Probe custodial deaths, not peaceful rallies

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FREE YOURSAY 'Police chief Khalid Abu Bakar, your job is to protect taxpayers against thugs and not support thugs against taxpayers.'

New IGP warns cops will get tough on 'illegal' rallies

your say Mushiro: Crime is so rampant in housing estates that the residents have to organise and pay for their own security. They have lost confidence in the police and have taken their own actions.

Similarly, fraud in the last GE was rampant. Malaysians have lost confidence in the Election Commission (EC) and the police, and decided to rally for action. Is that a crime? Without the police stopping any of the Black 505 rallies, the rallies were actually very peaceful.

It is more urgent for new inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar to focus on crime and the many deaths in police custody of mainly Indians. Leave politics to political parties and let Umno and the EC handle the issue of fraud and cheating of the 51 percent of voters.

Why the need to get tough on illegal rallies when the difference between legal and illegal is only a question of informing the police 10 days in advance? Knowing that the police will either delay the approval or change venue at the last minute, the organisers have decided not to do this.

There are more pressing illegal menace that the police should work on but have not succeeded, like illegal gambling, illegal money lending, illegal immigrants, illegal racing, illegal ICs, etc.

Masu Otaku: The rakyat reminds Khalid to do his job, which is to uphold justice and the law as well as to safeguard the lives and property of the rakyat. He is not paid to play politics.

Anonymous_40c3 The IGP should clean his house first. The murder of an innocent rakyat should be his priority to investigate.

In any other country, the home minister would have made a statement on the matter of custodial deaths by now, but over here the silence is deafening. What is the government's official stand on this?

Datos: Dear IGP, the public have been behaving in an orderly fashion in all the rallies so far. You've got to admit that.

I suggest the home minister and you focus on bringing down the crime rate in Malaysia.

We appreciate your claim that you are not pro-government. However, you should also clamp down on seditious newspapers or anyone who incites hatred and racism in multiracial Malaysia.

Fed-Up with Barisan: Even without the rallies, the police are hopeless. If the police are not on anybody's side, then arrest Perkasa leaders Zulkifli Noordin and Ibrahim Ali, and the ex-judge and all those racist people.

Banzai: IGP, don't be ridiculous. Joining rallies does not necessarily mean one wants to bring down the government. It can also mean one is protesting against a corrupt government, which should be allowed and encouraged.

Xabiso: Silly IGP, the more you arrest people, the more Malaysians will stand up. We don't fear you because peaceful rallies are constitutional and legal.

If you don't understand the responsibilities of being a police chief, it is time for you to step down. Your job is to protect taxpayers against thugs and not support thugs against taxpayers.

Thana55: Khalid, the people's attendance of the rallies have been purely voluntary (unlike Umno-BN which entices attendance with food, free gifts, luck draws, etc) and without incident.

Please focus on where your services are most needed, such as in fighting the growing crime in the country.

Fair Play: Khalid told Utusan Malaysia , "The youths nowadays are seen to be vulnerable as they are easily instigated to join rallies aimed at toppling the government."

Come on, give the youth a break. They are of legal age, well-informed, intelligent and most of all, they know right from wrong.

Anonymous_3f89: The IGP thinks that the youth are ‘vulnerable' but the opposite is true. The youth were once vulnerable to all the lies and deceits of the BN-Umno government and its media.

However, with their new awakening through the alternative media of Internet, the youth are now able to make well-informed decisions.

Bolygal50: Come on, why talk about illegal gatherings? What have you done about N Dharmendran's death in police custody? Why has there been no action till now? If a civilian does something, you will immediately take action. We rakyat are not fools.

Anonymous #88188 : As the IGP, you should have given such warning to the criminals, e.g. the corrupt, snatchers, rapists and Perkasa extremists, not to those rakyat who participated in these peaceful rallies.

Billy The Kid: I don't have any respect for this new IGP. Of pressing concerns are not the so-called illegal rallies or vigils, but custodial deaths.

While the latest death in police custody shocked the nation, the IGP instead targetted his uncalled-for remarks against peaceful participants in Black 505 rallies.

He must be really nutty and incompetent, or simply arrogantly siding with the evil regime. Maybe, he will be the last IGP under Umno-BN's payroll because, in all likelihood, the rakyat will vote out this illegitimate government soon.

Anonymous_3f89: Mr IGP must be warned that the table is slowly but surely turning and he should be reminded that should it turn at the next GE14, he will be treated the same way as he is treating others now. There will be no pardon for him at that time.

Fateh: It looks like the IGP works for Umno, and not the country. No wonder the robbers, rapists, thieves and murderers are everywhere. God save this country.

BigH: Khalid says the police are not pro-government? Really?

Krish: The IGP stressed that the police were already focussed on crime-busting, adding that his top priorities now are public order.

If that is true, why do we still have so much street crimes; house break-ins and robberies? Go to any neighbourhood and there are plenty of stories to hear.

Now is the time for the new IGP to show the rakyat that he means business when it comes to combatting crime. Let us see his daily reports in the media about crime busting and arrests of criminals. Those will be encouraging news.

What we are seeing now are the almost daily arrests of ordinary civilians and politicians for peaceful assembly under the pretext of lack of adequate notice. The rakyat are all for the IGP and his force to maintain law and order, but please focus on your priorities.

Anonymous_ABG: Hello IGP, instead of threatening the nation it would be better if you take an active interest in cleaning up the police force. A most cruel death has taken place while under police custody - and not the first time.

Jean Pierre: What is the similarity between a professional Malaysian police and Santa Claus? They both don't exist.

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