First Tanda Putera, now Interlok

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YOURSAY 'They're not doing this to punish some Chinese and Indians who did not vote for them. They're doing this to punish all Indians and Chinese...'

Group decries plan for 'Interlok' TV series

your say Bender: By logic, this goes to show that BN winning the GE13 was illegitimate and fraudulent. Otherwise, this kind of revengeful behaviour wouldn't have surfaced.

If the win was legit, why punish people who had voted for them (which BN claim still represent majority of the voters)? This is all PM Najib Abdul Razak and BN showing their true colours.

They're not doing this to punish some Chinese and Indians who did not vote for them. They're doing this to punish all Indians and Chinese in this country.

Their 'win', after all, is not because 'some' Malays, Indians and Chinese still voted for them. They won simply because they cheated big time.

They began to think that they can disown all of these people because come next GE, even without their support, BN can still 'win' using their despicable machineries.

Hang Tuah PJ: First Tanda Putera and now Interlok. Are they trying to push this country into anarchy? Who is being irresponsible now?

What have the Agong and sultans to say to this. Is that what the royalty want? Perak Regent Raja Nazrin Shah, any comment?

Anonymous_3f89: I think we need not fear any screening of Tanda Putera or Interlok because it is a fantastic platform for the beginning of more serious discourses on racial matters which up till now have been regarded as too sensitive and provocative for  open disscussion.

For instance, are constitutional Malays, Malay? What would have been the economic status of Malays today if the Chinese and the Indian had not come to Malaya?

Moreover, there would not be a Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is of Indian origin, and a Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is of Chinese origin. Have the Malays forgotten, just as what Mahathir has said, "Melayu mudah lupa"?

FairGame: Umno is getting desperate by the day. They are clueless as to how to lead and govern the country given that this is not a legitimate government.

It is resorting to underhand tactics (frightening and threatening the people), which will only cause the rakyat to further abandon them in droves. Umno and BN have really run out of capable and impeccable leaders.

Sa Tombs: By the way, there is also a Malay character who is portrayed (in Interlok) as an incestuous father, having sex with his children.

Najib's efforts at conciliation 'completely dishonest'

Senior: PM Najib Razak completely dishonest? But I never found him to be honest in the first place.

Jaguh: Now the police are also investigating supporters of DAP. What crime have they committed? Even if they financed Red Bean Army, so what?

All these selective prosecutions are politically motivated and the way they go about will only infuriate and create even more supporters for DAP. And these supporters will do anything for free.

Tuan Haji KKK: Najib and the government always say "A" but do "B". The rakyat are really fed up of their promises. See what happened to 1Malaysia?

Come on, we are already lagging behind the other Asean countries and our foreign direct investments are dropping. Please focus on the economy.

Toonarmy: You can't have 'honesty', 'integrity' and genuine reconciliation in the same sentence as Umno, Perkasa and Utusan Malaysia . This has been proven over and over and over again.

Cact0id: But wait a minute, it was a Chinese tsunami. Do not be afraid to admit it. BN is trying hard to unite the Malays using Chinese as the bogeyman, but what else is new? Hasn't Mahathir been using that?

The Malays who are afraid of the dark, will always be in the dark. But most Malays have seen the light and they know very well our fight is against the government, not against our country and our people.

Maybe one day change will come... for the better. And the Chinese will be proud to look back at this moment in history and our part in helping to lead the way to a better government and country.

Multi Racial: When one lies too often, one will no longer be able to differentiate between truth and lies. What Najib said about Chinese Malaysians is not just wrong but irresponsible.

How can a prime minister of a multiracial country be so racist and biased? How can he become the prime minister in the first place?

Iwatch: Please focus on the real issue of GE13 fraud and do not get distracted by all these fabricated accusations.

On one hand, Najib is talking about national reconciliation, but on the other, he is giving a free hand to Umno's mouthpieces to spin all kind of racist news.

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