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PAS looks for Malay support in Shah Alam

GE13 WATCH SELANGOR PAS' Khalid Samad, who is defending the Shah Alam parliamentary seat, walked languidly into a pharmacy in the heart of Klang's Chinese business community, introducing himself to everyone as the candidate.

The shopowner walked cautiously to the counter, keeping a safe distance. With much apprehension, he asked Khalid if he was the man whose photo could be seen on a poster outside.

The poster reads ‘ Pilih (choose) Zul Noordin', Khalid's rival from BN for the seat. Parts of Klang fall within the Shah Alam constituency.

Khalid, who was wearing a skullcap similar to Zulkifli's in the photo, quickly pointed out the difference, after letting out a short laugh.

"That is dacing (the BN logo), I am from bulan (moon, the PAS logo)," he said...

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