Let Khalid be Selangor MB, but loosen the purse strings

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YOURSAY 'Tax monies collected should be put to good use to benefit the rakyat. Why have large amounts in the bank?'

Pakatan backs Khalid as S'gor MB, says PKR sec-gen

your say Ferdtan: It is a logical and the best outcome to retain Khalid Ibrahim as MB for a second term. All must close rank now as decision has been made.

Azmin Ali may, by hierarchy, be the first choice for the post because he is the PKR chief in Selangor. However, it is a question of suitability and acceptance by all the coalition partners.

Khalid by leading the state in winning an unprecedented 44 seats over BN has proved that he is a good leader.

Ghkok: It's best to go back to the state constitution. If the constitution, as is usually the case, says that the MB is the person who commands the confidence of the majority of Aduns, then take a vote of all the state reps in the State Assembly (including BN).

The Aduns, as per common practise, will vote according to party instructions. If DAP and PAS selects Khalid (as is reported above), then Khalid has 30 votes and this is insurmountable even if everybody else (remaining 24 votes) selects someone else.

Disgusted: Let's get some facts straight here. Whilst Khalid did an excellent job in administrating the Selangor government, he lacked the public relation skills of a politician.

He was more interested in showing facts and figures and took great pride in showing a financial surplus of over RM2 billion for the state. That aside, he should also take care of the physical side of politics - he should make available to all Pakatan assemblypersons funds for maintenance as well as other projects so that they can look after the well-being of their constituents.

Many, including councillors, were frustrated in their attempts to get funds to do the right thing for the rakyat.

I appreciate Khalid's clean image and incorruptibility, but he should meet as often as possible with all assembly representatives and councillors to get feedback as to what the rakyat want. He should not depend on the advice of a few people with vested interests.

In my opinion, Azmin Ali should remain as PKR chief in Selangor. He is a true and true politician and a smart one too. There is definitely a good balance here.

Wira: I have written about this many times before. It is not necessary to accumulate so much surpluses unless the spending to increase facilities and service to the people also increase commensurately with income.

Selangor is a state. It is not a national government. As long as the state is not in a deficit, you are doing fine. Return the increased collection to the people.

Give them a CAT (competency, accountability and transparency) dividend like what the Penang government had been doing in their first term.

Bash: Tax monies collected should be put to good use to benefit the rakyat. Why have large amounts in the bank? I think having a near balanced budget with some savings for contingencies should be the aim of any government.

TheLastWave: I think Khalid should now take the initiative to patch up things and take into account what has been highlighted by Azmin. The constituents are not receiving development funds.

Pelabuhan Kelang is one good example. It is infested with foreigners (illegals and those with ICs given by Umno). The crime rate has gone up and since the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) is in the hands of BN, nothing much is done. Many have moved out to Bukit Tinggi and other areas of Klang and the town that was once was a thriving port, is now in poor shape.

I hope, since Khalid is now the representative there, he will bring some improvement as well as get the police to act. Similarly, I hope he visits the other constituencies in Selangor and do the same, whether they are under PKR, PAS or DAP or even BN (win them over by your acts).

The elected reps need to do their part. There also needs to be a way where the common man can reach his or her elected representative. We hardly see them so how can we present our case?

H Amri: Unless people have forgotten, PKR is a political party. It is now quite obvious that while Khalid has been endorsed by the Pakatan leadership as a whole and by Selangor voters, his own political future is uncertain.

Khalid and party president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail must not underestimate the grassroots support for Azmin and Wanita PKR chief Zuraida Kamaruddin within PKR.

What's wrong with factional politics? Politics is about contending factions competing for power. The post of menteri besar is a political post, not that of CEO of a business entity or an NGO or a government department.

Ignore your own party members at your own peril, or you might have to contest the next elections as an independent candidate.

Headhunter: Judging by recent election result, Khalid's has done an excellent job so he should continue as the MB for another term. However, this should be his last term as I think an MB term should be limited to only two terms.

The rot will start once an MB, or for that matter any ministerial post, is extended beyond two terms. Look at Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Abdul Taib Mahmud, and you'll probably agree with me.

Hopeful123: Selangor still needs the services of TSK (Tan Sri Khalid). It is still too early to have a new MB.

The people are comfortable with TSK. Both PAS and DAP have given their endorsement. Don't waste any more time. Install the new exco and get down to business.

Boiling Mud: Azmin should have read the readers' comments on all reports in Malaysiakini regarding the choice of Selangor MB. It is obvious that the Selangoreans' choice is Khalid.

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