No-bike zones are like killing mozzies with a sledgehammer

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YOURSAY ‘No wonder the police are so free to harass the opposition, arrest the candle-carrying public and stay put in air-conditioned police stations.'

Cops moot 'no motorbike zones' to curb crime

your say Joker: No motorbikes, lousy public transport... inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar is basically telling those who can't afford cars to just stay home or get ready to be robbed.

Never once has the police come up with suggestions that involve them doing real work. Rape? Don't wear revealing clothes.

Snatch theft? Don't carry bags and ban motorbikes. Break-ins? Install grills, don't open doors to strangers, hire guards and for goodness sake, don't put valuables in your house.

No wonder, the police are so free to harass the opposition, arrest the candle-carrying public and stay put in air-conditioned police stations to take photos of the rakyat who make police reports.

Myop101: I agree. Can we deem the whole Kuala Lumpur as a no-bike zone? Wait a minute, what would happen to our postal services?

Overlord: Limited accessibility to motorbikes, unreliable and badly connected public transport, but high car prices with more tolls. This sounds like a move to further enhance the brainless strategy of:

1. Reducing car prices through market forces (create more demand, thus creating high production volumes and hence prices can go down a bit).

2. Encourage those who can't afford to buy cars and do not like the idea to migrate into the jungle.

ACR: The motorcycles plying our roads are not safe, are a nuisance and an eyesore. The people relying on such vehicles are from a social class that should rightly take public transport. But till the MRT and LRT line extensions come to fruition, it is going to be difficult to implement.

Khalid should focus on crime prevention, crime investigation and integrity of the force. If you need to kill suspects in lock-ups to get your evidence then you know your investigation is rubbish.

When watching Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), one wonders whether the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) could actually function at that level - especially forensic investigations.

Focusing on unlawful assemblies is political and you know that, IGP. The fact that you mentioned that first is telling indeed.

Lover Boy: I really understand what knee-jerk reaction means. Smoking causes cancer, so ban cigarettes. Motorcyclists are the main cause of street crimes, so ban motorbikes in designated zones in city.

But these snatch theft often occur in housing estate and car parks outside central Kuala Lumpur. Don't believe me, ask minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek's daughter?

Fair and Open: We know the police have not really helped the rakyat with any constructive duties.

All the previous IGPs and Khalid talk about great ideas but in actual fact, the police become more brutal with each change of IGP. They become more like servants to BN. They are arresting more politicians than criminals.

Guyintheglass: Why do these people rob in the first place? Have the police caught any of the snatch thieves and interrogated them? If not, then you are not tackling the root of the problem. Symptomatic treatments will not reduce the problem.

Leon Chan: So, anything outside the safe zone is danger zone?

TTT: Banning of motorcycles in certain areas will only shift the crime to other areas. Take the example of the various tamans in Petaling Jaya that sprung up with gated concepts.

Yes, crime in those areas fell, but all that did was made the criminals go to another taman. Net result, crime stays at the same level.

However, this strategy will allow the police to say, "Crime has reduced in KL due to the banning of bikes", but they never report that crime has increased in PJ as a result.

James1067: It does not take a rocket scientist to teach the police how to prevent or even reduce crimes. All the billions spent over the years in seminars and overseas trips seem to have gone to waste. The answers have always been there staring you in your face.

Which is profitable, to have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with criminals or send them to jail. In today's world of expenses and five-star living, the alternative of having MOUs with criminals will be more logical.

Well, you have to prove to the people that they are wrong on their perception of the police force first by taking action and not giving suggestions.

Over 50 years have passed us by and all we have are suggestions and no action such that today the crime rate send shivers down the spine of the public until they have to live in guarded communities.

Their faith in the police force is at the lowest as the cops spent more time serving their political masters rather than fighting real criminals.

Chandra Palasingam: Another great idea is to ban beds in Malaysia. I would say almost all non-accidental deaths in this country takes place on beds. I hope we, as a country, should stop using beds to improve the mortality of our Malaysians.

Green: You don't ban motorbikes. You only ban the male pillion rider.

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