EC duo must go before re-delineation exercise

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YOURSAY 'I am very sure our Agong and our sultans know what is going on in the EC. I hope they will help the rakyat to do the necessary.'

We will march if EC heads do not resign, say NGOs

your say Bystander: A rally to demand the resignation of the EC chief and deputy chief - Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof and Wan Ahmad and Wan Omar - is not the solution. It is a waste of time and effort.

The three Thailand election commissioners who were sentenced to four years' jail in 2006 would be a good example for Malaysia to follow.

We need to demand their immediate resignation and simultaneously charge them for fraud and treason to serve as a lesson to all future EC staff.

If not, they will appoint another set of cheats for the next GE; and the same story will repeat itself.

Adam Adil: I support Suara Rakyat 505. Give a date and millions will march to Putrajaya to demand the resignation and sacking of the EC chief, EC deputy chief and EC secretary Kamaruddin Mohamed Baria .

The EC has failed its constitutional duties to ensure a free and fair election on May 5.

Ferdtan: The least is for both the EC chief and his deputy to resign. They must also be punished for all the irregularities in the last GE.

The washable indelible ink is enough reason for them to be sacked. Never compromise or to stop pressuring until both of them are kicked out. Otherwise for GE14, it would be no difference.

Anonymous #85701391: It's time for the EC duo to resign voluntarily. Why? Because both of them have publicly and shamelessly lied to all Malaysians, including our King and the country. To date, both of them have not expressed any regret or any form of remorse.

Hajile Leumas: The EC duo must resign as it is the honourable thing to do. Not only the EC must be responsible but the National Registration Department (NRD) director-general and his deputies must also resign because they were in cahoots with EC and the BN government to "win GE13 at all cost".

Magnus: The real problem with the EC is that it has been subsumed by the executive and does not have the capability and moral fibre to stand up to the interference and its final absorption by the government.

Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad's overbearing personality has brought total systemic failure to Malaysia's original, and reasonably well-devised and constructed, governance system.

To fix the system, we need to take the following steps:

1. Get the current "questionable in legitimacy" government to work with the opposition MPs to pass an amendment supported by two-thirds majority to reinstate Article 121 of the constitution.

This will make the judiciary independent and hopefully, the current High Court judges will then act impartially to decide and settle the election petitions by the opposition quickly through proper constitutionally lawful judicial reviews/external audit.

2. If the 29 results are nullified then hold by-elections in those seats simultaneously.

3. The results of the 29 by-election seats will then be looked at together with the other seats making up the 222 in GE13 and the revised result will determine once and for all the legitimate outcome of GE13 and everyone has to accept that verdict and allow proper governance to commence after that until another opportunity arises at GE14.

The constitution says it is the role of the head of state, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, to ensure confidence is maintained by the voting electorate in the EC.

Suffice to say that at least 51 percent of that voting electorate now have zero confidence in the competence, independence or impartiality of the EC. So shouldn't be the appeal directed to the Agong?

Anonymous #06659895: I am very sure our Agong and our sultans know what is going on in the EC. I hope they will help the rakyat to do the necessary.

Maplesyrup: Former EC heads and officials should be brave and come out to speak about their trade secrets.

Better to be prosecuted by the laws of men, than to be found short before the Almighty God at His judgement seat. Speak and repent, before it is too late for penance.

Lover Boy: When there is blatant injustice, the last frontier to guard against these injustices are the Bar Council. To the board of the Bar Council, I know you are a conservative lot but you play an important role in providing a voice for the people in courts.

Perhaps the time has come now that it is no longer an option to do nothing with all such blatant injustices taking place. I am talking about the numerous deaths in police custody and till today no police officer has been charged over the most recent case .

Do you not think that the time is about right that the lawyers will have to march and register our displeasure on such injustices perpetrated against our fellow Malaysian. Bar Council chairperson Christopher Leong, lead the lawyers and we will be behind you all the way.

Multi Racial: Yes, the EC chairperson and deputy chairperson must go. These two have failed and are extremely biased and unreliable. Malaysians cannot afford to have such non-credible officers to stay on and lead the electoral re-delineation exercise.

We want them to be replaced by Bersih's S Ambiga who will be trusted to select her team to lead the EC. The majority of Malaysians trust that Ambiga will do a good and fair job.

Progressive: Count me in. I will be there, FRU or no FRU.

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