It's selective prosecution, or rather persecution

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YOURSAY 'Adam Adli's case will probably point to the direction that Malaysia will be taking in the near future.'

Adam Adli claims trial to sedition charge

your say H Amri: The defence lawyers for student activist Adam Adli will have to place before the court all instances of seditious statements made by Umno leaders and ministers, Perkasa leaders and supporters, etc, over a five-year period or even more.

They must show that none of the makers of these seditious statements (such as Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Noordin, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Najib Abdul Razak... the list is endless) have been prosecuted for sedition.

This is the opportunity for all right-thinking people of Malaysia to place on the public record these seditious statements and expose the utter moral bankruptcy of this BN regime.

Let us raise RM1 million for Adam's defence fund and bring his case right up to the highest tribunals of justice in this country and internationally, if need be.

Holden: This trial has to start with questions regarding the selective nature of this prosecution.

Why have so many seditious utterances by others been allowed, despite the media coverage of those parties? Isn't this already an indication of some flaw?

Acthung: I can foresee the judge deciding that the decision on selective prosecution (or rather, persecution?) is outside the jurisdiction of her court and is the prerogative of the minority government.

Ex-Perakian: Yes, persecution is more like it. Can some kind legal mind give a full definition of the word ‘sedition' so old people like me can understand? Even the word ‘spring' is now taboo in our Bolehland.

Jk7462000: Given that Ambiga Sreenevasan is representing Adam, he is in good hands.

Enuf: BN, you have created another - and several more Anwar Ibrahims - with your spectacular bullying tactics. Adam Adli Abdul Halim is only a boy. Pick someone of your own size.

Aries46: This looks more like a witch-hunt for Adam's past activities as well as a scapegoat for the Royal Malaysian Police's (PDRM) attempt to instill fear among the younger generation of voters for having forsaken BN despite their multi-million ringgit courtship.

If Adam's matter-of-fact utterance is so seditious, entailing immediate arrest and prosecution, what about the tens of thousands who are protesting nationwide on similar themes?

Nevertheless, Malaysians are entitled to an explanation as to why and how protesting against electoral fraud is more serious a crime compared to ex-Appeal Court judge Mohd Noor Abdullah's slew of racist rants provoking the Malays to rise up and retaliate against his perceived Chinese support for Pakatan Rakyat, and Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) pro-chancellor Abdul Rahman Arshad advocating the closure of vernacular schools.

Also, let's not forget Home Minister Zahid Hamidi telling the electoral fraud protesters to leave the country, and other equally seditious rants from right-wing Malay groups.

Why the double standards? Is this the reconciliation that PM Najib Razak promised Malaysians?

Anonymous_40f4: Now with the general election over, the great 1Malaysia pretender has now taken off his mask and the rakyat are seeing the real face of Najib.

There are going to be lots of arrests, beatings, intimidation and jail terms for those who criticise or oppose Umno. I'm sure the Umno government will soon be building plenty of ‘1Malaysia' prisons.

LTM: Adam, there are many people who share your aspiration. Thank you for standing firm and leading the charge.

To the government of the day, each day as you do more of these repressive act, you make yourselves more obnoxious and deplorable. Already the people are angry with the present situation, don't paint yourself into a corner.

It's time for Najib to show true leadership. Is reconciliation what he really wants? Then show it in action. Your silence speaks volumes.

Joseph lee: I don't understand the charge. Since when is toppling Umno and BN the same as toppling the government?

The government is formed by members of parliament who elect among them a prime minister, who then selects from among the elected parliamentarians to become members of his cabinet, which then becomes the executive in our democratic system.

By toppling Umno and BN, the executive remains unchanged.

Hang Tuah PJ: Is it seditious to say "there is a need to take to the streets to grab power and kick Umno and BN out of Putrajaya" when BN got there in the first place through cheating? Anyway, what is so seditious about that?

Is it as bad as giving our identity cards (ICs) to illegal immigrants? Why hasn't former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad been arrested and put behind bars?

Why is the National Registration Department (NRD) chief not behind bars? What they did is high treason and comparatively, what Adam did is mere peanuts.

In fact, someone should start compiling all the seditious statements made by Umno leaders and ministers, Perkasa leaders and ex-PAS parliamentarians (for example, Hasan Ali), police chiefs, etc, and print a book on it.

Print it in chronological order and I believe it will become a best-seller. Does anyone have the free time for it?

Kimi: It will be interesting to see the verdict by the judge. This case will probably point to the direction that Malaysia will be taking in the near future.

YF: Umno wants their May 13 so that they can impose the ‘Umno mat rempit law'. That explains why there have been a lot of violent actions from Umno samsengs and mat rempits lately with no action taken by law enforcers. We are indeed moving from a police state to a failed state.

Kgen: Nothing can be considered seditious if uttered by BN politicians or regime-friendly goons.

Anything, and everything, can be classified as sedition if uttered by opposition politicians or activists.

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