GE is over, time for businesses to face reality

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YOURSAY 'For too long we have been protected, subsidised and underpaid. The protection and favoured players have made us over-dependent and non-competitive.'

Malay business council warns of 'economic tsunami'

your say Onyourtoes: I think the Malay Economic Action Council (MTEM) is sounding a false alarm to protect vested interest rather than Malaysia's interest. Don't be hoodwinked.

This Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) negotiation should have been concluded and implemented a long time ago. Those protesting are essentially inefficient rent-seekers who want continued government protection in order to make undeserved gains. It is time Malaysia opens up.

I am sure there are industries in Malaysia that are competitive internationally. On the other hand, those inefficient ones should be closed down and their resources channelled to more productive sectors.

The prices of pharmaceutical products are determined more by monopolies and profiteering than by patents. Similarly it is much better if cars, steel, cement, rice, sugar, flour and other essential products are liberalised.

Joe Lee: I disagree. The TPPA has been designed by Americans to enslave its allies and assorted lackeys to (1) enrich big American businesses, and (2) thwart the power of a fast rising China.

Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Big Oil, and big IT companies like Apple and Microsoft will enjoy unfettered access and control over Mickey Mouse economies like Malaysia.

Healthcare and medicine costs will go through the roof; cancer sticks, otherwise known as cigarettes will enjoy protection from governments; small companies will be fined heavily for using pirated copies of software; protected bumiputera companies supplying to Petronas will be screwed up by the clause that says American companies must have an equal playing field.

All Chinese Malaysian companies would register as a foreign entity to take advantage of the TPPA. Once registered, they can rely on Uncle Sam to break the protection afforded to bumiputera companies. It's a free for all, especially for the US.

Anonymous #44199885: I have heard of the TPPA and there is concern as to the cost of medical services if this agreement is signed.

Access to quality and affordable healthcare is a basic human right and the government must resist any agreement that would result in Malaysians being denied access to healthcare due to cost.

We must be able to gain access to generic drugs. Extensions of patent and monopoly rights to drugs should be viewed with extreme caution. The government must engage the public and not commit this country to any binding agreement without full disclosure and a cost-benefit analysis.

Ar-ma-ged-don: I pity the younger generation irrespective whether you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban or others races who have no solid backing from the family or parents.

The rate of inflation is way ahead of the rate of wage increase in Malaysia, especially those in the big cities. The gap between the rich and poor will grow bigger and bigger in days to come.

With the full implementation of the Asean Free Trade Agreement (Afta), we will be importing inflation from these countries, which will make the situation even worse.

Jk7462000: We had one chance on 505 (May 5) to change the government and implement one that's based on meritocracy and leap frog Malaysia ahead of our peers economically and be the envy of all.

Selangor and Penang are real life examples of what's possible. But that chance is gone and the status quo remains. Don't blame anyone else if you voted for the status quo. Blame your own stupidity, your greed and your naivety.

Borg Kinaulu: How can people who claim they can't survive without a national policy that provides them protection from competition within their own country have any hope of surviving in a free market?

What is an opportunity to some in Malaysia, is indeed poison to others.

Anonymous #02382443: Time to take stock of the reality of the fact that the earth is flat. For too long we have been protected, subsidised and underpaid. The protection and the favoured players have made us over-dependent and non-competitive.

It is not too late to realise that the inevitable will come upon us, sooner or later. There is no escape. We have to bite the bullet and face up to it that reform we must, if we are to survive in the near future.

All the handout culture so rampantly practiced to depress wages has made us weak and dependent, resulting in weaklings who cannot compete in this flat earth of ours. Wake up to the fact on the need for reform, rather than try and fight the TPPA.

It is the obligation of those voted in, to be honest and to do the needful for transformation before it is too late.

Truly Malaysian: It is time for all Malaysian to work together to ensure the well-being of all races of Malaysia.

This is also the reason why 51 percent of Malaysian voted to have a clean, smart and accountable government. It has nothing to do with races like the way Umno has tried to portray it to be.

Shakehead: This is a one-sided view. The same applied to all the countries in the TPPA signatories.

MTEM forgot that TPPA also has positive benefits, for example easier regulatory and other beneficial access to market and build businesses in those signatory countries by Malaysian companies.

Malaysian companies would be treated on equal par with the local businesses and no preferential treatment there for them. This means more markets for Malaysian companies in equal terms.

Yes, Malaysian companies will be victim but only for those that are not competitive and those that have been prospering under nepotism treatment by the BN government.

Those that are competitive, do not rely on nepotism or other preferential treatments will gain because now they have more market access. Even if Malaysia don't sign, it doesn't mean we are safe.

Paul Warren: So how you guys going to oppose TPPA? Is it going to be a Malay endeavour, a Chinese endeavour or a Malaysian endeavour?

Got to bear in mind there is one other of your Malay brethren who wants to boycott Malaysian Chinese business. So how now?

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