Another case of fraud EC need not resign over

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YOURSAY 'We can demand and demand until the cows come home but Umno is deaf and dumb.'

Different vote figures in DAP, EC polling forms

your say Mushiro: As a polling agent in the recent GE, I was always sceptical that such cheating would happen. In this case, it is a clear-cut forgery by the Election Commission's (EC) ‘ketua tempat mengundi' (KTM).

I believe nearly similar cheating happened in many constituencies. The EC will not take action against its officers but would just ask complainants to take such cases to court, which is a very long process.

One of the ways to fight this fraud is through huge rallies or protests. That is the only language that the government and the EC understands. Let us turn up for the June 15 rally at Padang Merbok in full force.

Reason: DAP won the seat in contention by 70 percent and they are trying to make the EC look like it had cheated.

It is as if the top EC people would be able to say, "Hey, change that Borang 14 to make BN win." This is stupid, and here live people who would believe anything. It's called a dose of hate each day.

It is strange that many more can believe that those who voted DAP/PAS/PKR are honest people and knew what they were doing, while the rest who did not are not rakyat, and as such do not deserve to live in this country peacefully.

Ah Hoe: Regardless of the fact that DAP won Jelapang, this case of incorrect results proves that the integrity of the EC is missing.

OrangMsian: This discrepancy on the EC's part (with forged signatures) showed its lack of integrity. Whether or not it affected the actual results is irrelevant, and this incident needs to be accounted for.

Game Changer: It would seem the EC has committed another crime, forgery to be precise. The GE13 is totally a scam on all Malaysians, and a recount of all votes should take effect.

It's not a matter of whether GE13 is over or not, these crimes must be dealt with now, otherwise, it will be repeated in GE14.

Ar-ma-ged-don: BN won by forging the Borang 14. It's an open secret. Who has the only copy of the Borang 14? Of course, the EC. A fool also knows this dirty trick.

To solve the problem, the mechanics of the voting process, from printing of the ballot paper to the final signing and sealing of the ballot boxes must be put up for public viewing and scrutiny.

There are so many loopholes in the present voting process. The only way to clear the cheating are these:

1) Each counting agent must have a copy of the Borang 14 after the votes have been counted in each saluran.

2) Install CCTV in each saluran with each counting agent having a copy of the recorded video for the entire voting process.

3) Each voter must be given a receipt after he/she has done the voting exercise - this will prove that he/she has voted ( For all the previous GEs, there is no document to prove that one has voted in the GE).

4) The above should also apply to postal voters.

Odin: There is little point in continuing to harp on this issue, to hold rallies or to execute any other action to express disagreement with the overall results of the GE13. There will never be any end to it.

The reason is simply that Umno-BN will do absolutely nothing to address it in a positive manner. There is only one thing to do, the logical one, and that is for all political parties other than those in the BN and all the supporters of the former to demand that:

1) The official results of the GE13 be declared null and void;

2) The top officials of the EC be removed and replaced with persons confirmed to be nonpartisan and honest;

3) That all the constituencies in Peninsular Malaysian and Sabah and Sarawak be delineated to reflect a level-playing field; and

4) The election to be conducted once again and monitored by representatives from the United Nations or, at least, from several countries in the Commonwealth.

Gen2indian: Odin, I agree with you 100 percent, but to actually carry out what you have suggested would be almost impossible, knowing the corruption and cheating starts from the very top.

International observers and the EC? It's a great idea but will the Western powers, the so-called ‘beacons of democracy' interfere when there is nothing for them to gain, and when it puts their investments here at risk?

CiViC: Whatever it is, I seriously do not know what is DAP/PKR is doing. They reveal bits and pieces here and there, and then give days for the EC to reply and such.

If you want to take action, just do it. Why bother asking for a reply? Are you not sure? Or is it still explainable?

Clever Voter: One of the lessons learned is that the opposition machinery must be better developed to handle such possibilities. It was very evident that reliance on voluntary help from the public would no longer be sufficient.

It is quite a tall order to take legal actions knowing very well that there is clearly a built-in advantage for BN, and chances of such cases ever being successful in favour of the complainant are very slim.

Strengthening the polling process and ensuring the accuracy of the Borang 14 is the key - and objection should be raised at the counting process. Beyond this, there isn't much anyone can do.

Tan Heng Ken: Now we know why the Umno-led BN that garnered only 45 percent of the popular votes, compared to Pakatan Rakyat that received 55 percent of the total votes, obtained more seats that enabled them to form the state government in Perak.

To continue Bersih 4.0, 5.0 and so on and Black 505 is the only solution.

Ksn: Maybe the EC deputy chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar, who said that he has no reason to resign, can give an acceptable justification for this serious discrepancy, failing which this alone should justify his resignation.

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