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Police spooked by display of small flags?

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YOURSAY ‘The police should instead arrest those who cause religious tension using large billboards for all to see, boldly signing off with ‘Vote BN'.'

Cops plan to stop alleged 'Arab Spring' demo

your say Hplooi: Deputy inspector-general of police (DIGP) Khalid Abu Bakar is probably trying to divert from the main issues - the sudden influx of planeloads of ‘foreign workers', unexplained registrations of unaccounted voters, etc, etc.

If ever a new government is formed tomorrow, he should be hauled up for insulting the intelligence of voters and casting aspersions on Malaysians.

Lin Wenquan: The DIGP has referred to small 'triangular' flags as markers to indicate rallying points to kick off a Malaysian Spring. What voluble nonsense!

Firstly, the little flags are 'rectangular'. Secondly, the multicoloured flags have been planted in roundabouts that can probably hold no more than 100 people if they are packed like sardines.

They are good enough for a Sunday family day's gathering, but an assembly point for a demonstration? What a laughable and stupid proposition.

In the case of Bangsar, the birthplace of the flags displays, and elsewhere in Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya, the planting of colourful small flags was the work of the residents to merely express their feelings for a brighter and better Malaysia, just like a new day in spring when flowers start to bloom.

A friendly neighbourhood exercise by residents to express their love for democracy has drawn the ire of the DIGP and has been painted as a sinister attempt to foment and create chaos during GE13.

Hacks: The police are scared of small flags? How stupid.

Anonymous_4196 : I read that the planting of small flags is the expression of the rakyat in their neighbourhood not connected to any political platform. I believe it's an expression of supporting good governance and against an evil regime.

Instead, the police should just arrest those who cause religious tension among the rakyat using a large billboard for all to see, boldly signing off with ‘Vote BN'

Rayfire: The flags were put up by residents who want to peacefully show support for the need for change to happen in our nation. Just because it is termed Malaysian Spring, doesn't mean they are going to take it to the streets. Police, please don't be ignorant.

Ynwa: This is the level of our cops and leaders who are really turkeys. They are promoted based on who in high places they know.

We need the best cops like they do in Scotland Yard, who will do what is best for the rakyat and not for the politicians.

Knight Rider: There is an invasion of foreigners. They are helped by people who have committed treason. What are the police and the military doing about this invasion, which is a national security problem?

When former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad was deputy prime minister, he threatened to shoot on sight the Vietnamese boat people who arrived on our shores, refugees who had suffered rough seas and terror at the hands of pirates who raped, killed and robbed them.

But today, the new, fake bumiputeras had the welcome mat laid out for them. Soon Malaysians would have to flee as refugees to other countries.

Sogo : Why are the police so scared of a Malaysian Spring when it is the BN that is going around reminding everyone about May 13 and warning that riots might happen?

????: If they had kept the same consistency of churning out this fortune-teller like predictions over the Lahad Datu incident, some of our security personnel could have been saved from sacrifice.

Nong Chik's personalised leaflet to a phantom

As I see it: I emigrated to Australia in 1988. In September 1990 (when I was 23 years ago), I was granted an Australian citizenship and I was asked by the Australian authorities to surrender my Malaysian passport, as it was a requirement by the Malaysian government at that time.

Recently, I made an online enquiry using my old blue IC number regarding my voting registration status through the EC website, and to my horror I discovered that I was registered to vote in this election in the Lembah Pantai constituency.

Further a MyKad has also been issued in my name. This smells very 'fishy' to me, especially because Anwar Ibrahim's daughter Nurul Izzah is standing for election in that constituency. I do hope that my name and vote is not being used by a BN 'phantom' voter!

Fair&Just: The person using the phantom name Zalena Suhid should have landed in Selangor by plane, courtesy of the Prime Minister's Office. The person could be voting today at the designated polling station. Please nab her.

Lr6so4bk3: I and my wife are both government pensioners and we have been staying in our house in Taiping for the past 15 years. A few days ago, we received a BN leaflet bearing the name Marimuthu and we thought nothing of it. Until now.

Now it seems we have a phantom voter in our house. I will hand it over to the Rocket pondok and hope the evil will be revealed.

Anonymous #00830595: The complainant says, "The authorities have to look at how such a problem could occur."

I'd hate to discourage you, but it's precisely the same authorities that perpetuate this irregularity.

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