V for Vendetta 101 - the gov't should be afraid of the people

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YOURSAY 'It is time to remind the people and the government of the quotes of ‘V for Vendetta' with regard to the May 25 rally.'

May 25 rally to proceed despite arrests, vows SAMM

your say Uncle Tim: At least 50 percent of the nation are very, very angry about what is happening in this country. That includes a senior citizen like me, born before Merdeka, and here to stay.

I appeal to the leaders - PM, home minister and those men in charge of policing the country - not to use sheer force against any voice of protest, but to hear the people's voice.

To charge one by one, the elected representatives of the people of Malaysia, so soon after they have just been voted in by the thousands is not good for the government's image.

It is very, very sad indeed. We must put behind the dark era of ISA and Operation Lallang. I appeal to the responsible ministers in the cabinet, including deputies, to speak up and express your heart's views.

Please listen to the voice of the rakyat, those who voted you in, and those who voted for the opposition. Please listen.

TehTarik: The generation X and Y are different from the Baby Boomers. The more you threaten them, the more they will rebel. Unlike, the older generations, they are also less fearful.

The younger generation realises that they have another 50 or 60 more years to live. They do not want to live in a tyrannical, corrupt and bankrupt nation for the rest of their lives.

They want to change it, and change it now, before the country descends into a failed state like Zimbabwe.

CD: Overthrowing any illegitimate and oppressive government is a duty of every citizen - just like when the colonial government was thrown out. It is a jihad, much like Palestinians rising up against Israeli occupation.

Tiger: I'll be at the rally for sure. We are not going to be intimidated by this illegitimate government. We must show our disgust at this Gestapo tactic to instill fear among the people.

Shah54: The rakyat is not going to be frightened by the police. The more you suppress the more they are going to do it. May be previously it worked, but not anymore.

Ferdtan: It is time to remind the people and the government of the quotes of ‘V for Vendetta' with regard to the May 25 rally.

"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people. Beneath this mask, there is an idea. And ideas are bulletproof."

Chong Kak Fang: Yesterday I was there, tomorrow I shall also be there.

I've no hand in today's arrests, says home minister

Mahashitla: The PDRM are working people and they will not act in such a manner without instructions from above.

Home Minister Zahid Hamidi can never wash his hands clean of this crackdown. In fact he had issued a warning two days ago that there would be no further warning.

It looks like PM Najib Razak's reign of 'Mahathirism' has now started, using thugs and police against the rakyat.

Kookie: What a lame brain answer. So who is accountable for the miscarriage of justice, who provides policy and administrative direction that guide police operations, and who makes sure that the police perform their duties in a fair and just manner?

If the police are allowed to do as they please, this is a police state and all the ministers are puppets of the home minister and the police.

SS Dhaliwal: So you mean to say that the police can act with impunity and do as they like?

It is your duty to ensure that people from both sides of the fence are charged and arrested by the police, which is clearly not the case here otherwise Perkasa leaders Zulkifli Noordin and Ibrahim Ali - whose statements were far seditious - would have been arrested as well.

Do not treat us like an idiot that you are.

LiarsSlaughter: Zahid, whether you have or have no hand in the arrests, you have to take the responsibility because you are the home minister. You cannot ‘makan gaji buta' and don't take responsibility.

Coffee Break: In this case, what's the use of the home minister? Let the police run this country.

I don't get it, why is it that we always get home minister who don't seem to know anything about how to run this country? Why are we paying their salaries for?

Jagara: The United States and the whole world may recognise the Malaysian Umno-BN government but I do not recognise it.

Right is right and wrong is wrong. Even if the whole world recognises this illegitimate Umno-BN government, that doesn't make it right, because wrong is still wrong, no matter what, who, or all recognise it.

We know how Umno-BN wins - through gerrymandering and fraud, through intimidation and bribes, through playing the racial and religious card, etc. No way is this a legitimate government.

Despite all its fraud, it still lost the majority vote. It has no moral right to rule. Wrong is wrong and the Umno-BN government is there by fraudulent means.

Everybody knows this. This is the truth even if the Umno-BN, police, etc, want to deny it.

Sad Malaysian: So Zahid, are you going to staple them all, too?

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