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YOURSAY ‘Sorry, AG, it will take more than one murder charge, which was made in response to public outcry, for you to earn any respect'.

Three cops charged with murdering Dhamendran

your say Vijay47: At 2.07pm, there are 54 comments in Malaysiakini on this new development that some police personnel would be charged for N Dhamendran's murder.

Every single of these comments is peppered with sneering scepticism even though the announcement was made by the attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail himself.

The reason for this total lack of confidence is clear enough. The system has failed the nation one too many times, and Abdul Gani in particular has been the architect of our loss of faith.

Where a prompt sober statement followed by firm action would have gone far to giving us the assurance that those who commit crimes will be made to pay, the AG on most occasions chose to remain silent.

This callous showing is compounded by his alacrity when it comes to members of the opposition. The home minister and inspector-general of police (IGP) are no better.

Their knee-jerk reaction is to defend and justify the police even where murder is blatantly committed. Sorry, Abdul Gani, it will take more than one murder charge, which was made in response to public outcry, for you to earn any respect.

Malaysian57: What swift action? Fifteen days to take action against the police allegedly involved in Darmendran's death while immediate action is taken on civilian suspects? Some have no shame in making such claims.

Nil: For a murder charge, the suspects were given desk jobs while their colleagues investigated the case? Other suspects would have been remanded in jail, and perhaps beaten, or worse.

Holden: We hope to see the same "swift action" in the other cases. Unfortunately, the struggle by Kugan's family for justice and the truth has not convinced the public that justice will be done in these matters. Many other pending cases require "swift action".

Nadarajan Rengasamy: Wait, wait, wait - this is not going to appease us from demanding the establishment of IPCMC. Enough is enough and the IPCMC must be established without any further delay.

Albertan98: At last, some action. If this results in conviction, it will send a signal to the rest of the police force. Perhaps all the tragic deaths in police lock-up may then stop.

It actually does not take much to stop all these nonsense, just the demonstration of the will to act on the errant members of the force will be sufficient deterrent.

Homesick: About time too. The police will think twice before they assault anyone in the future. All these comes about because of the pressure from the opposition.

Without pressure from the opposition, there won't be a public outcry and this case, like so many in the past, will be covered up or ignored.

JMC: It was the public pressure that made this possible. Hopefully, this will stop other police personnel from committing such brutality on detainees.

The IGP must act to educate the police at all levels to act within the law and in a more humane way. They must adopt the right attitude towards suspects under their care, regardless of race and personal convictions and prejudices.

CiViC : "I have decided to proffer a murder charge under section 302 of the Penal Code against the police personnel involved."

Anyone sees the problem with our country? Everything is decided by an individual's fancies, in this case the AG.

Which is why 99.99 percent of criminals from the ruling government is free to do whatever they want, while for the opposition, they will harass you until they find something to charge you with.

Iamleavingbutdecidedtostay: By the way, what about all the police personnel involved in the other the death in custody cases?

Anonymous #22878930: And what about those police officers who gave misleading and/or false statements regarding this? Suspension, deskjob or will they also be charged for abetting?

Awakened: The pressure from Pakatan Rakyat calling for setting up of Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) works.

It takes 23 MPs from BN to say yes. In order to stop this, the AG has no choice but to act to "show" that without the IPCMC, the culprits will be charged.

Pakatan should continue to put pressure on BN to set up the IPCMC. This is the long-term fix for the many wrongdoings of the police.

Anonymous #84319416: It is a sad thing to see people getting murdered in a police station. What is the point of calling for people to respect the law when police personnel themselves take laws into their own hands?

Once our famous former PM claimed and condemned another country where police personnel killed citizens, but he failed to see that it has been happening in our own country too.

Only now and due to strong opposition parties in the country, they are no longer able to sweep the dirt under the carpet.

We just wish such things are not repeated. Value every human being. Learn from animals.

Who's the fourth suspect in Dhamendran murder?


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