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Utusan, cease your brand of ultra-racism
Published:  May 23, 2013 2:51 AM
Updated: 4:51 AM

YOURSAY ' Oh, for heaven's sake, let's call a spade, a spade. Utusan is a racist paper, period. End of discussion.'

Utusan picks on Kalimullah for defending AirAsia X CEO

your say Victor Johan: Utusan Malaysia is a Malay-language daily owned by Umno. When an ethnic Malay does not buy, read or advertise in that particular newspaper, that does not constitute that that person has forgotten his or her roots or is questioning the rights of the Malay populace.

When will these nitwits stop thinking that the majority Malays and their fellow non-Malays are fools?

Potassium: I am trying to understand something: To criticise a fellow Malay is considered to have forgotten one's roots? What is the logic here? A wrong is a wrong, regardless of who committed the wrong?

Are these retards saying that just because they are of the same race and same religion, a wrong should be deemed right?

Only when the wrong is committed by another race with a different religion will it be deemed a wrong?

What kind of rubbish mentality is this? If this is so, then these people are unable to differentiate right from wrong.

Geronimo: Oh, for heaven's sake, let's call a spade, a spade. Utusan Malaysia is a racist paper, period. End of discussion.

Kookie: What is the measure of a patriotic Malay? Malays who project intelligence, concern for the country, courage to speak up and seek justice for Malaysians, or Malays who still live like katak dibawah tempurong (ignorant) and inspired by those who lack intelligence, are corrupt and abuse the ethics of office?

They are the true enemy of the Malays and Malaysia, I am proud to have Malays like AirAsia X chief executive officer Azran Osman Rani, former group editor-in-chief of New Straits Times Kalimullah Hassan, student activist Adam Adli and all others like them.

Jagara: I wouldn't even dignify this Utusan racists with a comment. It's a waste of time. They will never learn.

More and more Malaysians will just wise up to them, be disgusted with their racially divisive antics, and dump them together with Umno and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who are behind them.

Kairos: It appears that any comment made against the content in Utusan is equated as a comment against the Malay race.

What is this? Some kind of an inviolable oracle of the ‘Ketuanan Melayu' mindset or what? This kind of journalistic posture is nothing short of ultra radicalism and racial bigotry.

By constantly portraying that the Malay race and privileges are under threat (which in reality is not), Utusan , with the implicit backing of Umno, is playing the racial card.

That makes Najib's initiative to make Malaysia a leader of global moderation a sham. What a hypocrite!

A4MSIA: Would more and more Malay personalities supportive of Azran's view come out into the open? It could trigger off a Malay tsunami.

Chipmunk: From day one, Utusan have always been biased when it comes to reporting news. Is Utusan so thick that they cannot see or think out of the box?

Kalimullah only supported Azran because Azran did the right thing as a true Malaysian.

What Utusan is doing is to instill hatred among fellow Malaysians all because Umno and former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad are only interested in their bank accounts.

So many things that was predicted before GE13 is not coming to pass. You can deny till the cows come home but Umno and Utusan are racist organisations.

To all Umno Malays, remember that your roots are in Indonesia and you too, came to this country along with the other main races.

The only true bumiputeras are Orang Asli, so stop behaving as if this country belongs only to you.

Louis : When you look ugly and people commented fairly that you really are, do not be upset. The commentator is merely telling the truth.

Here, in this case, Azran is stating the truth and would it be not Islamic if he is forced to tell lies just to please Utusan ? Azran is entitled to his opinion.

Mohamad Abdul Malik: Well, boycotting budget airlines AirAsia just would not work.

Not when only your supporters come from the kampungs and the Felda schemes. Most of these people do not travel as much as the urbanites.

And furthermore you want the people to pay more to MAS just because you could not accept that more than 50 percent of the voters voted against you?

The more than 3.6 million Malays who voted for the opposition couldn't be bothered by the stupid call by Utusan . Never in the history of Malaysia do we have such garbage.

Hmmmmmmmm: What has the spat between AirAsia and Utusan got to do with the Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs)?

Isn't the role of Cuepacs to look after it's members' interests in so far as their employment is concerned? How does the call to boycott AirAsia benefit their members?

It sounds like a case of some people who have nothing better to do, so they meddle in their neighbours' quarrels.

Anonymous_3ee4: I am a member of Cuepacs. How dare you call upon civil servants to boycott AirAsia just because you don't like it. Don't you dare impose your conditions on me.

4dpeople: Isn't everybody entitled to their own opinions? As a daily, if you can spin any news at your whim and fancies, why the need to get so upset with some others' opinion that differs from you? There is no law that 100 percent of Malays should stand behind your opinion.

Why ask others to boycott AirAsia? Are you the one who is forking out to pay their airfare?

In times like these, instead of using your head on how to cut cost, you are asking people to boycott the budget airlines. Bodoh sungguh (how stupid).

Since when did Utusan become the daily for Malay struggle? If it is, then change your name to ‘Utusan Melayu'.

Racist dailies like yours should have no place in our beloved country. You are indeed an embarrassment to the 1Malaysia concept.

Anonymous #44199885: I am surprised that Perkasa and the other organisations continue to display unmitigated racism considering that the two of the most prominent bigots ie Perkasa vice-president Zulkifli Noordin and president Ibrahim Ali were voted out by the Malay electorate.

They must be either blind or plain stupid not to not able to read the mind of the Malays in GE13.

Democrat: Your boycott will only bring AirAsia prices down and MAS fares will go up. Be our guest.

Tan Kim Keong: Former Armed Forces Association president called on the Malays to unite against those who want to downplay Utusan 's struggle for the race.

The truth is that all government institutions and government-linked companies (GLCs) are headed by Malays and almost 100 percent staffed by Malays.

What struggle is this? Why is there still a struggle after 40 years of race-based affirmative policies which are still being implemented and controlled by Umno?

Did the president and the likes of him ask these questions?

Mushiro: Anyone who dares to speak up against Utusan , the voice of Umno which pretends to champion the Malays, will be branded a traitor by the cronies.

Utusan wants the Malays to believe that only Umno will speak up for the Malays - not PAS, not PKR. But the facts show that Malays have given up on Umno.

Multi Racial: There are three types of people who support Umno - 1) The rural poor who never fly; 2) The super-rich cronies who only fly business or first class; 3) The friends of cronies who get free trips at cronies' expense.

Either way, none of them have gone to the low-cost carrier terminal (LCCT) before. So much for the boycott.

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