lawless that it would be abnormal for any day to pass without hearing of snatch thefts, murders, kidnaping, burglaries, car thefts, rape, etc.

Recently we have graduated into acid splashing and bombings. The only way to improve our country is to sack those in charge of our security and hire a new team.

Anonymous #44199885: My deepest sympathies to the Shaharuddin family. It's shocking that this sort of thing is still happening.

Did not the government say the crime rate is down: well, so far we have had two shootings, arson of a politician's daughter's cars, and the murder of a woman who was out jogging.

What is our BN government going to do about the hike in crime rates? It's best to vote Pakatan, they may be more serious about security issues.

Jassy: My condolences to the grieving family. Has anyone noticed the number of deaths from shootings over the past few days? All head shots or shots to the upper body, shots that were intended to kill.

Person/s carrying out these killings appear to be professionals. Then you have the explosive devices planted in ceramahs. Something is brewing.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Why, Pakatan leader Anwar Ibrahim was somehow behind it, of course.

I am not taking away anything from this tragic death, but I am fed up - just like everyone else - with how lightly this regime takes crime.

Muhyiddin tops in attacking opponents, study shows

Wanderer: As an Umno caretaker deputy prime minister, Muhyiddin Yassin should be setting a good example for the nation, but instead, he attacks opposition leaders like a mad dog.

This only reflects on the man's ability as a leader. Are we surprised? Definitely not, this is what Umno people do best.

Tehachapi: Attacking political opponents with bare knuckles, bruising them and stripping them down to their most vulnerable selves, questioning even their intents and motives is both cruel and inhuman. It is not an admirable quality.

A savvy and perceptive politician always leaves room for reconciliation, civility, and mutual respect. It is hope that this hard-sell technique will not be used, while a more open and participatory exchange of party's ideologies and real analysis will be pursued instead.

Repeating the same message based on racial and religious sentiments is not only demeaning, but seditious and scandalous. It is undignified.

Crude and ferocious attacks without strong reasons and logic amount to character assassination as it is one-sided and gives no room for the opponent to respond fairly.

These hard-sell marketeers are not only without objectivity, but also the ability to laugh at their own follies and enjoy the humour in life. Let us be more constructive.

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