Khir Toyo is lucky his case not heard in China

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YOURSAY 'In China, former Selangor MB Mohd Khir Toyo would be shot in public to warn its citizens about the scourge of corruption.'

Appellate court upholds Khir Toyo's guilty verdict

your say Fiat Justitia, Ruat Caelum: Former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo is a public servant. He stole the rakyat's money and betrayed the people's trust.

Twelve months' jail and forfeiture of property is just too little. What signal are we sending to public servants?

I am not sure his sentence will be confirmed by the Federal Court. I am not holding my breath on the outcome of his appeal.

Malaysian Born: This man represents the very worst of politics in Malaysia, hopefully this will be a thing of the past.

The vulgar manner in which he debased the high office he held and his total lack of conscience and accountability is truly shameful.

He should be punished in the same manner as any thief caught ripping off government funds - there should be no kid-glove treatment, in fact the punishment should be harsher due to high office he held.

God only knows what he has already got away with. Based on his behaviour, I doubt he let any opportunity to line his personal coffers go pass.

Mohd Khamis Mazlan: Corruption by a public figure (an ex-MB) of this nature should see him behind bars for at least 12 years, not 12 months.

I don't understand what kind of signal we are sending out to the masses when a serious charge like this is only given 12 months.

Born Free: Luckily the case is heard in Malaysia. In China, Khir Toyo would be shot in public to warn its citizens about the scourge of corruption.

Kookie: A jail term of 12 months and seizure of property is far too lenient for a public servant convicted of corruption, considering that another former Selangor MB Harun Idris was sentenced to six years' jail.

Public servants convicted of such deeds should receive stiffer sentences, not only for corruption but also for abusing the trust the public have placed in them as elected officials.

It appears this is no more than a slap on the wrist instead of a meaningful deterrent for such crimes.

Cala: Is Khir Toyo guilty as charged? Recall the Perak regent who analysed the political landscape of Malaysia and offered his opinion on why supporters of Umno-led BN deserted the ruling coalition in droves?

The weakness, as rightly deciphered by the regent is to do with integrity (or the lack of it) of the actors-agents in the organisational field.

Now consider the case of Khir Toyo, he is certainly not the first or the last man suffering from integrity deficit. Thus to hold him alone responsible for the graft is to solve the problem half-heartedly.

The panacea lies in the organisational culture of the ruling elites. See Max Weber on 'iron cage' .

FairGame: It is Umno who cultivate and enable people like Khir Toyo to think that they are above the law.

It is also Umno who provide and enable people like Khir Toyo to enriched themselves, through blatant corruption and hiding behind the guise of fighting for the Malay rights and economic well-being.

This is truly the Malaysian dilemma of "Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi".

Good vs Evil: I hope the Federal Court will uphold the verdict and impose a heavier sentencing (maximum sentencing will be more appropriate in this case) so as to serve as a reminder for those holding offices not to take things for granted.

Hold Awam Accountable: Before putting the confiscated mansion on the block, the Selangor government might want to open it up for public viewing and charge an entrance fee.

Let the people see what Khir Toyo did with his money. Also, let it be a warning to his compatriots in Umno that their turn is next. Not long now, change is going to come...

Robbed!!: Good decision, but it will take another 100 high profile cases or two generations before the integrity of the courts are restored.

Headhunter: I can't say we feel sorry for him. But remember, there's still the Federal Court and we all know what can happen like some cases in the past. After all, Umnoputras do have special privileges, not like we ordinary folks.

If I were the civil servant who was awarded a broom by Khir Toyo, I'd return the broom to him when he goes to prison. He can keep his cell spotless.

So, will Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud be next? Don't hold your breath, folks.

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