The travails of PI Bala and family is a tragedy

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YOURSAY 'He risked everything by making the first SD, and then sacrificed everything to protect his family who is still facing much trouble and uncertainty.'

Private eye Bala's wife Selvi breaks silence

your say Kilgore: Private eye P Balasubramaniam was given an "offer he couldn't refuse". He risked everything by making the first statutory declaration (SD), and then sacrificed everything to protect his family.

It is tragic that the Malaysians who do the right thing, speak up, and try to help their beloved country, are the ones who suffer the most.

This is a clear indication of how backward things have become. His widow, A Santamil Selvi, and family should be treated with sympathy and gratitude, and remembered as heroes who gave up everything for the greater good of the Malaysian people.

Regardless of the election results, it would be criminal for us to allow Selvi and her children to suffer any further. They deserve our support spiritually and financially.

Malaysians can begin the healing process by openly showing appreciation and respect for those who gave so much for us all.

Anonymous #40538199: "Their passports were prepared later that morning, all within two hours."

It looks like people in a high level of the government were involved. Who approved the passports?

Tehachapi: Premier Najib Abdul Razak, without disrespect for your high position, please tell us plainly, are you the mastermind behind all those heinous crimes?

If honestly you are, please withdraw and make your peace with your god.

Remember Macbeth. If you are blinded with your selfish ambition and not caring about the lives of others, then God will certainly intervene to bring down your party and protect his own children in this GE13.

This country is bigger than your selfish goals. There are over 29 million Malaysian citizens whose livelihoods and future depend on good leadership. We cannot afford to have a criminally minded individual leading us to destruction.

Let us empathise with Bala's family and see them through these difficulties together as friends of his family.

Bala's sacrifice and the suffering of his family really touched my heart deeply. I feel so pained and so wronged that our top leaders have lost their feelings for a fellow citizen.

There must be more dignity and responsibility to leadership than treating people worse than animals. Let us do what we can within our power to right that wrong.

When one of us suffers like this, our collective joy is diminished.

Mob1900: Selvi, your belated hubby took the deal from ASP Suresh/PM, it just never came. Please do not claim your hubby did it for the 'people'.

Send your kids to a national school and suffer like the rest of us. Greedy people never learn. If Najib can promise you something so easily, he can renege on his promises just as easily.

LittleGiant: Madam Selvi, please be assured that Malaysians who believe in truth and justice will surely remember you and your children in their prayers.

You and your family are going through an extremely traumatic situation. But do not give up hope. Be brave in the face of adversity. Truth and justice will prevail.

Maplesyrup: It is more likely than not that the RM5 million and the RM20,000 payout was made by the person who promised.

And in the typical way of how things happen, the money was intercepted. Somebody got rich at the expense of Bala's and his family.

Wise Guy: I take a different view. First and foremost, why did Bala consent to the agreement of RM5 million? If the money was given to them as promised, would we know the truth?

It is only after he did not get the money, all these things come out. This is a question of credibility.

Jiminy Qrikert: Wise guy, the temptation was there. The arrangements were in place. The promise was made. If you were in Bala's position where he was facing Hobson's choice - take the deal and save your family or accidents might happen - what would you do?

After Bala's first SD, was he given the protection he needed? So, it is only human for him to succumb to such pressure when his family's safety is at stake.

You blame him for the second SD? He did it to protect his family. Any man would have done so. But he got played out. And his family then came under threat because he was broke.

Again caught between a rock and a hard place, he decided to come clean. Now, his family is again suffering. I really do hope Pakatan Rakyat plans to take care of Selvi and her children.

Mahashitla: As I read Selvi's story, my eyes were overwhelmed with tears. How can people be so heartless, not fulfilling the RM5 million pledge, and leaving the couple and their three children lost in a foreign country.

It is really fortunate that Selvi, despite all the temptation, stood bravely on the side of truth. Bala will always be looking down and smiling towards Selvi for her love and loyalty.

May I suggest Pakatan set up a special fund, with donations from the rakyat, to oversee the education of Bala's three children. This is in appreciation of Bala who bravely stood for the truth, despite all the odds against him, even at the cost of his life.

Lexicon: Selvi, your husband Bala did the right thing in coming back. Your children will be proud of his contribution to Malaysia's history.

Fairplayer: Selvi, thank you for sharing what you know. I pray and trust that true-blooded Malaysians will be moved to push Pakatan into Putrajaya, so that your family will be protected and provided for properly.

I have copied your bank account number down to share with other Malaysians. We will chip in what we can. May the good Lord watch over you and children. Amen.

Lionheart: I second the notion Malaysians must reach out, encourage and support such heroic deed. For we are fighting and supporting a course of righteousness, honour and dignity. As a show of support, I too shall donate RM100.

Ra2012: I cried when I read your statement. There is so much sadness and sorrow in your eyes.

Whoever who did this to you will pay a heavy price. You have suffered enough. I pray the new government will take care of your children and make them great treasures of this country.

I love you, Selvi. Have trust in God, you will not fail.

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