Enough of double taxation, get rid of APs

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YOURSAY 'Reduce one percent every year until the fifth year, then promise to reduce the remaining 25 percent if BN is re-elected. Brilliant.'

Gov't to slash car prices in five years, says minister

FellowMalaysian: This is another reason why Malaysians are fast losing confidence with the BN-led government. They are insincere in fulfilling their promises: why announce now when it will only be implemented five years down the line?

With archaic-minded Mustapa Mohamed re-appointed as its minister, the International Trade and Industry Ministry will suffer yet another five years of quiescent inactivity under this clueless minister, whose only claim for achievements is his ability to survive through the years because of his Mahathir link.

Anonymous_3f89: Irresponsible and insensitive to the need of the poor, the international trade and industries minister gleefully (happy for reasons only known to himself and Umno) has declared, five more years of continued plunder. The poor are to continue paying for higher price cars to further enrich the wealthy.

Public transportation is so bad that without a car, the poor have no other means of transportation to move around. The total cost of owning a car at such a high price is sometimes more than 50 percent of the total personal income.

The poor, regardless of bangsa (race) or budaya (culture) are literally modern-day slaves, working hard day and night, and month after month, slaving for Umno's cronies.

Iamleavingbutdecidedtostay: In the first place, BN and its policies created this artificially high car prices in Malayisa. Now they are saying this and that.

Rakyat Malaysia: As usual, BN people need to continue eating away the rakyat's money until the next election, which is in five years later.

By that time inflation will be like 50 to 500 percent. Will the 20 to 30 percent reduction in car prices have any effect then? In the meantime, BN people will continue to eat our money.

Hajile Leumas: Please abolish the AP system as an immediate step if BN government is sincere in reducing the price of cars for the rakyat. Five years is way too long.

Think "outside the box" to implement this sooner. Proton cars are being sold outside Malaysia for much less than its price in Malaysia.

iTalk: It is not just to have the means to milk the cows, but they must know how to feed the cows properly in order to have more milk from them. This what BN leadership is good at - "you help me and I help you".

Many acts are implemented in time as baits for voters and we have to wait three to five years in order to see better deals for baits.

Jessy 6: Local car manufacturers should not be afraid if the government reduces car prices. They must start thinking of how to make local cars better and more competitive with international car manufacturers like Honda, Mazda and Mercedes-Benz.

Or shall I say, the government should not be afraid?

Oscar Kilo: "He (Mustafa) said that prices will be reduced in accordance to the market force..."

Hello? The market is already forcing the prices down, but Umno-BN resists the force and artificially inflates the prices. Idiot.

Timothy: That was fast and far-sighted. Already dangling a pre-GE14 carrot.

Hplooi: Remove all forms of government support and subsidies to Proton and all government-linked companies (GLC) car manufacturers. Free up the market and prices will automatically come down.

No Fool: The rakyat cannot continue to support the inefficient local auto industry for life, and Malaysians don't owe them a living.

Approved Permits (APs) for the import of cars should be auctioned out through open tender based on market value, instead of giving it away to cronies at way below market price for them to make easy money.

The savings from the selling of APs can be offset some of the reduction in car excise duty.

Jean Pierre: Yes, reduce one percent every year until the fifth year, then promise to reduce the remaining 25 percent if BN is re-elected. Brilliant.

Anonymous_5fb: Sudahlah (enough). Five years from now is another GE, and the promises continue. I wonder how to reduce car prices without abolishing or reducing excise duties.

But since Pakatan has the same manifesto in reducing car prices, perhaps Tok Pa (Mustapa) can consult PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli or DAP publicity chief Tony Pua. Jangan segan-segan ya (don't be shy), Tok Pa.

Dpillai: How do you reduce car prices without reducing excise duties? Based on Pakatan's plan, Rafizi promised to abolish excise duty in five years in stages.

Currently a Honda Accord in Peninsular Malaysia is RM140,000 but only RM90,000 in duty-free Langkawi. The excise duty is RM50,000.

Therefore, a gradual reduction over five years will amount to RM10,000 per annum or 50,000 in five years, which is about 50 percent. How is BN going to bring down prices without reducing duties?

Kgen: How will 200,000 jobs suffer as a result of lower car prices? On the contrary, the industry will be simulated by more sales and thus create new jobs.

Maybe some second-hand car dealers will incur losses initially but most of them will be able to recover. Stop giving silly excuses not to lower car prices.

Clever Voter: Any reduction in prices will impact financially on those cronies with vested interest. That's why prices will not come down.

That's what PM Najib Razak meant when he said he had the people's interest in mind. But sadly only 51 percent of the voters understood this.

Multi Racial: Firstly the BN government will not do anything if Rafizi of Pakatan did not make the bold promise to slash car prices upon Pakatan winning Putrajaya.

Secondly, Mustapa only talks about a gradual price cut over five years, why not immediately? Who they are protecting?

He did not mention APs. When will the BN government remove the APs for good? Having APs is the direct cause of high car prices.

There is no need to protect Proton and Perodua, both have burdened the people enough. No more issuing APs and enough of the additional tax paid by Malaysians.

Five-year wait too long for cars price-cut

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