Don't let EC hijack redelineation process

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YOURSAY 'I think this time Bersih and the opposition must come out in full force to ensure that the redelineation process is not hijacked.'

'BN may cling to power through redelineation'

your say Fairplayer: "But if that happens (EC conducting the redelineation exercise without creating new parliamentary seats, thus not requiring parliamentary approval), then in 2014, there will be many seats (in urban centres) that will have more than 200,000 voters and this is grossly unfair," said Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming.

Based on that statement, may I suggest that urban Pakatan Rakyat supporters volunteer to change their voting constituency/station to a rural one that needs them to offset BN's corrupt practices.

Pakatan can help mobilise this move in a massive way with blessing from their willing supporters. Chart out the rural constituencies that can be positively boosted in this way.

We can beat them at their dirty game. Ong, you can start this project.

Ferdtan: One more demand to be added by Bersih - cap the number of voters in a parliamentary and state seat. On top of that the highest and the lowest number of voters should not vary by more than 50 percent.

That way the Putrajaya parliamentary seat should not exist at all. Shall we look forward for Bersih 4.0 when the Election Commission (EC) implements unfair changes?

Ah Hoe: First thing to do in delineation exercise is to remove Putrajaya (only 15,000 voters) as a federal parliamentary constituency. Merge it with another federal constituency to make up a total registered voting population of at least 60,000.

Cascara: Even if the opposition gets stronger by the year, the incumbent government is certainly going to tweak the election process sufficiently enough to remain in perpetual power. Isn't there a solution to this?

Hplooi: In my opinion, they should reduce the seats allocated to East Malaysia. East Malaysia contribute to less than 15 percent of the population but is given more than 30 percent of parliamentary seats.

Alternatively increase the seats in the peninsula to counterbalance the unfair share given to East Malaysia.

Quigonbond: Under Article 114(2) of the federal constitution, in appointing Election Commission members, the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong shall have regard to the to the importance that such members secure public confidence.

BN can no longer deny or avoid the argument that the current EC has failed to command the confidence of the public. The significance of majority of Malaysians now voting against BN cannot be downplayed.

The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong will be acting outside the ambit of the federal constitution if it continues to support the current crop of election commissioners. This is the first step that the public must pressure the government.

Once we secure a commission that commands the confidence of the public, we can at least take heart that the delineation will be more balanced.

Appum: The most important and immediate step to take is for the rakyat to press for a complete overhaul of the EC and a thorough clean-up of the electoral roll.

We have five years to do this, starting from today. Don't wait till it is near to GE14. The present EC cannot play a cat-and-mouse game with the rakyat for five years.

Onyourtoes: There are many sources of societal instability. Tell them excessive gerrymandering and blatant disenfranchisement are two major ones. The fact that we do not have war and violence does not mean we have peace.

Minorities in rural Sarawak and Sahah, who hardly contributed the GDP and taxes, have no greater right than the rest of Malaysians to decide the destiny of this country.

We have not even explicitly considered the disenfranchisement of millions of citizens in Kuala Lumpur to govern the territory they live in. What nonsense is this?

Constituency redelineation to be done at year end, says EC

Slumdog: According to former Perak MB Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, Pakatan polled 625,710 votes or 54.79 percent in Perak while BN only received 506,947 or 44.3 percent of ballots and yet it formed the state government with a three-seat majority.

This is a perfect example of the gerrymandering used by Umno to win elections and remain in power for 56 years. This is a blatant election fraud that the opposition and all Malaysians must wake up to. If we continue to do nothing, Umno will rule forever.

Imran: I think this time Bersih and the opposition must come out in full force to ensure that the redelineation process is not hijacked by the EC.

As was highlighted we should fight for the reinstatement of the original clause in our constitution where there should be no more than 25 percent variation between the voter numbers in the different constituencies.

I couldn't believe that Putrajaya with only 16,000 voters is entitled to one parliamentary seat when those in Kuala Lumpur with more than 100,000 voters gets only one, too. Let's fight this tooth and nail. They manipulate everything to their advantage.

Up2U: Dear EC, you just don't get it or you do not want to accept it. The whole issue here is about integrity. If the EC continue to directly answerable to the prime minister, it is subservient to the PM and any changes or whatever will be viewed suspiciously.

It is just like a football game, where the referees and linesmen reports to Manchester United manager when the game is between Manchester United and Barcelona.

Supercession: Good lord, is the EC competent in doing anything right at all?

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