Why does IPCMC strike fear in Umno-BN?

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YOURSAY 'The police don't want any oversight as that will prevent them doing the biddings of the local and national Umno louts.'

Cabinet studying alternative to IPCMC

your say Quigonbond: The cabinet is just dilly-dallying over the issue. Malaysians want the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) not because it is a nice sounding name recommended by a former chief justice, but because it is intended to be answerable to Parliament, with the resources to recruit crime busters and with investigation and prosecution powers.

What's the point of rejecting the IPCMC then going on to say they will strengthen the existing Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (EAIC) if by this they would only take the fight half way?

It simply demonstrates confused thinking, which is fairly descriptive of the Najib cabinet right from the start with a pea-brained minister saying the government does not want to affect police morale with a "suspension" only to find two days later, the attorney-general (AG) calling a murder charge , no less, on the suspects.

It appears that public pronouncements have no value in Malaysia, and ministers feel no shame when contradicted left, right and centre.

Ipohcrite: All we have heard so far is that the BN government continues to reject the idea of forming the IPCMC that, by the way, was recommended by a royal commission of inquiry (RCI).

However, BN cannot explain why it is rejecting the IPCMC. Instead, it persists in forming one body after another, which clearly unable do the job.

I think the government is simply afraid of forming the IPCMC, which would effectively prevent it from subverting the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) into doing its bidding.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Why not just enhance the powers of the planned IPCMC if the cabinet feels that it is inadequate?

The truth is that BN has assured the police that the IPCMC will never be implemented under its watch.

Why not then consider an agency like the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in India that has powers of investigation and prosecution over a wide range of crimes, including custodial deaths?

And have a chief prosecutor independent of the AG with his own  officers to carry out prosecutions in court or with the power to instruct counsel from the Bar. There can be an internal oversight body for the agency.

And the entire agency can be answerable to Parliament through a select committee (PSC).

The proposed body can also advise the Police Force Commission (PFC) on disciplinary issues and recommend action to be taken.

If there is failure then the PSC can step in and order the PFC to take action. The new body must operate under minimum supervision by the home minister.

Sarajun Hoda : BN leaders just don't learn. PM Najib Razak lies when he says he listens to the people. Does he? If he does, why is he not doing anything that the public demand?

Any person causing death must be charged for murder, police or not. The police's reputation has been plunging since a long time ago. Today, it is so low today that it is reaching the earth's core.

Why do the people hate the BN so much? Cabinet ministers don't have the intelligence to understand this - the dumb ones are always trying to play smart.

Apa Nama: As usual, the lip service continues. This is foot dragging by the cabinet. Meanwhile, more individuals will lose their lives in police lock-ups.

There is no better alternative than the IPCMC. But they simply do not want it implemented.

Ruhaizan Muhd Fikri: Why is Umno-BN so afraid to set up the IPCMC? Is it because it has some evil agenda? It looks like they do not care for the safety and the well-being of the rakyat anymore.

Wildboar: IPCMC is recommended by the RCI. Is the cabinet committing treason by rejecting it?

MockingYou: Yes they are, Wildboar. Only thing is they are too stupid to realise the power invested in RCIs.

To make matter more interesting, an ex-judge is asking for a Treason Act , which is very good to nail all of them going directly against the king and indirectly against all the Malay rulers.

Amused Malaysian: Health Minister Dr S Subramaniam cannot give a straight answer as he has no clue as to what is happening.

The police don't want any oversight as that will prevent them doing the biddings of the local and national Umno louts.

Not having the IPCMC is a win-win for the police and Umno, and a lose-lose for the rakyat.

Abasir: Based on what Subramaniam is saying, the cabinet is not interested in stopping the killings in lock-ups, only in "coming to the conclusion regarding the cause of death."

Now does everyone realise why Najib wanted the custodial killings item to be removed from Hindraf chief P Waythamoorthy's blueprint.

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