Transparency minister should prove worth now or quit

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VOXPOP 'If you, Paul Low, ever think you will fail to initiate an RCI on electoral fraud, it's best you vacate your ministerial post now before you quit TI-M.’

Kit Siang: Paul Low must display integrity as minister

vox populi small thumbnail IbnuFaqir: Transparency Minister Paul Low, I fully support DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang’s call. Prove your worthiness to the rakyat. Your job in the cabinet will be to prove to us whether Najib is sincere in 'reforming' and 'transforming' his government.

And please uncover everything and everybody you find who has broken the law, including the past leaders. No cover-ups, please. Otherwise, if you are a good, pious man, quit the government as a proof of your mettle.

Quigonbond: Display integrity as minister? Fat hopes that this will happen. In the first meeting, Paul Low will lift his hand like a giddy schoolboy and ask for permission to speak. I imagine his first words would be, "The BN government needs credibility; the first thing you should do is to have a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) on the elections."

He will be met with laughter from around the cabinet boardroom plus the accusation, "Minister, are you buying into Anwar Ibrahim’s nonsense as well? It's as clean an election as we can achieve. Otherwise we would not have lost another seven seats. You yourself said the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) is independent. If Pakatan has proof, let them show us first. We've got more important things to do."

To which our schoolboy will say, "Yes of course, all I’ll do is ride your coattails, Mr PM," and shut up.

Rolling Thunder: If you, Paul Low, ever think that you will fail to initiate and introduce the RCI as mentioned by Lim Kit Siang, it's best you vacate your ministerial post now before you decide whether to tender your resignation from Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) next week. At least that way, you won't be jobless.

As the highly aggrieved rakyat, we are hell bent to see these royal commissions set up and held to arrive at the truths and to right the wrongs committed in the past under our corruption-saturated, power-abuser Umno/BN government.

Adsertor: I have no confidence in Low. He is freshly sworn in and already he is thinking crooked. He is using Third World and developing democratic countries as benchmarks for us, such as  Eastern Europe that is infamous for corruption, oppression, ethnic cleansing, the mafia, etc.       

Anonymous #79199503: Remember that Paul Low is an ex-MCA member - he is practising what he was taught while in MCA, that is to be submissive and you will be on your way to lining your own pockets.

James W: We all know the new cabinet is one based on the principle of ‘you help me, I help you’. I am surprised Ah Jib Gor did not include any Bangladeshis.


Anonymous_5fb: Is anyone expecting Prime Minister Najib Razak, and for that matter, his kakis to change let alone, transform? Frankly, I am not. So, why is Paul Low in his team now? We know why, don't we? We know their ways, as if we are all blind all these 50 plus years under Umno.   

Nonbeliever: The greed for money, power and sex is the root of all the evils in Malaysian politics. All, human or god, must be put to the test. An untested man or god is like a car kept in the showroom for many years. If the car is taken for a test drive, the steering might drop out.

Always remember, corruption will end the world. It will certainly end Malaysia too. Continue with the extreme form of corruption and see what will happen to the country in 30 years’ time when the natural resources are depleted. You might have to feed your children with grass.

Plainly: Paul Low has been roped in simply for ' window display ' purpose only. The public must be stupid or idiotic to expect him to tell his new boss cum 1Malaysia racist hypocrite Najib that he must be accorded sufficient authority to eradicate the rampant corruption within the government. Quite simply, corruption is a way of life with the BN regime, and will always be if the rakyat does not work hard enough to kick these daylight robbers out of the system.


Mahashitla: I think Paul Low is just being used for cosmetic purposes in Najib's so-called transformation cabinet. Paul Low will just have to adjust transparency standards to suit Umno-BN. As usual 'semua-nya' will be okay.


Stella Ling: Some say Paul Low is a good man, a god-fearing devout Christian, that his intentions of joining the cabinet may be good. Yes, this may be true, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Mukhriz orders logging freeze in Gunung Inas


Ramachandran Muniandy: Muhkriz Mahathir, please read The Star and see what the Pahang government has screwed up with land in Cameron Highlands and after 56 years, landslides are still common there. Has Pakatan ever ruled Pahang ? These incidents are caused by corruption from politicians to government officials. Ask Najib while he was the MB in Pahang, why he couldn't handle the matter?

PAS only ruled Kedah for one term, you can't expect it was they alone who have done so much damage to the forests. Your father appointed Syed Razak Syed Zain Barakhbah as the Kedah MB, and he was the one responsible for the Pedu timber scandals. With god's grace he was in fact sacked by former PM Abdullah Badawi and replaced with Mahdzir Khalid, who carried on with Syed Razak’s leftover work. From what I have come to hear, you stopped all the timber activities in Kedah so that you can appoint your BN cronies to take over the jobs.


Alfy: Really Mukhriz, you care about the environment? Or is it that you have plans to reintroduce the licenses later under another contractor so that you get your share?


Wanderer: Perhaps he is keeping the new leases on logging activities in Gunung Inas solely for his family enterprises? From petroleum, beer brewing and now logging - the old fox is once again back to his old ways using his son as his nominee to bleed the state dry.


Anonymous #42582403: Mukhriz should tell this to Sarawak Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud, after all both are MBs.

Anonymous #33877536: In future, PAS must come out with young qualified professionals to manage the state they win. The old timers, please stay in the background and support the younger PAS professionals. See what BN is going to do in Kedah, Whatever good PAS had done in their rule is going to be reversed.



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