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YOURSAY ‘More that 51 percent cast their votes for Pakatan. Does it mean that the minority must punish the majority? Stop being naive.'

NGOs want PM to rescind promises on Chinese schools

your say CHKS: Threatening a particular race for not voting you is not in line with democratic principles - it is a dictatorship.

Najib Abdul Razak should be ashamed of calling himself a prime minister for all. Malaysia should be ashamed of the label of a democratic country. And the Gabungan NGO Melayu-Islam should be ashamed of even using the word Islam.

Giudice: Wow, as if proof is needed for how dumb and clueless this particular coalition of Malay-Muslim NGOs is.

First, try to understanding what is democracy and the purpose of voting. And assuming you are unable to do so (which is pretty obvious), explain your stand in the context of the Chinese who voted for BN. Do you propose to have Chinese schools only for the Chinese who voted for BN?

This is a bunch of idiots trying to be clever. Go and play in the sand pit and leave the serious stuff to those with a bit more intelligence

Homesick: First of all, the majority of Malaysians rejected BN, not only Chinese Malaysians.

Secondly, the Chinese Malaysians did not make any promise to vote BN. It was the ‘illegitimate' PM that made promises, hoping the Chinese votes will swing his way.

With NGOs like these, no wonder the Malays are deserting Umno-BN.

Anonymous #40538199: Voters of all races in the country voted for the opposition in the GE. In fact, more that 51 percent cast their votes for Pakatan Rakyat. Does it mean that the minority must punish the majority? Stop being naive.

Ketuanan Rakyat: This is Najib's 1Malaysia. Promise anything under the sun before the GE. After GE, discard the promises to suit the situation.

Old timer: Dear PM, what happened to 1Malaysia? Please show your leadership by telling this racist Malay-Muslim NGOs to shut up.

Malaysia belongs to all races, and development should cover all races, all creeds and all religions. How prejudice can these NGOs get.

Tan Kim Keong: Veritably, Gabungan NGO Melayu-Islam is clueless as to what the real issues are.

Firstly, the 'community' voted for the restoration of the independence of the judiciary, freedom of the press, democracy, equal rights as citizens and human rights of the rakyat.

Secondly, what promises did the 'community' make in the first place?

Thirdly, what is the link between the 'community' and United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) when each has a different agenda?

And just out of curiosity, did Dong Zong promised anything to Najib? Not that they should because being citizens, loyalty is to the nation not any political party.

Louis: When did the Chinese make any agreement to deliver the votes to BN? Najib gave all those goodies on his own accord with the hope that the Chinese can be bribed.

Sorry, most Malaysians - Malays, Chinese and Indians - are already fed up of rampant corruption in the government that any form of bribery will be scorned. That was the result. All voted overwhelmingly against BN.

Retnam: Najib signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia on the condition that Hindraf delivers Indian votes to BN.

Hindraf failed miserably to deliver the Indian votes to BN. Then why did Najib make the organisation's chairperson P Waythamoorthy a deputy minister ? By the same token, all promises Najib made to Chinese must be fulfilled.

Anonymous #02382443: Was there a quid pro quo in the offer prior to GE13? If there is a no need to honour the offer, please don't ever mention about reconciliation - this will become a bad word.

Fair and Open: Is Najib being chauvinistic now via these channels. If he keeps quiet and does not keep his promises, it certainly proves beyond a shadow of doubt that this wayang kulit is orchestrated by the PM himself or 100 percent supported by him.

Anonymous #40538199: In a democracy, you don't punish the voter who does not vote for you in an election, and it doesn't mean that those who does not cast their vote for the party in the government of the day do not have to pay tax.

Tehachapi: It is sickening just to read all these depressing threats and intimidations. We are becoming our own worst enemies.

If we condemn ourselves to poverty despite of all its natural resources and brilliant people, God would have no mercy for us. What we lack is leadership and vision.

Those who are entrusted with the responsibility to lead us have lost their bearings. God, please stop us from our self-destruction.

Hplooi: Even after giving Chinese schools the ‘mandate' to exist, the ruling ‘colonials' keep flogging unreasonable demands and ‘roadblocks'. I believe this match the exact agenda of the ruling party as it keeps their constituents in constant fear of ‘cultural invasion'.

Most egregiously, when the Chinese schools excel over the national system, the right-wing government refuses to recognise their education qualification despite evidence to its worldwide recognition and starts to throw ‘majority rule' tantrums.

This unfairness is even more glaring, when institutions of lower quality were accepted for recognition. This shows that politics is strongly embedded in the education system.

The moral is ‘you cannot have your cake and eat it' or after allowing Chinese schools to exist and placing unreasonable demands on them, you cannot then blame them for the contradictions of our society.

Anonymous #06659895: In other words, Najib bribed the voters. If that is the case, BN MPs should all be disqualified. Good news for Pakatan.

Which part of the constitution says all must vote for BN?

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