First Christian conspiracy, now Red Bean Army

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YOURSAY 'Honestly, I have not heard or read about the Red Bean Army and I doubt DAP has RM108 million to spend over the last six years.'

NGO urging boycott says Red Bean Army did it first

your say Spinnot: Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM), if you want to boycott, go ahead.

Why change the reason for your boycott from two weeks ago "these companies supported Pakatan Rakyat " to now "Red Bean Army first started such boycott" and "these companies supported street demonstrations"?

Is that your face-saving ‘exit strategy' for calling off the boycott when it is proven that there is no such thing as the Red Bean Army?

Odin: PPIM chief Nadzim Johan, you and your bunch of twits have as much intelligence and maturity as the ‘two sons of two Alis' (Ibrahim Ali and Hasan Ali).

First, not all Malays will listen to you. Certainly not my Malay friends, who are a pretty brainy lot.

The effect on the business of the companies you have accused of supporting the Pakatan financially and now of supporting street demonstrations will be negligible, if not zero, if your supporters boycott their products. That is reality.

The two ‘sons of two Alis' have disappeared from the public spotlight ignominiously. And so will you lot. Very soon.

Up2U: Honestly, I have not heard or read about the Red Bean Army and I doubt DAP has RM108 million to spend over the last six years.

I am a Chinese Malaysian bread lover and have been buying and eating Gardenia bread for many years. All these talk about boycott this, boycott that is not good for all Malaysians. If we continue this tit-for-tat, when will it end?

Speechless: Nadzim is fighting an imaginary enemy. It is comical that someone who could have coined the term ‘Red Bean Army' and associated it with DAP. Yet, there is not a shred of evidence that such an army exists.

I am still waiting for Utusan Malaysia to publish the names of the 200 ‘red beans'. I know we used to refer to the FRU (riot police) as the ‘Red Helmet Army' because of their gear.

By the way, Nadzim and his gang can go ahead with the boycott. After all, this is a democratic country.

Cowboy: Since when have NGOs like PPIM been roped in to attack the opposition? Just because some people support Pakatan, they want to punish them? Aren't they supposed to be neutral? Don't forget more than 51 percent of voters voted for Pakatan.

Davidfsc: It is really amazing that these so-called pro-Umno NGOs jump on to the bandwagon the moment Utusan cooks up a fantasy Red Bean Army. The undertone of these NGOs is so racial in nature and yet they are able to put up a poker face to deny it in public.

The call for Malaysians to boycott Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary is to protest against cronyism. For your information, I'm Chinese Malaysian and I support and buy nasi lemak from the Malay ‘makcik' in front of my house.

JTC: There is no need to demonise Umno. It is what it is already. Do you think that we are that stupid that we do not know what you have been doing to this country?

You rob and steal from the rakyat and then you slander others. Slandering others is acceptable for you but when the reverse is done, you cry foul.

I for one would love to have a list of all Umno-linked companies and I will stop buying from these companies and urge others to do so.

StrainingGnats, SwallowCamels: PPIM, it is easy to say that 'they' started it first. Do you have evidence?

Even so, two wrongs don't make a right. And as for your "our boycott is justified", how so? Surely not because you say so. Have you proof that there is such a thing as the ‘Red Bean Army'?

Penangite: By the way, I am not a Pakatan-paid Red Bean Army cybertrooper. I am a true blue Malaysian born and bred in Penang. I'm apolitical , do a Google search if you do not know the meaning.

Like a lot of the commentators in this forum, what we want (yes, not what the Chinese want) is for our beloved country to be run by a people-centric government and mind you, not the one propagated by BN.

I believe our fellow Malay brethren have this saying 'Cakap tak serupa bikin'. So 51 percent of the voters have this to ask Umno - ‘Apa lagi lu mahu?'

KSD: I hate to bring up anything racial, but since they are calling for a boycott of so-called ‘Chinese-owned' products, perhaps the millions of Malays who voted for change should make a clear statement by continuing to support the named businesses. Likewise, the leadership of all three opposition parties should speak out urgently.

Vgeorgemy: The Red Bean Army is nothing but cartoon character created by ultra right-wingers in Malaysia to defend the backlash resulted by their action.

There is no concrete evidence of the existence of Red Bean cybertroopers starting any type of commercial boycott.

Tehachapi: It is interesting to see how far, how deep, how long and how pervasive the different social groups in Malaysia are able to boycott one another and to ruin the country.

If such a threat is true, then Malaysia does not exist as a nation. It can easily fall to an external threat. Who is to blame for such a divided country with no common identity and allegiance?

Fantastic4: You have to give these guys the ‘credit' for redefining the word - dumb.

They have also re-charted the pinnacle of stupidity by their respond. Again, these guys will give all the comedians out there a field day to develop materials.

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