Umno, how is giving Filipinos blue ICs not treasonous?

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YOURSAY ‘This seditious and treasonous act is sufficient to prosecute the office-bearers of Umno and ban this vile organisation.'

'Filipino got citizenship, became Umno secretary'

your say Ferdtan: A Filipino national, Shukur Abdullah, arrived illegally in a boat in 1976 and within 10 years got not only citizenship but have voting rights, together with other benefits enjoyed by any full-fledged bumiputera Umno leader.

He enjoys more rights and benefits than people like us, non-bumiputeras, born and bred here in Malaysia.

My children are third generation Malaysians but they still cannot even qualify to invest in the attractive government-approved Amanah Salam Bumiputra investment scheme, but this alien who sneaked into our country on a boat from Philippines was able to do so.

He is an Umno leader now and you never know, he may be in the forefront shouting racist slogans such as pendatang (immigrants) at Malaysian-born Chinese and Indians (following the peninsula Umno leaders). How ironic would that be?

Anonymous #19098644: It is clear that Umno is the perpetrator of this monstrous act of violating the constitution and the rights of Sabahans and all Malaysians by fraudulently giving citizenship to illegal Filipinos for its own benefit.

This seditious and treasonous act is sufficient to prosecute the office-bearers of Umno of that period and ban this illegitimate and vile organisation.

Whatsup: These are not acts of high treason? But exercising our democratic rights and not supporting Umno's evil regime however is treasonous. Umno has totally lost every reason to exist other than to continue robbing the nation's coffers and our future.

Yet there are those who continue to support this evil regime, fighting tooth and nail against those who demand for better governance and an end to corruption.

Rayte: I don't believe all these happened by chance or was unintentional. The loophole is created by some 'masterminds'.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Malays talk about the Chinese and Indians taking over, but one day other foreigners will rule Malaysia and we will regret it. Why hadn't we used the golden opportunity to change when it was knocking on our door?

MockingYou: And this guy can vote in Umno Baru's party election. No wonder more blue ICs are given out to illegal immigrants of the right religion, so that they can be technically Malay, are "protected".

By the way, his name is ‘Shukur', which means thankful?

Pahatian: Perkasa vice-president MP Zulkifli Noordin, aren't all these happenings in Sabah amounting to treason ? Why don't you suggest that your Malay rights group be charged for treason? If not, please don't mention the word any more.

Malaysia ABU: This man should be commended for his honesty and bravery. I think an amnesty should be provided to all those willing to admit and surrender back their blue IC which they obtained via dubious ways.

They can be granted permanent residence and grant citizenship after certain number of years as good residents (with no criminal offences and paying all due taxes).

Responsible malaysian: Firstly, Indian Malaysians are told to go back to India. Next, Chinese Malaysians are told to go back to China. Later, if Malays don't support Umno, they will be told to go back to Indonesia or somewhere else.

It is because Malaysia belongs to the leaders of Umno and their cronies. Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is the bapa (father) of the country so he has the most say.

Other ministers are his relatives and they have a minor say. Other supporting members, such as Umno-owned daily Utusan Malaysia, are their employed workers. Police and other enforcement units are their security guards, paid to protect the corrupted family.

They dream that they will become the richest people in the world even though their brains are only as big as a peanut. We only need 10 percent of responsible Malaysians to fight them steadfastly and this corrupted family will soon be gone.

Lionking: Fantastic, becoming an Umno secretary while the Indians and Chinese have to wait for 20 to 40 years for a blue IC. Good job, BN.

Censorship: Just get use to it, you non-Malay Muslims. You are all living in a country that do not want you here - either you get out of this apartheid country called Malaysia or you fight for change.

There is not a chance to hope for reconciliation, it's too late and it's too entrenched and polarised. Flee and live, or stay and fight.

APA INI?: And hundreds of thousand who have lived in Malaysia who were brought in by the British a hundred years ago continue to be stateless. Obvious, isn't it, why 52 percent voted for change.

Well, maybe not Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department P Waythamoorthy and all the BN-putras.

Jean Pierre: The conducting officers in the RCI are doing a fantastic job. How in the world they could get so many ‘illegals' to confess is beyond me. With so much happening, I think Pakatan leaders should put some attention on this RCI.

Subramaniam Krishnan: All this royal commissions of inquiry (RCI) will come to nought. It is all a show like the royal commissions on senior lawyer VK Lingam and Teoh Beng Hock - no action.

Will someone out there start a citizens' signature campaign to be sent to the king. The opposition should do the same on the Election Commission (EC).

Anonymous #36950150: Don't be surprised if in near future, a Bangladeshi might even become the prime minister.

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