Finally, the truth about Umno from Mahathir

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YOURSAY 'Tell us, who are those people who let Umno be seen as one fighting ‘for positions and rank, to enrich themselves, for reward and their own pockets'?'

Dr M: Umno won GE13 as people had no choice

your say Fogbom: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad says: "Because Umno no longer fights for race, religion and country, Umno is seen - and it is true - to fight for the interests of certain people and its members only.

"Umno fights for positions and rank, to enrich themselves, for reward and their own pockets. There is no need for new members because the existing members need to protect their share of the rewards. If there are too many members, more must be shared and it will be less than before."

Finally, Mahathir has uttered the words that damn Umno. Now, in stark details, the mechanism of self-aggrandisement is exposed, i.e. Umno exists only for the elites to enrich themselves. Fifty-nine more months to GE14.

Progressive: Why did Mahathir say this now when he spoke glowingly of Umno prior to GE13? It is politics.

He wants to get PM Najib Razak out and replace him with Muhyiddin Yassin and Mukhriz Mahathir as number two or three and then later have Mukhriz continue his dynasty.

Mahathir, you don't care about Umno or the country. You never did.

Legit: For your information, Mahathir, this is the situation in our country. Good people are not promoted/allowed in and given their due, whether in the government or the private sector.

We have in Malaysia an entire culture of cronyism, favouritism, boot legging, racial/religious discrimination and what not.

Why do you think Malaysia is lagging behind other countries who were behind us not long ago? This whole problem was created by the BN with its policy of deliberate and extreme form of discrimination.

You are pretending you don't know about this. With the BN government continuing at the helm, this problem will only be exacerbated in the next five years.

Kilgore: Mahathir has perfectly summed up his own legacy. A party full of stupid, weak, and greedy politicians because he couldn't stand to have anyone challenge him.

Is it possible when he took the Hippocratic oath to become a doctor, he mistook it for an oath to become a hypocrite?

Cala: Has Mahathir just arrived from another planet? The mis-governance in the Umno-led BN regime is a culture that started by none other than Mahathir himself.

As an example, former chief judge Tun Mohamed Suffian Hashim had once remarked that after the sacking of another chief justice, Tun Salleh Abas, by Mahathir in 1998, our judiciary would take several decades to regain its previous glory.

Thus by painting a dark picture of the current Umno leaders and the party, the same old Mahathir conveniently absolves himself from past malice created by him as if the dark history of Umno has nothing to do with him.

6th Generation Immigrant: Did Mahathir actually write this: "By allowing only less talented people into the party so that they are not a threat, these people will eventually replace the existing leaders when they retire, thus creating a cycle of decline."

He was the architect of this practice for 22 years.

Doc: As a doctor, I am sure that Dr M is familiar with the term genetics where one's DNA determines the physical characteristics of a person.

Similarly, corruption, cronyism, money politics, self-interest, cheating, total disregard for rakyat needs, racism, stupidity and arrogance are all traits that have been imprinted on Umno's DNA.

I don't think Umno can change. If Malaysia's political environment and the people's mood don't favour the above traits then Umno is headed for extinction.

Raja Chulan: I quite agree with Dr M on his assessment of Umno and GE13. I agree that PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim and PAS are no better alternative to Umno.

Anwar went around campaigning or rather entertaining the huge and enthusiastic crowd mainly with jokes and scandals. Many gathered found nothing new or intelligent from Anwar and a waste of their time.

Whereas, PAS were heavily focused on Islamic theory, i.e. what is written in the Quran rather than relating them to good Islamic practices relevant for GE13 and how PAS would implement them if elected. PAS also failed to relate the bad practices (e.g. corruption, abuse, injustice and incompetence) of Umno with the true teachings of Islam.

Overall, the opposition (excluding DAP) lacked hard facts, clearly articulated plans and programmes and singular leadership for the voters (especially, for the Malays; the Sabah and Sarawak voters) to look up to.

The opposition failed to correctly gauge what many voters really wanted is a better government than Umno-BN.

Anon: Mahathir, why not be straight forward and tell us who are those people who let Umno be seen as one fighting "for positions and rank, to enrich themselves, for reward and their own pockets"?

Who are those responsible for the "refusal of its current leaders to allow in new talents, who could pose a threat to their position"?

Abasir: Mahathir put in place the cycle of decline he now speaks of. The imbeciles he nurtured during his 22 year tenure is evidence of that.

A leadership pipeline was never in his interest so he made sure that his stupid chorus line stays in power, which in turn attracts even more stupid and corrupt ones into Umno.

It's too late now. Intelligent, self-assured Malays will continue to opt for the opposition while imbeciles like Hishamuddin Hussein, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Nazri Abdul Aziz et al breed more in their image.

This is how the regime of crooks will eventually self-destruct, while taking the country down with it.

Hello, the rot in Umno began with Dr M

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