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YOURSAY 'If the name and photo are disclosed, I am sure the missing person will hastily turn himself in to avoid the people's justice.'

Inspector wanted over Dhamendran's death

your say Cala: I cannot understand inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar.

So many Indian suspects have died while under police custody between 2000 and 2013, how much more time does he need to formulate new SOP (standard operation procedure)? Is it so complicated?

If I were Khalid, the first thing is this, any police officer found causing death to any suspect shall be treated as murder in the first degree. And the only punishment is the death sentence.

Mushiro: "We are preparing a comprehensive plan. We need time. God willing, the new SOP can be implemented end of this month," said the IGP.

After so many deaths in custody, after so many IGPs, they are still clueless as to what SOPs to implement.

Vijay47: IGP, stop dragging God into your shameful actions and failure. The point is, are you willing to do what is required of you as a police officer entrusted to protect the public and punish criminals?

Thana: Yes IGP, the SOP has to be improved and implemented. The soonest possible. An overhaul of the system must be done not only to protect the detainees but also the police officers who have to do their duty.

Skin Deep: Splash the photograph in the newspapers and alternative media of the 'inspector' who has gone hiding. Issue a warrant of arrest.

God willing, we will help you to arrest this suspected murderer for you even if he is hiding in a wormhole.

Mahashitla: As this is a murder case, the IGP should issue a warrant for his arrest. His full identity and photo should be published in the MSM (mainstream media) and also shown on national TV.

This is the standard procedure which the police have been doing for many high-profile murder suspects and there should be no exception.

Rick Teo: If the four suspects were apprehended immediately after the murder, the inspector could not have absconded. Instead because of the stupid decision to put them on desk duties, we are led to this state of affair.

Hplooi: This inspector is as much a victim as poor N Dhamendran. In truth, the real responsibility for these monstrosity is the system itself.

The rank-and-file are perhaps not handed clear SOP or their training is insufficient or more ominously, the culture within the force does not encourage 'good practice'.

But this cannot be right, our police force is/was reputed to be one of the best in this region, our training facilities are second to none. Neighbouring countries send their police for training here.

And we can proudly say that our force is the only one who clearly won a war of insurgency (the emergency). If we say it is because of the system, then I would finger the leadership.

Failure of leadership destroys life not only those caught on the wrong side of the law but also the police recruits themselves when correct behaviour and training are not inculcated.

Ruhaizan Muhd Fikri: Enough of your SOPs, IGP. We just need the IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission) to save the lives of society. Do you get that?

Since you can't save lives, let the rakyat decide what is best, which is implementing IPCMC - it will safeguard the rakyat as well as the police.

Lim Chong Leong: Why did they not arrest and remand all the suspects but dilly dally with their transfer to desk jobs and then while mooting their suspension, they arrested Pakatan Rakyat leaders and sought to remand them on charges of sedition, which required no investigation and there was no immediate danger of the suspects fleeing or interfering with evidence or witnesses?

The IGP and home minister must answer or resign.

Slumdog: When ordinary citizens are arrested for minor and non-criminal charges, they are held in remand. They are denied basic necessities like food, water, lawyer, visitors and medical treatment.

Here we have four police officers accused of a gruesome murder and the IGP and home minister treated them with kid gloves and assigned them to desk duties pending investigations. This is justice Umno-style. So it is no surprise that one escaped.

Sinner: Gone are the days when the mainstream media will spin news and where most people will believe everything the government says.

Now, with the Internet, even the Indonesian maid will question why the four alleged murderers were kept on desk jobs and not detained; she will also laugh when told of the "disappearance" of one of the accused.

Malaysiawatch4: If the name and photo are disclosed, I am sure the missing person will hastily turn himself in to avoid the people's justice.

Anonymous#67264383: If they can't even find a murderer in their midst, how are they going to find the murderers out there?

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