Sabah should stop armed intruders, not Pakatan MPs

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YOURSAY 'If an MP can be treated like this then I would say it is an insult to our Parliament and there is nothing more seditious than this.'

Nurul Izzah blocked from entering Sabah

your say KSD: This is getting to be too much. Everything about the relationship between Sabah, Sarawak and the peninsula has to be renegotiated and made to ensure that we become one country, not three parts living together uneasily.

I am sick and tired of this nonsense. Perhaps Selangor and Penang should stop Sabah and Sarawak politicians from entering their states. And if they do, harass them until they leave.

Otherwise, instead of a rag-tag group of Sulu invaders, perhaps we need to send a flotilla of Bangsa Malaysia people to reclaim the country. And please don't tell me about any 21-point agreement.

Malaysians should have the absolute freedom to move around their country unless they happen to be in jail. No man-made agreement is forever. Sit down and work out new rules for living together as one people.

Let's get the message across very clearly. The next time any senior Sabah and Sarawak politician is in Selangor, Penang or Kelantan, Pakatan Rakyat should organise a peaceful assembly outside their hotel to tell them they are not welcome here. I am sure many people would be happy to attend.

Doc: Malaysians getting deported from Sabah. I think that's another first in the world - deporting one's own citizens from their country.

Senior Citizen: This is a serious matter and must be brought up in Parliament. The federal government must intervene immediately and prohibit states from disallowing Malaysians from traveling from one state to another.

If an MP can be treated like this then I would say it is an insult to our Parliament and there is nothing more seditious than this. This must be condemned.

This is never done anywhere in the world. Not in India, China, Germany or the United States. Stop it now.

No Fool: All Malaysians must strongly condemn the BN minority government for abusing its power to control the freedom of its citizens to travel within their own country. This will make us the laughing stock of the rest of the world.

Ferdtan: We know that the state has separate immigration power but this is obviously an abuse of power by the BN state government to stop a Malaysian to enter into Sabah without any valid reasons.

Since Selangor has more than two-third majority, can they passed a law to ban Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman from visiting Selangor?

The Sulu terrorists can walk into Sabah with no problem. Tell us where are all the efficient state immigration department officials?

Are they all at the airports to ensure no Pakatan leaders slipped into Sabah leaving their borders wide open for the Philippine terrorists to come in broad daylight by boats?

Absalom: Actually Nurul Izzah is more dangerous than the armed intruders who came in to cause havoc. She can reach out to the rural people who remained misinformed and put blind faith in the ruling elite.

She can tell the truth about cheats, frauds and traitors. And truth hurts especially if you have been wallowing in lies and scams. You cannot afford the Nuruls and Tian Chuas coming around to tell the truth and disturbing the peace.

Swipenter: This law forbidding any Malaysian citizen to travel freely to Sarawak and Sabah is so undemocratic and archaic that it must be revoked immediately.

It goes against the basic right of freedom of movement. Can't any Malaysian be free to move around his/her own country?

Odin: Just to be fair to the two states, let us get one thing clear. Although Sabah and Sarawak are parts of Malaysia, they have control over immigration. Their control was one of the conditions for forming Malaysia.

They may bar people (including West Malaysians) from entering or deport them. However, they may do so only under certain circumstances. I regret to say that I cannot remember what the circumstances are.

Doubtless the chief ministers of the two states can take advantage of the privilege and bar people from entering or deport them even if they (the people) have not contravened any provisions of the particular law, particularly in cases where those from the opposition and dissenters such as Nurul are concerned.

H Amri: All this talk about Penang or Selangor doing a tit-for-tat is just plain ridiculous. There is no way we can ban a Sabahan or Sarawakian from entering the peninsula.

The proper way is to sue the Sabah government and the Immigration Department in the courts. If that option is closed for some reason, then Pakatan MPs should boycott all ministers and deputy ministers from Sabah, as well as the parliament speaker.

Don't deal with them, don't give them face. Identify them. Hotels and restaurants, and other service establishments, in Peninsular Malaysia must not serve them. Since we can't prevent them from entering Peninsular Malaysia, let's make them unwelcome here in other ways.

Arbeena: Nurul can take a flight to Zamboanga City in Mindanao and from there take a boat ride through the Sulu islands and land in either Lahad Datu or Semporna. Easy, right?

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