'Only Khalid will do for Selangor MB'

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YOURSAY 'Keep our beloved Khalid or this will be the next state to be lost in GE14. Be warned. Don't think we are bluffing.'

Khalid in limbo as Pakatan delays naming S'gor MB

your say Raja Chulan: Incumbent Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim is managing the state well so let him continue the good work. Selangoreans are with him as the GE13 poll shows.

It appears that voters want a professional manager and a good administrator who gets on with the work of managing the state well, instead of a maverick politician. Moreover, he has just finished his learning curve and the fruits are only beginning to bear.

Taking him away from being the MB's post now would therefore be such a waste. I think Selangor PKR chief Azmin Ali is better suited for tasks at the federal level.

He has to lend a helping hand to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim on a day-to-day basis relating to national politics. There is a lot of unfinished business there. All said, I hope Anwar will decide correctly.

Yes, loyalty matters but it is not time yet to talk about rewards so soon. We must not make any mistakes on this matter.

Be Fair: Khalid is the perfect person to be MB of Selangor. He is a man of action. He doesn't talk much but rather just does things right.

The Observer: Don't do another Kedah-like self-inflicted wound on Selangor. Enough of self-interest from whichever quarter it's coming from. The people are happy with Khalid as MB. This is reflected in the increased majorities.

Change that and you may lose Selangor come GE14. Be warned. Don't think we are bluffing.

BeEnd: We will say bye-bye to Pakatan the next term if Azmin Ali is the new MB of Selangor.

MajuUbah: Give Azmin Ali a break. Everyone seems to be accusing him. Is this fair? If one looks at succession planning, perhaps appoint him as deputy MB. If Penang can have two, why not Selangor?

The state is large and rich enough to even support three deputy MBs.

Fairnessforall: Azmin, Pakatan should also take into consideration what the majority of Selangorians want and not just what the leaders want.

As far as I can see and hear, Selangorians want Khalid to continue. We know you are eyeing the seat, but we do not want you. Pakatan should make its decision based on the sentiments of Selangorians, which is to maintain Khalid as MB.

Jaguh: Don't rock the boat. Khalid was the reason for Selangor's victory. Azmin didn't even do a good job in Sabah. Azmin should focus on national politics. Let Khalid manage the state.

Koyaksingh: If Pakatan wants to continue governing Selangor after the next general election they have to re-appoint Khalid again as the MB.

He may not be a seasoned politician but with his wide corporate experience he has proven his ability in running the state government in a professional manner.

Just look at Kedah which has gone back to Umno. The PAS MB was purely incompetent and arrogant.

Anonymous #82651881: How about Khalid as Anwar's successor and Azmin as Selangor MB?

KSD: Keep our beloved Khalid as the MB of Selangor or this will be the next state to be lost in GE14. Being young and energetic, Azmin should focus on winning over rural voters across Malaysia for the next GE. A federal ministership will be his reward then.

Anthony John: If Pakatan need one week to name the MB, I wonder what would have happened if Pakatan had got Putrajaya.

Cabinet appointments would have taken more than six months. Isn't it obvious Khalid should be the MB and allowed to continue his good work?

ChangeNow!: Azmin, you have worked hard to ensure PKR victory in Selangor. Well done.

But it was Khalid's clean track record for the past five years that we the rakyat admire most. We know Tan Sri is not perfect in certain areas, but let's work together to support him more in his second term.

DrumBeat: I hope Azmin is not the cause of the delay in announcing Selangor MB. Khalid is a very sincere people person, and he is, like anybody else, is capable of making mistakes.

It is shameful that the Selangor MB position has yet to be announced and it would be a disaster for Selangor if Khalid is not given another term in office as MB.

Whatsup: Oh, no. Don't you all dare to do anything other than letting Khalid continue another term. He has proven himself.

And never let a PAS member be the MB, otherwise all the good done would be undone and all those PAS blundering minions will scare away everyone with their overzealousness as we have seen in Kelantan and Kedah.

Then come GE14, it's goodbye to Selangor. Please don't fix something that doesn't need fixing.

Mohd: The reason for the delay is not because PAS wants the post. It is because someone else in PKR wants to take it from Khalid. So, if that someone took it then I prefer PAS to grab it.

JoanH: Khalid should remain the MB for Selangor. We, the people of Selangor, have given him the mandate. To Azmin and PAS we say, "Lain kalilah".

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