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Tanda Putera screening is reconciliation, Najib style

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YOURSAY ‘This seditious film sure comes at a suspiciously appropriate time after the seditious blame on a certain community right after GE13.'

'Tanda Putera' to be released on Aug 29

your say Hang Babeuf: ‘Tanda Putera' is now to be released for public viewing. The grounds for the decision and its timing are plain, clear and simple:

We in Umno won the election. We not only rule in the present and will decide the future. We also determine the past.

The crude fable that is told by ‘Tanda Putera' is our preferred past, the way we would like things to have been. It's not just our own past, it's the past that we want you all, everybody, to have and share. It's the way we want people to see the past. It is the past that we want, and that is what matters.

And since we won, the past is our prerogative. So get used to it, get used to our truth. First accept and then learn to like the past that we have invented. It's not just ours. Like it or not, it's yours too. We have the power to make it so.

Boonpou: Yes, screen ‘Tanda Putera' as soon as possible. Make sure you screen it throughout the rural areas of Malaysia.

In the meantime, well-informed Malaysians in the peninsula will produce their version of May 13, mostly from Kua Kia Soong's book .

We shall see which versions are more reliable. We shall see who, after all, were behind one of the darkest history of contemporary Malaysia that - in essence - staged a coup against ‘Bapa Malaysia' Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Go ahead and screen your propaganda. It won't work this time. Fifty-three percent Malaysians voted against you, don't you get it?

A lot of us have read Kua's May 13 book. In fact, Kua's book only confirmed what we have already known for decades about the May 13 incident. It is practically a public secret.

So, go ahead and screen your propaganda documentary. It will only confirm the public secret of May 13.

Anonymous_3f89: I can't wait for the film to be screened nationwide as well. I would like to see whether PKR or PAS will come out and defend the truth.

I wonder what MCA, MIC, People's Progressive Party (PPP), Hindraf and other Sabah and Sarawak BN component parties will say.

I am also keen to hear what newly-appointed minister in the Prime Minister's Department Paul Low will say. This is all getting to be very exciting.

Hang Tuah PJ: I think the entire BN government is up to something fishy - Indian-killing sprees, ‘Tanda Putera' screenings and a gangster-type home minister and inspector-general of police (IGP) shooting off their hips.

I think they are trying to stir up some issues and cause civil strife so that they can have a good reason to abscond. The money has already been siphoned out anyway. What do you guys think? Don't you think they are pushing it too far?

Mr KJ John: Dear Communications and Multimedia Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek, please be aware that if it "propagates lies or untruths", the Film Censorship Board must expect to be sued for defamation and the promotion of lies.

Whatsup: How seditious, and guess what? If it's Umno-sanctioned, then everything is okay.

And still so many are blind, or have their voices silenced - choking on the ringgit they swallowed to continue spreading lies - despite clear testimonies that May 13 was a coup by impatient underlings wanting the limelight.

This seditious film sure comes at a suspiciously appropriate time after the seditious blame on a certain community right after GE13.

CiViC: Next it will be on Astro, then on national TV. Before you know it, they would have bought an award for the movie.

Louis: The public has had enough of racist statements, both from individuals and the mainstream media. And all of them have the same intention - to cause hatred among the races in the country. As if those were not enough.

The government has now joined the fray by deciding to screen ‘Tanda Putera'. How does screening the film profit the public, except to further inflame racial hatred. The government knows this very well.

SAM98: Ahmad Shabery, no one cares about May 13, it happened a long time ago; people then were less educated, and they were not as together as we are now. Forget about the foolishness of the past.

This nonsense is what Umno is all about, scaring the rural Malays into supporting them.

2LAN: I am not seeing fiction which they are trying to pass off as facts. We know who started May 13, and no film is going to change that fact.

The Stig: Not only will I not waste my money to watch this movie, I will not go to any cinemas that show this movie.

If everyone does the same, then the cinemas will realise that showing this movie is hurting their bottom line and they will stop screening it.

Bender: Better make sure you - or any of your loved ones - do not see this movie. This type of movie is made for Umno, and not fit for others to watch.

I personally would be willing to go to such an extent as boycotting everyone who acted in the movie. I know it wouldn't make much of a dent, but it's the principles that count.

Mark Anthony: This film was produced with government funding - that is, the rakyat's money. The company that produced the film will reap the profits from screening the show. So all good thinking Malaysians should boycott the show.

ZhuGeLiang: Why continue to perpetuate a lie? Unless it is to cover up the truth?

Tamrin Abdul Ghafar, the son of the late Ghafar Baba, said that his father told him who was really behind the May 13 and the reason for it. He further said that the late Ghazali Shafie, the home minister then, confirmed it.

Mohd Khamis Mazlan: What is with Umno-BN? Are they interested in winning the next GEI4? By the looks of it, people already know the truth behind the May 13 tragedy.

Tamrin had told the facts of the case, and many of the youngsters are aware of it now. So the more you bring this up, the more you are going to lose votes among the Malays.

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