Why only Uthaya charged and others spared?

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YOURSAY 'Uthaya signed the letter to then British PM Gordon Brown as the legal adviser to Hindraf. His action was approved by the Hindraf leadership.'

Waytha says brother should've been acquitted

your say RR: A few days ago the British Court passed a verdict to compensate the Kenyans who were tortured by the British regime during the colonial days.

What Human Rights Party's P Uthayakumar did was the same, citing the torture and whipping of the Indian labour force when they were absent or too sick (owing to malaria) to cut and clear the Malayan jungles to plant rubber for the benefit of future Malaysians.

It's not seditious when we tell the truth. Uthaya should not have been charged and jailed.

Gggg: Uthaya signed the letter to then British PM Gordon Brown as the legal adviser to Hindraf. His action was approved by the Hindraf leadership. So how come only Uthaya was charged and the others spared?

Hot Khong : The question should not be about Uthaya being acquitted, but why the government prosecuted Uthaya but not his younger brother, P Waythamoorthy.

Is it because deputy minister Waytha is pro-BN while Uthaya is against BN? To the common folk, it looks like selective persecution.

DontPlayGod: Appeal to the court? But the Appeals Court is Umno's court, because this is where Umno rules. Just take a look at the former Appeals Court judge who made seditious comments about the Chinese after GE13 and got away clean.

Waytha, don't be a Umno running dog just so that you can enjoy your position and salary. Resign and you will be respected by all your Hindraf brothers.

Fernz: It's a fact that 90 percent of the government sector comes from one community. That's "ethnic cleansing", a term used by Uthaya.

The magistrate was wrong to say that there was no ethnic cleansing in Malaysia, in reference to Bosnia Herzegovina. Who was talking about Bosnia? Uthaya didn't mention Bosnia. Waytha can appeal to the king to pardon Uthaya.

Anonymous$&@?: First, deputy minister Waythamoorthy betrayed Hindraf ideals and his brother by sleeping with the enemy. Now he tries to make up by pleading with his brother to appeal the sentence.

Dei, many people salute your brother Uthaya for standing by his ideals against an unjust and corrupt government, unlike you who chose to take the easy way out.

Many right-minded Indians have now shunned you for your betrayal and you have lost their trust amongst them.

Anonymous_3e86 : Why appeal when in the first place Uthaya should not have been charged and brought to court?

At least, Uthaya stood by his principles. He has the respect of the rakyat, just like DAP's Lim Guan Eng in the Rahim Thamby Chik's case.

Headhunter: Waytha, in defence of your own brother and Hindraf, you should resign your cabinet post to show you are a man of principle. I guess that may be too much to ask of you.

Five Pakatan leaders probed over Adam Adli vigil

Senior: Is attending a candlelight vigil unlawful? Now I know why the government doesn't want the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC), as it will show that the men in blue are acting on behalf of their godfather.

Mushiro: Why are police resources being wasted by intimidating Pakatan members? Can the police be put to better use? There are too many crimes taking place out there that remain unsolved and yet the police are acting on petty matters to try to please their Umno bosses.

Supercession: Obviously crime in this country has been wiped out, that's why the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) has all the time in the world to do Umno's bidding.

ForTheNation : Following their logic, the police might as well just charge the 51 percent of the voters who voted Pakatan Rakyat for sedition, since they voted against the ruling party.

MrM: As always, when it comes to arresting opposition figures, the police are very proactive by lodging reports themselves.

But when there are Umno thugs who riot, Perkasa leaders who utter sedition, death in police custody, etc, the police can't investigate because "no one has lodged a police report".

Whatsup: Fifty-one percent of us were not wrong in rejecting an Umno government. Why there are still questionable rakyat still supporting them is mind-boggling.

Of course, in terms of riches and rewards plus awards, people find unscrupulous reasons to support them. See recently how a famous movie star turned Umno supporter in return for just such an award.

Such shameful greed. Umno-BN and their NGOs have not a grain of decency, and compounded with a clueless leader, we will soon be doomed.

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