KLIA2 turning into another PKFZ?

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VOXPOP ‘If you think this is bad, wait till you see the final cost of the project. As usual, we have to pay for the BN follies.’

DAP: More dirt than meets the eye in KLIA2 delays

vox populi small thumbnail Faz: The chronology of the execution of the contracts will definitely unearth a lot of shortcomings that are usually the primary reasons for such long delays.

As this case does not involve land acquisition (the normal reason for long delays), I am pretty sure the delays are technical and contractual in nature.

The situation is worse if the tender was awarded by 'direct negotiations' approved by the Finance Ministry as in my experience, many details would have definitely been missing or unclear.

These are the issues that Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) wants to cover up so as to protect the Government of Malaysia, the financier of the project which is using rakyat's money.

It is unlikely we are going to get the truth out of these as the truth will wreck havoc with the power therein.


Headhunter: If you think this is bad, wait till you see the final cost of the project. As usual, we have to pay for the BN follies.

Quigonbond: KLIA2 is turning out to be another PKFZ. Heads must roll.


Tailek: Maybe more money has mysteriously disappeared from the project and costs are all being inflated threefold to benefit the middlemen.


Notfair: I have heard that the airport control tower will have to be demolished and completely rebuilt. What is the consultant designing the tower doing?

Will there be any liquidated and ascertained damages (LAD) for them? Are they experienced enough for the project in the first place?

Heavenly King: With such a long delay and the uncontrolled costs, compounded with the lies, the MAHB chairperson should be sacked - immediately.

Notfair: The delays and cost overruns are not all, there are also the safety issues. In the LRT construction work, we do not see any safety officers at road construction sites, only a few Bangladeshis, even though one can see the crane lifting heavy concrete. What has happened to Malaysia? We have to do something about it.

The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) is just busy collecting money; why don’t they conduct spot checks at these sites? Why must we wait until an incident happens and only then carry out inspection? Wake up, Malaysians.

AngryBird: The KLIA2 fiasco is nothing to be surprised about, because this is what happens when contracts are awarded to cronies.


Siang Malam: And despite the KLIA2 scandal, Bina Puri has just been awarded a RM1.2 billion MRT project in Brickfields by Prasarana. Will there be a delay and will they have a cost overrun again?

Orang Jauh: Tony Pua, UEMC-Bina Puri will never have to pay the delay damages, just mark my words.

Even if they pay, that will be compensated by some other form of VOs (variation orders). That's because Bina Puri is linked to a powerful woman.


Game Changer: I don’t know what to say - we have been lied to over and over again. Is there no end to all these lies? I wish the rural folks could open their eyes and see more clearly how bad the present Umno-BN government is doing.

With another year of delays, how much more of the rakyat's money will be spent on this project? Please do not say it's unavoidable and God has played a role in this delay; I am so sick of the excuses.

Ericlcc: We should thank our lucky stars the cost is still at RM4 billion, who knows how many more billions will be added before the first aircraft can take off from the runway.

Are the fortunes of The Star falling?

Clearwater: In 1987, people supported The Star because it was perceived to be relatively independent from political interference.

In 2013, The Star has degenerated to a level little better than notorious Umno mouthpiece New Straits Times ( NST ), and is largely considered an MCA organ. It will go the way of NST soon enough.

Sad Malaysian: The Star was a good newspaper. "Was" is in past tense. Times have changed.

888: The Star and New Straits Times are both are government propaganda machines. Why pay money for false information? Get the real thing from the Internet media - free or pay a little.

Yoshi: I was one of those who supported The Star in the 80s, but now I hope that I am with thousands of others who have chosen to dissociate ourselves from The Star.

I seek a newspaper that would print news reports and articles that are informative, non-partisan, with impartial investigative reporting and that gives credit where credit is due. Is there any such newspaper now?


SB: I've personally stop buying the print edition of The Star . I have also not visited its online site since the GE13 campaign period. It is completely a BN mouthpiece, revolting and unethical.

The only truth you find is in the sports pages. As you flip the pages from back to front, truth turns to half-truths, then blatant lies as you reach the front page.

SS Dhaliwal: People including me have boycotted The Star, NST and Utusan Malaysia for their pro-government reporting.

The Star , while it is better than NST and Utusan , is still nothing more than an MCA-owned newspaper whose reporting is a disgrace to journalistic integrity.


Fateh: The Star is losing its glow and shine. How not to be so, when it has become the mouthpiece of MCA.

The MCA leaders have cut themselves off from the people, content with just getting some crumbs from Umno.

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