When seniors seek justice, the end of tyranny is near

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YOURSAY 'If it takes seniors like Auntie Bersih to stand up and be prepared to go to prison, then something is terribly wrong with the country.'

Auntie Bersih gives vigil-goers words of wisdom

your say Pputeh: Often, I wonder to myself and am perplexed why our leaders can't see the unhappiness in the majority of the rakyat.

If it takes seniors like Auntie Bersih and the like to stand up and be prepared to go to prison, then something is terribly wrong with the country.

May God bless this country, Malaysia, and rid us of all these parasites. However, the phrase "God helps those who help themselves" comes to mind.

Lexicon: Thanks Auntie Ooi and all the men and women at the candlelight vigils. You make us proud at a time when Umno shames us in the eyes of the world.

Anonymous#67264383: History shows that when our outraged womenfolk are forced into the streets to seek justice, the end of tyranny is near.

Toonarmy: What is so wrong about making our feelings known against an illegitimate minority regime that cheated to high heaven to hang onto power by the dirt in their nails?

Their rightful place is in jail for all the billions they stole from us. Instead they are trying to destroy democracy and create a totalitarian state. Jail us 52 percent Malaysians, we are not afraid.

CAT lover: The police know that they would do the wrong thing by rounding up people who gather in peace, for peace, by claiming they disturb the peace of the local residents.

The police say they cannot tolerate candlelight vigils... you may as well start a dove-shooting peace competition, put babies in jail and charge monks with violence.

God Save Us: The police will no longer tolerate candlelight vigils, we are told. But it appears they will tolerate thuggery and corruption as long as one is on the right side of the political divide.

Let us not even talk about the escalating rates of street crimes and violence against women and children, or violent deaths of detainees in police custody.

Tough talk from an enforcement institution held in utter contempt, whose credibility and trust rating in the public eye is surely at gutter level. Alas, the only solution for a reformed police force would have been a change of government in the last election.

Het: It takes a frail senior citizen to tell Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi the difference between right and wrong.

Habib: Ooi, you are the light in our hour of darkness. You give hope to all peace-loving souls, your compassion gives us courage.

I could feel your power of love even from a few thousand kilometres away from our beloved homeland. May God bless you and our people.

MockingYou: Such a sweet lady. Good advice too, same like when you're confronted by a vicious dog, don't run as it will trigger the hunter's instinct. Remember how we got suckered in that "false retreat" ploy during Bersih 3.0?

Kanasai: The wisdom and bravery shown by Auntie Bersih will put all the BN ministers to shame. If only those ministers had half the wit of Auntie Bersih, this country would be moving in leaps and bounds towards prosperity.

888: Small in size but big in spirit. Great lady!

Harapanbaru: The negative karma accumulated over 22 years of Dr Mahathir Mohamad's duplicitous reign must be settled now or Malaysia will be stuck in a rut for the next seven generations.

All those who justify their support for BN by saying stupid things like "but what is the alternative?" totally deserve to be run over by a train.

Fighting for Justice: PM Najib Razak, Home Minister Zahid Hamidi and PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), you are doing a great job.

As a result of your smart and clever clampdown, you are further bringing together all the people of Malaysia, young and old, Indians, Chinese and Malays.

For once they are a happy family, happy to be together to rid their country of demonic rule. So Mahathir's master plan to keep the races apart has finally failed. Cheers to Anak Malaysia.

Democratic Agency: It is impossible for Najib to even think that he is safely seated on his chair with three-quarters of young Malaysians protesting against his actions.

If he really thought that his magic worked well, don't forget these young people will live longer than you and they will remember you for this. The best thing he can do is to step down with humility and the people will respect him for that.

Look at this woman, if you are truly a prime minister, listen to her and answer the plea of the people, don't just keep mum and send the police to arrest everyone who goes against Umno.

What about you? You said, "Chinese tsunami". Zahid said, "Ask those not happy with GE13 results to leave the country." Are these not seditious? Why is there no action taken against you?

Heavenly King: Will the police tolerate a candlelight vigil if held for the demise or disappearance of the PM, a ruler or the inspector-general of police (IGP)? What is wrong with holding such vigils? Are our police officers so intolerant and heartless?

Anak, Bangsa, Malaysia: The police don't tolerate vigils. The rakyat don't tolerate unlawful arrests.

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