Immigration DG, go study the Passport Act

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YOURSAY 'The Sedition Act only applies to those acts against the Agong and/or the Malaysian government, not BN.'

M'sians abroad 'tarnishing country's image' blacklisted

your say Sophiemore: Firstly, which provision in the Passport Act allows the Immigration director-general (DG) to seize the passport of a Malaysian citizen for attending rallies overseas?

The said act is only applicable to a non-citizen who misuses his passport by committing any particular offence stated therein.

Isn't a DG supposed to be at least well-versed in both the Immigration Act and the Passport Act? Otherwise, is there another secret act or regulation that he is referring to?

Secondly, on what basis can a DG cancel their passports? So long a permit is granted, none of those rallies is considered illegal in those foreign lands that uphold freedom of speech and assembly.

Thirdly, talking about the seditious acts of these Malaysian students, the Sedition Act only applies to those acts against the Agong and/or the Malaysian government, not BN.

Odin: Immigration DG Alias Ahmad, what you really meant is that many Malaysians abroad have revealed to the whole world how badly tarnished or blemished the BN is.

They don't have to tarnish the image of Malaysia; it is already tarnished - by BN. By the way, you would do well to go back and study your laws.

Swipenter: After GE13, PM Najib Razak's administration fans the fires of racism, followed by threats by the new home minister to crack down on peaceful rallies, the arrest of dissidents and opposition politicians, and now prohibiting own citizens from traveling within the country and outside.

Or is this a power struggle between adherents of Mahathirism and a ‘reformist' PM Najib Razak to control Umno. So far the conservatives and right-wing elements in Umno are on the offensive with Najib keeping his ‘elegant' silence.

TehTarik: One of the main culprits who has tarnished the country's image is the Election Commission (EC), by their handling of the just completed fraudulent elections. Why not bar the EC chief and his deputy from leaving the country?

How about the ex-judge and the pro-chancellor of a public university who have tarnished the nation's image by their racist speeches?

How about Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali who called for the burning of Bibles? How about his colleague in Perkasa, Zulkifli Noordin, for his disparaging remarks on Hinduism?

It is sad that senior government figures are allowing political partisanship to affect their judgement. Such statements not only damage their credibility, but paradoxically also tarnish the nation's image.

To all Malaysians overseas, make sure you wear a balaclava next time you protest outside the Malaysian embassy.

This is practised by many citizens of communist and other totalitarian states whenever they organise protests overseas. No photo identification, thus no blacklisting. We are now an unofficial police state. So be forewarned.

Clever Voter: In a thriving democracy, opposing views are not only tolerated but welcomed. Only a weak leadership with low trust and full of guilt will abuse its power to threaten and even inflict violence on its fellow citizens.

This country does not belong only to you.

Anonymous_3f94: Stupidity seems a prerequisite to being head of a department of the civil service now.

Can we have legal commentary on the best way of taking legal action against the DG, who is clearly abusing the powers of office to satisfy his personal political leanings?

Eskay: No one could have tarnished our country's image more than the PM and some of his ministers. Just read the international news. Will their passports be cancelled too?

BN leaders are very much in denial mode to check the root cause of their failure in GE13, and instead are trying to pin the blame on others. If they don't change, they will witness themselves that such attitude will cost them dearly very soon.

Not Confused: As every day goes by, this brainless government continues to threaten, intimidate and harass Malaysians who do not agree with them or who criticise them in any way, shape or form.

The poor deluded clowns in Putrajaya seriously do not understand why they continue to haemorrhage support.

FairGame: Our loyalty and allegiance is to the king and country, not to the government, which is rightfully elected by the rakyat.

On what basis is the rakyat denied or bar from entering or leaving the country solely on the basis of criticising the government for its excessive and strong-arm tactics?

It seems that no efforts are spared in intimidating and harassing the rakyat from speaking out against this regime.

MockingYou: So does this mean Malaysians here in Malaysia, especially Umno-BN goons, can tarnish the country's image and go unpunished?

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