Saifuddin a beacon of light in Umno's darkness

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YOURSAY 'Najib, I am Chinese and will vote for BN if it has more people like Saifuddin. See what I mean? It has nothing to do with race.'

Don't give up on Chinese voters, Umno told

your say Anonymous_3f89: If people like Umno supreme council member Saifuddin Abdullah lead Umno, there is a chance for national reconciliation and a possibility of Umno reinventing itself as a multiracial party.

The world is progressing and more and more people are better informed. Cultures are breaking down and the younger generations over the world are behaving similarly regardless whether they are Asian or western.

They hate to be taken as naive individuals and wish to be regarded as equals. If you treat them as stupid, you are going to lose their votes.

It is time for corrupted politicians to take stock and repent. Otherwise the young ones will sniff them out and throw them off their lofty positions in the government.

This general election, if there is anything to learn, is that the young ones of all races have risen and are fighting back.

Nes: PM Najib Razak, I am a Chinese and I will vote for BN if it has more people like Saifuddin. See what I mean? It has nothing to do with race. Get that into your thick skull.

YouAreNotAlone: Saifuddin, you earn my respect for you but still I will vote BN out at the next GE no matter what they do because its sins are way too many.

We have to leave BN out for at least one term from Parliament to give it four or five years to recalibrate itself to be in tune with the needs of our new society.

They have been too racist and too arrogant because they have been in power for too long (more than 50 years).

If they did some changes now and we vote them back into power, that's like letting the tiger back into the woods and it will continue to attack the weaklings.

Puglet: Through the years, the Chinese have noticed that whenever the Umno elections are near, they will be attacked, bashed and humiliated. However, when the country's general election is due, all kinds of promises and even gestures of friendship will be made.

There will come a point when we will say enough is enough. That is only one of the reasons we voted overwhelmingly for the opposition.

Please do not say that the Chinese are racist because I have many Chinese Christian friends who voted for PAS.

CD: Najib is definitely not a good product, let alone the best, that BN can offer. Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is no better. The best product in Umno so far, is you, Saifuddin.

You should lead Umno and BN, if BN is to have a chance of winning GE14.

SS Dhaliwal: Saifuddin, your views are commendable but if you say that Najib is your party's best product than you are nothing more than a liar because anybody in his right mind would know that Najib is its worst product and Umno is the worst party.

The only reason it survived the Malaysian tsunami is through gerrymandering, tainted electoral rolls and vote buying.

If Najib is a great leader, he needn't have done all these. That just shows he does not have the confidence of the people.

Moonstone: Sorry Saifuddin, BN is already a pool of muddy water and you being a drop of clear water in this pool makes no difference.

CHKS: Saifuddin should be in the cabinet. Najib, please do not commit political suicide by putting extremists in your cabinet, but rather put in progressively-minded people.

Let Saifuddin he minister of higher education. Malaysia needs people like him if you do not want to see our position in the Times World University rankings continue to drop.

SusahKes: With due respect Saifuddin, I do not have much expectation that Najib would moderate Umno from here on.

Here's a man for whom the path thus far, until GE13, has been easy in his quest for the seat of power.

I wonder now if his reluctance to rein in Umno's extremist tendencies, is but a card being played by him to pander to the right wing, and to win their affection come next Umno AGM.

How unfortunate that the minority group in the nation shows its finger to the wishes of the majority; Najib's Umno obtained less than 50 percent vote.

This itself invalidates its legitimacy at Putrajaya. How else can we explain the rise of other right-wing individuals, now that Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin have been soundly "retired"?

Umno never had a short supply of errand boys heeding to its beck and call; whether in the form of a compliant judiciary, racists, government agencies or even BN component members.

That's what the rakyat has recognised; Umno and company are not the way forward for Malaysia.

Black Bantah: I'm a Pakatan supporter, but if there was one BN candidate that I was hoping would make it to Parliament, it was Saifuddin, who has time and again has shown to be very moderate in his views.

How I wish the rest of Umno takes the cue from him. Kudos to you Saifuddin, keep being a moderate and you will definitely go very far.

Starr: Saifuddin is probably one the rare species of reason left in the racist party, however lonely he may become. Umno was borne and bread a racist party and it will remain so unless they are booted out of office and left in the political wilderness to reflect on the past.

FellowMalaysian: Saifuddin, considered by many as the only erudite leader left in Umno, but unfortunately his words holds little clout as he finds himself being squeezed out into oblivion by the radical voices.

Saifuddin will still be useful among the ranks of Umno as a moderating mouthpiece, especially when MCA and Gerakan are totally absent from the government.

Mickeymouse: If Umno had more leaders like him, I would have voted BN even though I don't like MCA. That's a fact. He should keep it up and not give up on his ideology.

Anonymous_3e7d: Saifuddin, believe me; you are in the wrong party.

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