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Olympic Council, don't mix sports with politics
Published:  Jun 20, 2013 12:54 AM
Updated: 7:28 AM

YOURSAY ‘Those who are planning to attend the OCM's Fun Run, the right thing to do is to skip it and join the 505 rally. Electoral fraud is a far more important.'

Olympic Day Run venue change a 'conspiracy'?

your say Ferdtan: How come those in the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) and Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) can be so stupid that a change in venue for their function at the last minute, from Dataran Merdeka to Padang Merbok where the Black 505 rally is to be held, can be used as an excuse to get the Pakatan Rakyat rally postponed or canceled?

Obviously it is a conspiracy between the supposedly non-political agency OCM and the City Hall. Who will believe them?

We, including them (the hopeless City Hall mayor and the unprincipled bosses behind the OCM) too know that it is a farce, but would they care?

This is clearly a desperate move. They would do anything, short of arresting all the leaders of Pakatan, to make this Saturday's rally a failure.

OCM, due to its complicity with the government, is shooting its own foot. Now they are jeopardising their own programme - the Olympic Day Run 2013

Their participants will be confused by the sudden change in venue. We call upon all participants in this Olympic Day Run 2013 to boycott the event as the OCM is not even bother with the success of its own programme.

Let their run event fail - that will teach them a bitter lesson.

Pahatian: Now which is which? Did the OCM switched its venue to Padang Merbok or DBKL switched OCM's venue to Padang Merbok?

Either way, it was done purposely to sabotage Pakatan's Black 505 rally. This is the order of the day of the BN government.

FellowMalaysian: It is clear DBKL has no wish of allowing the Black 505 rally at Padang Merbok when they had to resort to cajoling OCM to subvert Pakatan's intent.

It is unbecoming for DBKL as a city council to openly and brazenly declare their political inclinations in such a blatant and offensive manner.

I believe DBKL's latest actions will cause this Saturday's indignant crowd to swell beyond unprecedented figures.

Quigonbond: Those who are planning to attend the OCM Olympic Day Fun Run, the right thing for you to do is to skip it and join the 505 rally. Electoral fraud is a far more important issue than a fun run.

And I can assure you after the event, when you check the news and see the shock on PM's face, you will know that you have contributed meaningfully to Malaysia's democracy.

AnakJohor1920: With the blatant ‘arm-twisting' of the OCM by DBKL, the majority of the rakyat are even angrier and more disgusted by the mayor who is trying all sort of tricks to deny the Black 505 rally at Padang Merbok.

OCM, being a apolitical sports body, should not change its venue at the last hour, thus giving the impression that its action was politically motivated. It is so pathetic on the part of OCM to ‘kow-tow' (bow) so quickly to DBKL mayor.

OCM, where is your integrity? Why can't you resist the change in venue and stick to your original venue, which is Dataran Merdeka?

McDonald's, being the key sponsor in this sporting event, will also be affected and its reputation severely tarnished. OCM and McDonald's may have to be prepared for an eventual boycott by Malaysians.

Ramachandran Muniandy: Let's all go as participants of the Olympic Day Run, then later change to black T-shirts.

When Mahatma Gandhi started the salt boycott in India, the British closed all the roads to stop the rallies. But the participants went ahead. Hundreds and thousands were arrested. When taken to court, all said that they were guilty.

The judge sentenced them to three months in prison or a fine of 20 rupees. They said they couldn't afford the fine but were willing to go jail. The prisons had no room for them and it would also be a costly affair.

All were eventually acquitted with a warning. That's what people do to fight for their rights!

MockingYou: Okay, we go to Dataran Merdeka then. It's even more symbolic as that was the site where blatant abuse of power was captured on video and shown to the whole world to see.

Bamboo: If sports organisation like the OCM is used as a political tool, this is the lowest that BN can go. What to do, a government which needs only 20 percent of the votes to win surely has lots of inferiority complexes and will do its utmost to stifle dissent.

Vgeorgemy: Pakatan must report to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) over OCM's involvement in politicking in Malaysia.

Mahashitla: Umno-BN is using every effort to frustrate the Black 505 rallies and this one on June 22 is no exception. It is too afraid of its own 'dark shadows'.

Not only the KL mayor and the deputy federal police chief Bakri Zinin have become Umno-BN's stooges but our sporting body, OCM, has now been turned into a political pawn. Black 505 should proceed at Padang Merbok.

Anonymous #47435535: Malaysia boleh! Everything is politicised by those who fear real power - the people's power.

Mushiro: OCM and McDonald's have allowed themselves to be used by Umno to go head on against the rakyat.

It is best that OCM and McDonald's state their stand clearly. The fast-food chain should also pull out from its sponsorship of the event. The rally will go on - rain or shine, or whether there is police permit.

Not Convinced: McDonald's, we're not lovin' it!

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