Another committee on EC won't mend a broken system

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YOURSAY 'This only confirms that Najib is aware that the EC has committed fraud and cheated big in the last GE.'

Najib announces special committee to oversee EC

your say Multi Racial: Sack Election Commission (EC) chief Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof and deputy chief Wan Ahmad Wan Omar. They have lost all credibility.

I would like to recommend that the Bersih co-chairpersons Ambiga Sreenevasan and A Samad Said be made the chairperson and deputy chairperson of the EC instead.

They advocated for change, and they know what needs to be done. Furthermore, they have the trust of Malaysians.

Michael Gan: The first thing that should be done is to have a bill passed in Parliament that prevents gerrymandering. No use talking about the EC's composition without doing that first.

In New Zealand, the law states that "electorates are approximately equal, with a tolerance of voter population inequality of only +/-5 percent between electorates, so as to eliminate gerrymandering and malapportionment".

Contrast this with the difference tolerated between the electorates of Putrajaya and Kapar - an inequality in voter numbers of over 900 percent.

Legit: The first thing to do is to sack and charge the two idiots currently running the EC. Then revamp the EC by putting some credible people in charge.

You can then have this special committee to oversee the EC. Does PM Najib Razak have the gall to do these things before saying things to distract people's attention from the real issues?

Tell the Truth: Not withstanding the committee, the whole EC committee with the Abdul Aziz and Wan Ahmad must resign.

They are the worst ever heads of the EC in the history of Malaysia and will be remembered for being the dirtiest commissioners.

Thirdalternative: A good move by the PM, which will raise his profile as a man of integrity. It will also indirectly serve to weaken the relative strength of the opposition in the eyes of the public.

Please allow Pakatan to choose their own representatives. Don't choose for them. This is an important principle.

Bluemountains: I can already foresee the composition of the special committee. There will definitely be more Umno-BN MPs than Pakatan MPs just like the recent Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on Electoral Reforms before GE13.

Since Umno-BN will have the majority on the special committee, do you think it will agree to anything that is clean and fair?

I predict that Umno-BN will use this committee to out vote the Pakatan MPs on policy matters pertaining to the oncoming redelineation exercise. Just you watch.

Kookie: Any committee established by the government to oversee the EC will always be tainted by political interference by the BN, unless there are a few international observers to ensure that the EC performs its responsibilities freely and fairly.

Apa Nama: This is another way to waste public funds. The EC must be independent. This means it must be allowed to stand alone by itself, not placed under anything - committees, agencies, departments and so on.

JMC: What is needed is not just a parliamentary committee to oversee the EC but more important is for EC leaders to be people proven to be of caliber, of the highest integrity and committed to the principles of democracy.

The EC should also comprise of some members nominated by the opposition with a 6:4 ratio.

Boleh Land: Any change in parliamentary seat composition as a result of the redelineation exercise requires a two-thirds majority vote (which the BN does not enjoy now).

This probably is the reason why BN has to give up the absolute control on the EC and offer some compromise with the opposition.

I bet the EC will be back under the PM's control once they have secured a two-thirds majority in Parliament in the future. Now you see the importance of having a two-party system?

Blogsmith: What? Najib said the election went without a hitch? Just one case will kill that argument: the delible indelible ink issue. There are other cases of problems on polling day that I have personal knowledge of.

At every election, the EC waits until the last minute to issue the required letters and name tags for polling and counting agent to enter the polling centre. Other more serious issues have also been well documented in the alternative media.

Platform_Sinking: We should appreciate Pakatan leaders more. If not for their pressure, Najib would not even say this.

Anyway, there is no timeline and he will take his own sweet time to do it. And next year Najib may not even be around.

We should support PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and company to push for 27 by-elections and get rid of this untrustworthy and corrupt Umno-BN regime as soon as possible.

Mushiro: This is part of Najib's conceding to the Black 505 but there is no sincerity, only trickery. This only confirms that Najib is aware that the EC has committed fraud and cheated big in the last GE - and yes, with his full blessings.

Pakatan should go ahead with the current momentum to demand for the EC's immediate removal and for re-election in constituencies where cheating took place.

Anonymous_40f4: This is another spin from the sly pretender Najib to take the heat off his running dogs, the EC.

The EC was instructed by Najib to scheme various ways to rig the GE13 so that BN gets 140 seats. Now he is obliged to help the EC ward off Pakatan's attacks.

Ssaniku: Najib is not sincere. This should have been done well before GE13. What use is it after the goal has been scored? If he is sincere, the EC duo should have been imprisoned already.

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