Yes, Pakatan should get on to challenging EC

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YOURSAY ‘I doubt it would change the overall outcome, but the hard evidence will make a strong statement.'

Rafizi's team to probe election results in 27 seats

your say Better My : Well done, PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli and Pakatan Rakyat for putting up an interim report for the submission of electoral petitions, to add real teeth to and substantiate the nationwide protests. These interim irregularities findings won't be the last.

If the GE had been free and fair, fully scrutinised by independent bodies, and not favoured any party, a job they are paid to do by taxpayers, there wouldn't be a need for these pending petitions, as Pakatan would probably have won more than 27 seats.

If not for a skewed delineation that discriminates against urban taxpayers, the two-thirds majority would have been achieved by Pakatan in the recent GE.

Questions must be asked on the electoral roll integrity as well. A majority of the rakyat have no confidence in the electoral roll and the Election Commission (EC), that is strongly perceived to be biased towards Umno.

Especially in its total failure to implement Bersih's demands for electoral checks - where are the checkpoints for this electoral roll, pre-GE?

Does Umno have a monopoly over this electoral roll to design it any way they want? Why has the roll not been open to checks by independent bodies that don't have political bias?

Stu_On: There will always be a winner and a loser in any election. In some developing countries, the loser will resort to violence and political and economic upheaval. Some end in a long civil war.

On the other hand, in many developed countries, the loser quietly takes the bus home, has a hot shower, a cup of hot coffee while wishing the winner good luck. There is a worrying trend in Malaysia where the loser - Pakatan - has decided to vent its anger on BN.

TMan: In some countries, the winner wins without cheating. Therefore, the loser accepts defeat. They have a two-party system that actually vests the power on the citizens. When there is only one party ruling, rakyat like you, Stu_On, is just a pawn.

We have accepted the fact and reality that we have been cheated. Hence, we try to find out where the fault is. At the moment, we are rectifying it through the actions that Rafizi is proposing.

Hornbill Unleashed: Yes, please challenge the elections if you have enough proof. Especially where the number of spoilt votes were larger than the winning vote margin.

Citizen Peter: I urge Pakatan to put forward all cases of questionable results where there is any evidence. I doubt if it would change the overall outcome, but the hard evidence will make a strong statement.

Secondly, I strongly urge Pakatan (because I'm sure BN doesn't care about this) to plan/strategise/work towards a fairer delineation of the constituency boundaries in future.

Having one parliamentary seat with nine times more voters than another parliamentary seat makes a mockery of our democratic process. Please stop this gross gerrymandering in our beloved country.

Chks: Now, this is what I want to read. Enough of the fanfare of rallies (although rallies were great places for people to get together to vent their frustration) - now comes the real meat.

Once the results are ready, please publish them far and wide to the four corners of the entire earth.

Mushiro: PM Najib Razak is not going to give up his stolen GE victory. There should multiple approaches to fight this. Rafizi should proceed with his investigation team.

The petition to the UN should proceed too. Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim should have a continuous Black 505 rally. S Ambiga should press on with Bersih.

All this will create a huge rakyat's momentum to humiliate and oust Najib.

Avenger: Likas was a milestone - the election judge found that the electoral contained enough irregularities so as to lead to the election result being declared null and void.

BN did not work on getting the irregularities corrected and instead got an amendment passed so that the electoral roll cannot be challenged in court. Call that democracy?

With citizenship, immigration and voter registration fraud, foreigners can get on the electoral roll. Not only foreigners on the electoral roll. Some Malaysians have been registered in more than one place, using different ICs. Voters were transferred out without their knowledge. Impostors using false ICs voted early.

Malaysians living overseas were secretly registered as voters without their knowledge, so that local impostors could take their place. There was vote-buying. Government facilities were misused by BN.

Taxpayers' money was used for the benefit of BN. Anyone can say that there was a free and fair electoral contest?

Dont Just Talk: Rafizi should focus more on seats lost by Pakatan to BN by less than 400 votes, which include Bentong and Labis. Wong Tack of DAP was leading Liow Tiong Lai of MCA by around 2,000 votes, while S Ramakrishnan of DAP was also leading MCA's Chua Tee Yong by 3,000 votes.

When the results were announced late into the morning by the EC, both lost by less than 400 votes and they expect voters to believe and accept the results?

Cheated: What about Tapah and Cameron Highlands? We know PKR aides were not allowed into the tallying rooms and were thrown out.

In Cameron Highlands, the DAP candidate was leading all the way until the last minute when suddenly it changed.

Retnam: Cameron Highlands must also be probed. DAP candidate M Manoharan was leading by 2,000 plus votes when suddenly the EC announced that MIC's G Palanivel won by about 300 plus votes.

Winson Chang: There are many polling stations where there were no queues, but the turnout rates were higher than those where people had to queue for over an hour. It is said this all happened in rural areas.

Hmmmmmmmm: They should also probe voting streams where the turnout was almost 100 percent, which is an impossibility. In fact, if the turnout in the rural areas is higher than urban areas, this by itself should be treated with suspicion.

And isn't BR1M also a form of bribery? Also the increase in salaries of all the longhouse headmen announced during the campaign period?

??: What about vote buying? One of my friends went back to Pekan to vote. He received a RM150 voucher when he said he would vote BN. Wasn't that illegal as well?

Pahatian: Even if we are successful in getting the results of just one or two seats nullified, it would show that fraud and rigging actually happened. Go for it.

Rolling Thunder: Rafizi, do it professionally and the truth will surface. Remember the saying: Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again.

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