'I'll double your money... but triple mine'

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YOURSAY 'Everywhere he goes, Najib gives money to win votes. This is corruption and he encourages it. How can a nation continue this style of government?'

Najib says he's younger and has more FB fans

your say Senior: Saratok candidate and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) president William Mawan Ikom can afford to give away his allowance, he will get plenty more from elsewhere.

Hmmmmmmmm: Mawan wants to set up a body to manage his few thousand ringgit parliamentarian's allowance?

Fair&Just: BN chief Najib Razak increased service tax to 6 percent, imposed a RM50 tax on credit cards, allowed prices of necessities to increase to the benefit of crony companies, allows misuse of tax money and kickbacks in the name of commissions and overpricing of goods and so on.

He can blissfully blow away over RM60,000 a night at a hotel in Australia. He is corrupt and does not know the suffering of the rakyat.

Now he is offering money to lure and buy votes. He has no shame except to be obsessed in winning the GE and continuing to plunder the nation's coffers. He is not fit to continue to rule and hold on to power.

Pronto: Everywhere he goes, he gives money to win votes. This is corruption and he encourages corruption. How can a nation continue this style of government?

The money he is giving out is our tax money. Ask Mawan to transfer his ill-gotten assets to the public. Will he do it?

Just a few thousand from his allowance is nothing to him, compared to millions of ringgit from other sources which belonged to the people.

Better My: Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim should come out to declare the same as what Najib has declared for Saratok, "Double your money." (To give a dollar to dollar contribution. "If he (Mawan) gives his salary, then I will give contributions for the next five years, so the fund can be doubled up," said Najib.)

It will make news and create a strong impact to stop such bribes dressed as cash handouts. Any news and publicity for Pakatan Rakyat/Anwar in Saratok and all over the country is good publicity that money can't buy.

Ridzuan Ali: Coming from the business community, I am really sad to see a report by Wall Street Journal that Malaysia is the most corrupt country in terms of doing business, even worse than Indonesia and China.

The government needs immediate action and change, as the implications and perception will be serious.

Apa Ini?: Najib is offering our money to the voters. Do we even have a treasury left for him to fulfill his promises? This is shameless abuse.

Kepala Hanggok: This is true to the Najib style of administration - you help me, I help you. Again, its money politics until the country goes dry. After all, it's not his money.

Sgtdinoz: What Najib means is: I will double your money, while my money triples.

Uthaya's Hindraf 'sacks' Waythamoorthy

Jiminy Qrikert: P Waythamoorthy is now regretting his stupid decision to sign the useless memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Najib.

He can see for himself the growing ‘kebangkitan rakyat' (people's uprising) across Malaysia, from Perlis to Sabah, where the rakyat will kick BN out of Putrajaya and in majority of the states.

Indian Malaysians are also abandoning BN and with the situation relating to Hindraf so confusing, they will opt to keep it simple and support Pakatan.

Uthayakumar, on the other hand, is playing a different game. He rejects BN but will not support Pakatan. He wants to be an elected MP.

The problem is he is just a one-man show without any broad support base and so if by fluke he does win the Kota Raja parliamentary seat, his only real option is to be a frog.

Chiabee2: The Hindraf brothers are fighting and discrediting one another now. If it is not for personal glory/interest as claimed, the brothers should have the good sense to settle their spats behind closed door so as not to let down all those diehard Hindraf supporters here in Malaysiakini comments page at least.

I hope all Indians, especially those Hindraf diehards, will wise up to make the right choice come May 5.

Hang Tuah PJ: These two Tamil brothers are a joke. They are no different from MIC. This Indian (Malaysian first) is voting Pakatan, including a lot of long-time MIC members whom I know.

Anonymous #40112563: Umno has succeeded in splitting one of the forces which helped remove its two-thirds majority, just like it did to the Sabahans when PBS defeated Berjaya.

Umno's divide-and-rule tactic works, and it will work again and again as long as greed for power and riches are the goal of the leaders of such forces against Umno and not a commitment to the rakyat.

Fair Play: So it finally comes down to brother versus brother and Hindraf versus Hindraf. Indeed, a classic script from a Tamil movie.

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