Anwar, continue the battle in Parliament

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YOURSAY ‘By not submitting questions you have failed in your duty to bring up issues in Parliament, the highest legislative body in the country.'

Anwar mulls boycott of Parliament's opening session

your say Mark Anthony: PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, you were elected by the rakyat, so it is your duty to attend Parliament, more so the opening of the new parliament session by the Agong.

By not submitting questions for ministerial reply, you have failed in your duty to bring up issues in Parliament, the highest legislative body in the country.

KB Menon: Enough of this boycotting nonsense. You were elected as MPs by the rakyat to represent them in Parliament. Get sworn in and fight in Parliament.

There is such a thing as too much politicking and rallying. Get to work. Let the courts handle the alleged electoral fraud issues. Under the circumstances, this is the wisest thing to do.

Work towards the 14th general election (GE14), hopefully with the malapportionment of seats issue satisfactorily resolved.

Quigonbond: Don't be stupid. Boycotting means you're not sworn in. What if BN holds an emergency session and pass amendments to the constitution before you are next sworn in? They will command 100 percent of the votes, more than the two-third majority required.

Better My: I see it this way. After continuing massive frauds in the general election, the illegitimate government rules unashamedly in Parliament with a straight face.

In response, Anwar and Pakatan organise massive protests and boycotts.

This boycott should be the tip of the iceberg, with more and larger ones to come, peacefully (of course), as it can force the illegitimate government to the table for real changes for free and fair elections, re-election on dubious seats, etc.

If Anwar or his Pakatan team stop protesting or/and boycotting, then the majority might as well give up the game, and plan for the future accordingly.

And a future outside of Malaysia would be a much more attractive option for many urban and semi-urban folk.

Thana: No boycott, please. You represent 51 percent of the people. Get sworn in. And fight the battle in Parliament.

There are grave consequences in a boycott. Parliament is where you put the government in check, not on the streets. The performance of MPs will determine the next government.

Reason: This is the change you want, a sore loser that will lead the opposition to being totally ineffective.

All of you who voted Pakatan should take note, these guys just want to play "masak masak" with politics, and not really to help the rakyat.

They did not submit questions because they don't have any, they are just worried about themselves.

Jiminy Qrikert: ‘Reason', you are a typical representation of all that's wrong with BN and just like BN, you are clueless about it.

BN is all form but no substance. So BN and its 'think-tank' have their heads only in things - PKFZ, Birkin, cincin, NFC, LTAT land, KR1M, BR1M, 'I help you, you help me' - and you think the rakyat will remain blind to such corruption.

Grraaawwwnnn: For 56 years, Malaysians have given BN the freedom to make calls on their own and assume it's good, but see what it has done to our beautiful and prosperous Malaysia. See what they have done to our education system.

The comments in Malaysiakini are not to teach Pakatan what to do but to remind them of our concerns and why we have voted - it is not to play in Parliament but to stand up and fight.

A wrong move will be very costly and irreversible, and all that we talked about of wanting change will go to waste. Anwar might be standing for the betterment of Malaysia but he, too, has to remember the concerns of the rakyat who voted for Pakatan.

Rosli Salehudin: Elected representatives should be working for the rakyat and not the coalition or party. By not attending you have betrayed the rakyat who voted for you and expect to be their voice in the Parliament. Where you lost you protest, but where you win, you keep quiet.

6th Generation Immigrant: Anwar, you are already doing everything you can outside the Parliament after the elections, and we have supported and respected those actions, but surely this is not the end game.

The control of Parliament is the end game. It's a no-brainer that you should therefore be in Parliament where the majority of Malaysians want you to be.

Survivor: Anwar, is there a strategy to swear under protest by with this amendment: "I, ........., hereby swear ‘under protest' before your Royal Highness..."? All Pakatan members of parliament should add this bit into the statement.

Anonymous_40f4: Umno will as always accuse Pakatan of disrespecting the Agong by boycotting Parliament.

Even though BN got the minority of the votes, Najib Razak rushed the very next day to the Agong to be sworn in as PM, unlike in Pakistan where Nawaz Shariff won a landslide victory and was sworn in as PM after two weeks.

JMC: Boycotting the opening of Parliament may not work with an insensitive and lawless BN. The parliament should not open as the election was marred by fraud.

Pakatan MPs should meet the Agong to register their protest, failing which should apply for a court injunction to stop an illegitimate Parliament from being sworn in.

Both may fail but at least Pakatan would have done its part for the people to see.

DontPlayGod: Umno-BN will be delighted that there will be no questions. No need to answer the hard questions and the unanswerable and extremely embarrassing questions.

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