The secret's out - posts are like ATM machines

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YOURSAY ‘In most countries, people get rich before they go into politics. In Malaysia, people go into politics to get rich.’

'MIC not rich like MCA to reject posts'

Lim Chong Leong: MIC should not hastily reject positions in the Perak state executive council, since the party is not “economically sound” like the MCA, said MIC strategy bureau director Vell Paari.

What kind of twisted logic is this from the son of ex-MIC chief S Samy Vellu? To him obviously, government positions is to enrich BN component parties. And son of Samy, your ‘bapak’ (father) has already enriched himself and you tremendously, so please shut up.

Paul Warren: Can someone please explain to me, why are cabinet positions in the state or federal governments have to do with the wealth of the political parties they come from? Obviously, there is an admission of a whole lot of mischief here.

Overlord: The increase in support for Pakatan Rakyat which rendered BN a minority government had given chances to those minor parties in BN to voice their problems, where previously no one dared to speak at all, to the extent where they can now even threaten their big boss, Umno.

Good, let’s squeeze Umno left, right, centre and upside down. Gerakan and MIC have already started their actions.

Multi Racial: Is MIC director of strategy S Vell Paari implying that getting a government post is about getting rich? In most countries, people get rich before they go into politics. In Malaysia, people go into politics to get rich.

MKinifan: After reading comments herein, my suggestions for MIC is to get out of politics, and since they are on the verge of being deregistered, they should form MICC (Malaysian Indian Cultural Centre).

Vell Paari have been clear in stating that a government’s post means money, so there must be some amount stashed somewhere with someone that can be used to do some good for the Indian community.

They can consider the land next to the the existing MIC building, if this still belongs to MIC, and build another MICC (Malaysian Indian Convention Centre).

All this is income for MICC events and they can even have international functions at the centre with the help of Samy Vellu, who happens to be a special envoy to India.

See, there are a lot of ideas coming from the public who have an interest in the welfare of the Indian community.

Odin: Vell Paari, let us not go back to 1946, the year MIC was established. Let us just go back to 1957. Fifty-six years has gone by. During that rather lengthy period, what has the MIC done for the Indian community?

A large section of the community is still among the poorest in Malaysia; the whole community is still being marginalised, insulted, trodden on; some 280,000 of them are still stateless.

The phrase "the cause of the community" you have used has been misapplied. It should appear as "the cause of the community's backwardness is MIC".

Gggg: Look who is talking. I thought Vell Paari was going to ask Indians to vote for Pakatan if no action was taken against Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

So how now? It looks like the son is making moves to helm MIC. In fact, he sounds more like the president then the real one.

Raja Chulan: MIC’s internal squabbles are never over. Time and again, it appears that Umno is often successful in splitting the Indian community with one issue after another in their 'divide and rule' strategy.

When will the MIC truly fight for the Indians, especially the Tamils who need much political leadership, guidance and assistance?

JMC: It is not about money but about dignity and respect for the Indians in MIC, the original and loyal component of Alliance and BN.

Any Umno leader at the lowest level can now bravely condemn the MIC president in the harshest terms, a senior partner in BN. No action will be taken against him for his disrespect for a senior leader and minister.

Kamal19: Vell Paari, it is not about ego, it about principles. BN should give the Perak speaker’s post to MIC to continue the practice from the last term, or do you want to admit it was only given thanks to the opposition as they had given it to an Indian, and that it was never a genuine gesture?

Geronimo: Kamal19, I totally agree with you that the speaker’s post was given to MIC in 2009 was as a result of 'let's not rock the boat' approach since Pakatan had already started the trend with V Sivakumar in the seat.

R Ganesan (MIC), who is not even an elected member of the House, was suddenly trust into the chair, making it like 'if Pakatan can do it, so can we' but then from the very outset, the gesture was never a sincere one.

Now the truth is out and MIC is put in a fix. MIC unwittingly has been made use of and Umno has decided to cast the party aside when they have no further use of it.


First of all, stop all this talking about money. You, MIC, have failed all Indians in the Maika Holdings fiasco, Indians generally were made poorer and cheated in this episode.

The best thing is that there is still no sense of guilt or repentance, but they choose to act like nothing had happened. Come on, we are not stupid to fall for that. Answer where did it all go wrong first.

Skeat: “MIC not rich like MCA to reject posts...” So in the end, they are in it for the "riches".

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