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YOURSAY 'There are shreds of evidence of electoral fraud all right, many. Together they paint a bleak picture of the state of our country.'

Fraud? It's not true, Khairy tells The Economist

your say Odin: Of course, no fraud, cheating, gerrymandering or any other nefarious act has been committed before and at GE13. Everything was clean.

Even the indelible ink that was supposed to stay on your finger for a week was cleanable - and easily, at that - soon after application, because the Election Commission (EC) tried its best to help BN to keep everything clean.

Mohican: Sports and Youth Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, you are also the same person who said that there was nothing wrong with National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) and that everything was done above board.

Eventually the abuses and the fraudulent dealings by NFC came to light and you were proven wrong. You will have to eat your words once again on the issue of poll fraud.

Abasir: Khairy, who has gratefully accepted his appointment as a junior minister in an illegitimate government resulting from calculated fraud, will not accept what 51.3 percent of Malaysians know to be true.

PM Najib Razak has allowed his overly eager youth and sports minister to rebut a serious allegation of fraud because he knows that when the truth finally emerges, he can always blame the impetuous Khairy for speaking out of turn.

Touche: No country in the world would win an election with only 47 percent of popular votes, except Malaysia. It cannot because the electorate and the parliament will not allow this to happen.

Gerrymandering in Malaysia is a form of cheating because it does not reflect the wishes and choice of the people.

Syam: If Malaysia have an equal number of voters in each constituency i.e. 60,000 (13,268,002 voters in 222 seats), Sabah and Sarawak should only have 34 MPs instead of 56 and Selangor and Kuala Lumpur should have 47 MPs instead of 33.

This simple fact alone is enough to show how unfair the election was. MPs are supposed to represent the people in a democracy. This blatant gerrymandering means the future of the nation is determined by those who can be easily persuaded by the government with cash handouts.

Mavelikara: KJ, are you aware of those who were registered as voters without their knowledge ?

Jean Pierre: There are shreds of evidence all right, many. Together they paint a bleak picture of the state of our country.

A Selangor Voter: Khairy Jamaluddin was able to buy shares amounting to RM9.2 million in ECM-Libra. His explanation as to how he was able to do so and those of his business associates who gave him a leg up didn't wash.

In fact, some in the legal fraternity have alleged that there were obvious irregularities in his acquisition of the shares and that therefore the Securities Commission should investigate him for commercial crime, but owing to the fact that he is an Umno member, nothing was done about it (See 'Probe Khairy's ECM-Libra share purchase' ).

Umno and their cronies are for all intents and purposes above the law. At that time, DAP leader Lim Kit Siang with unerring precision described him as the "richest unemployed in Malaysia".

Is it surprising then that his ' apology ' for Zahid Hamidi's outrageous remarks are as worthless as a pair of transparent briefs. KJ, don't forget we used to hate you as much as we hate PM's wife Rosmah Mansor.

Nostra: Khairy, do you know anything about the suffering and the hardship faced by our youth in this country. Please come down from your ivory tower, go and meet the youth.

Not only Umno youth, but all youths in this country. Then you deserve to be the minister of your ministry.

Timo100: It's sad to see a young leader like Khairy being blinded by the position and power bestowed on him.

Foreigners are granted ICs (identity cards) and citizenship in a fraudulent manner and are then allowed to vote in the GE. Isn't this election fraud? Do not protect the Election Commission. They are already so tainted and riddled with indiscretions.

Names of voters who died long ago are kept in the electoral register, isn't this inefficiency? Isn't this a loophole for phantom voters?

Anonymous #20513663: There is no point complaining here. Write in to the editor of The Economist to complain. Here is the address: [email protected] . And here is KJ's letter .

Also, ask yourselves: Why did The Economist publish KJ's letter, whereas they will (probably) not publish yours. Regardless, write in anyway.

Don't let one person speak for the Malaysian people.

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