Azmin, choice of Selangor MB not PKR's alone

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YOURSAY 'What PKR consensus is he talking about? DAP and PAS have 15 seats each while PKR only has 14 seats; where did Azmin learn his math?'

PKR No 2 hits out at top leadership over MB post

your say Astounded: Actually since PKR did not get enough seats to rule Selangor by itself, it is only right that the coalition as a whole should have a say in who the menteri besar should be.

Incumbent MB Khalid Ibrahim has done an excellent job during his first term and should be allowed to continue.

The Selangor MB could also come from PAS or DAP depending on who is the best person to do the job. In this way Pakatan is better than BN.

PAS is right in saying that PKR does not have the sole right to the MB's post in Selangor. If it is not Khalid, the post need not necessarily fall to PKR deputy president Azmin Ali. It could also be someone from PAS.

Ketuanan Rakyat: Azmin, what nepotism are you talking about? Khalid has done a good job, and most of the voters in Selangor showed it by voting Pakatan, not you. DAP and PAS with 15 seats each have indicated Khalid should continue another term.

NewMalaysia: Someone please tell Azmin to show some respect to DAP and PAS. What PKR consensus is he talking about? DAP and PAS have 15 seats each while PKR only has 14 seats; where did Azmin learn his math?

Jaguh: DAP and PAS gave the right to appoint the MB to PKR, and they have nominated Khalid, so why the need for consensus from PKR? PKR has the least number of seats, so when the 'bigger' portion says appoint ‘X', the case is closed.

Swipenter: Azmin, the combined seats of DAP and PAS are 30 compared to PKR's 14. So can you respect their wishes and those of the Selangorians?

Azmin is thinking out loud that the MB office belongs exclusively to PKR, which is definitely not the case. If you want to go by numerical superiority, PAS is ahead of PKR (DAP is excluded for obvious reasons).

Just be patient and wait for your turn. If you can't wait, just turn yourself into a frog.

Chee Hoe Siew: I think Azmin should respect the consensus of the people of Selangor for Khalid to continue his role as MB. It is for this fact that Pakatan has increased its haul of seats for the state and Azmin should understand that.

Apapunboleh: Don't the Selangorian voters have a say as to whom we want as MB? Most would certainly agree that Khalid was the main reason Pakatan got a stronger mandate this time round.

Billy The Kid: Azmin, what would happen if PKR had a consensus on you being the MB but PAS and DAP don't agree? So, you think you can wriggle your way through this web of deceit?

Be a gentleman, don't play too many mind games, it will hurt you physically and emotionally.

[email protected]: Azmin is trying to sabotage his own party which he claimed he loves with all his heart.

While we anticipate such disagreements to take place sometime, we do not expect it to explode in the open like this and it is sad to see PKR is still riddled with so many people like Azmin who are only interested to serve their own interests, rather than willing to sacrifice for the party and the country.

Buddyoo: Azmin, if you want the post just say so, don't beat around the bush. Khalid is the most suitable person for the MB's post as shown by the strong mandate he received from the rakyat.

If there are a majority of members in PKR who feel otherwise and insist on the consensus from its members, then the rakyat need to be aware of this before the election.

Onyourtoes: Rightly, PKR chief Wan Azizah Wan Ismail should consult and seek the opinion of Selangor PKR, but she must also take into account the views and opinions of the Pakatan coalition partners.

I think Azmin has a point and we should not criticise him blindly. He is the party deputy president. Even if he is willing to be passed over for the sake of Pakatan, I think some respect is due.

Wira: Azmin. I cannot understand your accusation of nepotism in the selection of a Selangor Pakatan MB because PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and Khalid are not blood relatives.

Moreover, PAS was the first party which came out publicly to support Khalid as MB even though they were more entitled to the post. The DAP support, which came soon after, sealed your fate.

Remember, this is a coalition. If Pakatan did not support Lim Guan Eng, he would not be the CM in Penang because DAP has only 19 out of 40 seats in the state assembly - two short of a simple majority.

Anonymous #13957745: Azmin, speak no evil, do no evil. Even if PKR agrees to nominate you to be the MB, as DAP and PAS have already agreed on Khalid to continue as MB, it's one against two.

Everybody knows you're very ambitious, but follow the consensus. Besides, you're still young and have lots of opportunities ahead.

Let Khalid continue his good performance and accomplish his unfinished agenda for Selangorians. If you do not understand, which we reckon you do, please resign immediately as this is the very basic tenet of consensus and democracy.

Thana: We must look at this realistically. If there is to be a change of guard as regards to the MB's post, then PAS has the right to nominate their candidate. For continuity, PAS and DAP nominated the incumbent; actually PKR has no choice on the matter.

JooGuan : Azmin, why complain about this to the public through a press conference? What is your intention and the objective you want to achieve?

Changeagent: There is nothing much wrong with what Azmin is saying - the nomination for the MB's post should have been referred to the Selangor PKR elected representatives and division leaders first.

But the manner in which it is said and the fact that he has made his personal dissatisfaction with the PKR leadership so public, when there are more appropriate internal channels to raise his grievances, shows that he is very capable of causing large-scale destabilisation when things do not go his way.

He has all the hallmarks of a loose cannon, similar to what we witnessed in Hasan Ali, Zulkifli Noordin and Ezam Mohd Nor. The Pakatan coalition should consider him letting him go before he bites them hard. Long-term gains are worth short-term losses.

Krish: Azmin should not forget that it was Khalid's efficient administration of Selangor which enabled him to lead Pakatan to a sweeping victory in Selangor. This despite the onslaught from BN which came with all guns blazing.

Kudos to Khalid for his marvellous victory. There should be no doubt whatsoever who should rightly be the MB of Selangor. DAP and PAS have supported Khalid for the post. And I can say safely the majority of Selangorians will anytime prefer Khalid over Azmin.

Azmin and his gang should be hauled up by the party's disciplinary committee for this rebellion which has caused so much confusion. Azmin's true colours have finally emerged. Maybe someone in Pakatan should organise a referendum on the matter involving Selangorians to shame these rebels.

Fateh: Azmin seems to be getting out of hand with greed, and it will not be good for Selangor to have someone who thinks of himself more than the party and the coalition.

We want Selangor to grow by leaps and bounds, not to be assailed with scandals by having the wrong person to helm the MB's post.

MockingYou: Pakatan should just merge, then we don't need to watch stupid episodes such as this. When are you going to work towards winning GE14 and stop fighting over the spoils? ‘The Battle of Uhud' comes to mind.

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