Ruhanie, who hired Apco for GE13 campaign?

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YOURSAY 'When I saw the results of the 13th general election, I started seeing cows flying over the moon. Ruhanie, what do you think?'

'GE13 exposed elements of PKR being a US puppet'

your say Spinnot: Former Umno MP Ruhanie Ahmad said that "he did not make a conclusion, but merely raised a hypothesis for further studies" (on his allegation that Pakatan is a foreign stooge working to change the regime for the benefit of the United States).

Pamela Sodhy (formerly an associate professor at the History Department of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) made the following conclusion in 2012 in an Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS Malaysia) paper 'Malaysia-US Relations 2000-2011':

"When compared to earlier phases, the present period shows the Malaysia-US relationship at its closest and deepest level - a partnership in the true sense of the term in that there is reciprocity on both sides...

Gerard Lourdesamy: Which party is allowing the US Navy unrestricted access to our waters and bases - Umno. Which party allows US nuclear submarines to enter the Straits of Malacca and dock at our ports - Umno.

Which party signed a secret defence pact with the US in 1984 - Umno. Which party leaders has been pandering to President Barack Obama since he got elected - Najib Razak of Umno. Which party has resorted to employing lobbyists in the US to prop up the image of Najib and Malaysia - Umno.

Which Malaysian ambassador to the US was frequently seen mixing with right-wing think tanks in Washington DC to gain US support for Najib and Umno-BN - Jamaludin Jarjis of Umno. Which country voted together with the US against Iran's nuclear programme at the UN - Malaysia under Najib.

From this, we can safely conclude that the only stooge of the US around here is Najib and Umno.

2LAN: And who employed Washington-based public relations agency Apco to help in their electoral campaign?

Boiling Mud: With the likes of this former BN backbencher and other pseudo-intellectuals around, our universities rightly deserve the poor global rankings.

Merdeka Centre's Ibrahim Suffian had rightly questioned whether receiving foreign funding was as big a security threat as the thousands of foreigners flooding Sabah.

Carting in bus loads of Bangladeshis to vote in GE13 is a clear and present danger, and why didn't the former BN backbencher talk about it?

Odin: A couple of dozen of Muslim terrorists invading Sabah recently (the effect) was the result of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim having paid (causative factor) each of them US$100 million he had got from Mossad, George Soros, and the Rockefeller and Rothschild families.

While we are on this subject, Mr Doctorate Candidate, wasn't the invasion by the handful of Muslim terrorists an important matter, as it clearly showed that Malaysia's surveillance was well below par?

Sali Tambap: The Malaysians at large are also to be blamed when they are willing feed on this nonsense. There are Malaysians who are like that.

Similarly when the 911 happened in New York, Al-Qaeda propaganda suggested that covert American action did it in order to prompt the US government to take action against Muslim countries. The reason - when the US did this, Muslims would rise up against them.

Here in Malaysia, unfortunately many of us would be willing to listen to all kind of suggestions and rumours. Umno think-tanks know how effective these are and they are using such tactics.

Anonymous_4056: Ruhanie Ahmad, you are absolute right, the US is your hidden enemy. They are always on the look out for a regime change in Malaysia.

Please don't forget Israel, they are also waiting to slaughter you. You are surrounded by enemies in Asean, both within and without. What else, Umno?

Even Africans are coming disguised as students to deprive your people from petty trading at the wet markets in Chow Kit and elsewhere. You and your race are finished. All the Malays please fall head over heels behind Umno and only Umno can and will defend you.

All others - PKR, PAS - cannot and will not defend you for they are ‘Melayu tiruan' not ‘Melayu celup'.

Kokkeong: Ruhanie, your hypothesis is an accusation to begin with. And when challenged you turned tail and said it was a hypothesis. Even if you said so, it does not worth a single spit to investigate.

You know, if what you said has a shadow of a truth, Mahathir Mohamad and the whole Umno-BN would have raised it long before.

Don't embarrass yourself. Stay retired from politics as well as out of the public limelight so that you cannot make a fool of yourself and the public does not have suffer listening to you.

Abasir: A serious suggestion for Malaysiakini : Please start Komedikini .

There is so much rip roaring material coming out everyday from the eager mouths of our 'analysts', 'intellectuals', 'pundits', 'political commentators', 'dons', 'doctoral candidates', 'professor emeritus' and ex-judges.

You will harvest the eternal gratitude of Malaysians who are starved of entertainment and make some good money by the side.

Hermit: The comments from readers would suffice for compilation as a thesis for Ruhanie to submit for his doctorate. These comments are free of charge.

Supercession: I'm surprised they haven't dragged China into the picture, having already demonised Jews, LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community), the 'Chinese', communists, etc. Are these racial supremacists are afraid of upsetting China?

Zonefinder: When I saw the results of the 13th general election, I started seeing cows flying over the moon. I'm not sure if I were seeing things but wonder if it was true. Ruhanie, what do you think?

Billy The Kid: I'll call Obama now.

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