Is PM Najib outsourcing extremism again?

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YOURSAY 'Najib should have chided Zahid for his outburst, but as we have come to expect, Najib's silence is deafening.'

'So you think this is your father's country?'

your say Slumdog: Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said that "the laws of the country determined that the winner of the general election was based on the number of seats won and not the popular votes".

This is the crux of the fraudulent electoral system and the ludicrous mindset of Umno politicians and their supporters. What they fail to acknowledge, or pretend not to understand, is Umno's entrenched gerrymandering , where BN won electorates have much fewer voters than opposition-won electorates.

If this is the attitude of the home minister towards opposition supporters after one week in office, we are in for one hell of a ride in the next five years.

PM Najib Razak should have chided Zahid for his outburst, but as we have come to expect, Najib's silence is deafening.

Ferdtan: See the political difference in the fight between Umno and Pakatan Rakyat? Pakatan leaders, especially the senior Malay leaders, including Anwar Ibrahim are proudly calling upon the people to be "Anak Malaysia".

Umno, on the other hand, called for the division of races blaming the ‘Chinese tsunami' for their setback in the recent polls. Meanwhile, Umno-owned media Utusan Malaysia and the newly-minted home minister wasting no time to hit at the opposition, directly or indirectly aiming at the Chinese.

Why blame the new bogeyman (taking over from the Malaysians of Christian faith) when even the Malays and the Indians voted for the opposition? Didn't the opposition win the popular votes of over 51 percent?

The Umno opportunist, Zahid, is hoping his deliberated racist cry of "get out of the country if you are not happy", would resonate with his Umno members for the coming Umno election.

Zahid is one of three Umno vice-presidents. The pertinent question is will he be going for the deputy president post (synonymous to deputy PM) in this coming party election with the expectation of deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin going for the number one post?

Two other vice-presidents, Hishammuddin Hussein and Shafie Apdal, watch out, you are a bit late. That should include the possibility of the newly appointed Kedah MB Mukhriz Mahathir joining the fray, too.

The first shot to draw support from the Umno ultras by Zahid has been fired, using the usual imaginary non-Malay and Christian as bogeymen. We shall expect aspirants to the top Umno posts to follow suit.

We hope the average Umno members can rise above the ugly racial politics to vote these racist politicians out.

Bystander: Irrespective of whether it was Zahid's personal opinion or otherwise, he is the home minister and he should conduct due decorum in his action and speech at all times.

If he is a kacang putih seller, we could understand and might forgive his ignorance. But then on second thought, kacang putih sellers would have better IQ than him. My apology to kacang putih sellers.

It is unbelievable that we have such bad quality people in the government.

IQ900: All these thick-headed Umno-BN ministers still cannot see the reason for Pakatan's protest. We are not talking popular votes per say, we are talking about what brings about the fact that Pakatan won the popular votes and still not being able to win the election.

Quite simply, it's because there is massive electoral fraud. There are such a hugh disparity in the number of voters in constituencies won by BN and those won by Pakatan. Every constituency should have the same number of voters.

Geronimo: Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out that something is very wrong with our system, and needs to be corrected.

Put it plain and simple. You want to be in power forever and the Election Commission (EC) is making sure you maintain power.

So why go through all that trouble to cheat and lie when you can convert this country into a one-party state like China, Korea or Cuba, and we will all live happily after that?

Vgeorgemy: No amount of personal attack against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim will stop the rakyat's rage against the racist PM and Umno-BN. This is our struggle not solely Anwar's.

If Anwar doesn't want to lead us in this struggle for freedom and dignity, we will have hundreds of others to lead us. The Generasi Baru is capable to handle all sorts of challenges from such fascist and racist forces.

Sinner: Ahmad Maslan, go tell the ex-judge not to sodomise the constitution. Ask the AG (attorney-general) not to sodomise the law.

Tell Zahid not to sodomise the country, which does not belong to his father; he may sodomise his own home if he wishes to.

Rolling Thunder: Stage protests and demos so long as they are legitimate and lawful. There's nothing to be frightened of. Don't let Zahid and Ahmad Maslan intimidate us, the common people.

We have the power, not them. They are blind to the writing on the wall. In fact, these two are the people, like other Umno warlords, who should leave for some uncivilised countries to plunder if they want to.

Such nasty people have no place in a multi-racial country like Malaysia. They shouldn't be allowed to shout people down and oppress them with impunity as if this land is their father's country.

Appum: No sound or reprimand from Najib. Is he outsourcing extremism again?

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