Waytha may need time to end custodial deaths

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YOURSAY 'Hindraf dropping the demand of a cessation to custodial deaths from their list of conditions is as good as giving BN the green light for...'

Kula flays Waytha for silence on custodial death

your say Cala: Minister in the PM's Department P Waythamoorthy, show you are worth your salt slowly but steadily.

DAP MP M Kulasegaran is correct in asking for a proper response from Waytha over the sudden death of N Dharmendran while in police custody. After all, the unaccountable death of any Indian in the hands of the infamous Malaysian police is Waytha's business.

But given that he is in office as a deputy minister for less than a month, to judge him at this stage is premature. Maybe the proper thing to do is to review his performance on his 100th day in office.

Be that as it may, Waytha surely knows his scope of work, and that his performance will be closely monitored. If a leader cannot inspire the confidence of his followers, he may not last very long.

NuckinFuts: Hindraf dropping the demand of a cessation to custodial deaths from their list of conditions to BN is as good as giving BN the green light for more custodial deaths to come.

Absalom: Waytha just wanted to be minister. Removing the custodial death condition from his list to BN is just one proof of that.

Why should it be so difficult for the BN to meet this condition when it is easily complied, i.e. just stop torturing and causing grievous hurt to those in prison?

Everybody is entitled to a fair trial so why is it so difficult to stop death in custody. Waytha, you have failed your very first test.

Psycho: Perhaps Waytha should go to the police station with his supporters and protest, and organise a demonstration or a candlelight vigil in front of Putrajaya. This will satisfy the Indians, and Pakatan Rakyat in particular.

Come another death, Waytha should do the same and consider he has done his part. Aren't this is what Kulasegaran, N Surendran and S Jayathas are doing right now. No one ever consider the long-term solution for custodial deaths.

Pakatan state governments say it need more than five years to tackle Indian issues, and yet we expect Waytha who appointed deputy minister a couple of weeks ago to solve this issue immediately.

You expect Waytha to sleep in the police lock-up and take care of the detainees? Wait a little and give him the benefit of doubt.

Vijay47: Kulasegaran, there are no such thing as "rogue elements in the police force". The entire police force is a rogue institution beginning with the IGP (inspector-general of police) without fail.

Protesters abroad may lose passports

Multi Racial: The problem with government servants is they cannot differentiate between a country and a political party.

The people abroad are demonstrating against Umno, which they claimed cheated in the GE13. They are not demonstrating against Malaysia.

It seems to Immigration Department director-general Alias Ahmad, Malaysia is Umno and Umno is Malaysia. Can someone explain to us how Alias got his job?

Jae K: Alias Ahmad and others like you, you are a civil servant and you serve the country and not the political party that is the government. You must be fair in discharging your duties.

Being anti-government is no crime and it certainly does not tarnish the country. If Pakatan is the government, would you have acted the way you did now?

You may be a member of a political party but being a civil servant you must be apolitical in discharging your duties. The same goes to all civil servants.

Speechless: This is another classic case of blatant abuse of power. The Immigration Department should be very clear about this fact: Malaysians overseas did not insult the country or the government. They criticised BN, which is their right to do so.

BN is not equal to the government or the country. The government and the country are not equal to BN. BN is just a political party, which the majority of Malaysians are sick of.

ABU_sed!!: If exercising a citizen's right to freedom of speech and expression tarnishes Malaysia's image, wouldn't unilateral cancellation of a citizen's passport in retaliation of a citizen's exercising his constitutional right tarnish Malaysia's image even more?

TehTarik: Indeed, Malaysia may be another North Korea in the making. The Immigration DG is behaving like the head of an Umno division - a little Napoleon, who is trying to outdo the Election Commission (EC) chief.

Why not blacklist and withdraw the passports of all those racists who have been making Ku Klux Klan and Adolf Hitler-like speeches? Why not blacklist the EC chief and his deputy, who have tarnished our country's image by rampant election fraud?

And how about our ex-PM who should be charged for treason for the citizenship-for-vote scam?

Magnus: Threat: Protesters abroad may lose their passports. Fact: Little Hitler-like perverters and abusers of a just rule of law and due democratic processes will lose their right to liberty.

Fair&Just: Yes, the world's best democracy at work.

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