Reminder to EC duo 'timely and pertinent'

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YOURSAY ‘Yes, Anwar, asking the EC heads to resign is too much. You see, those with no principles are worse than criminals.'

Anwar to EC heads: Resign, is that too much to ask?

your say Kim Quek: We have had fraudulent elections for far, far too long. The 13th general election (GE13) was the breaking point.

Let all Malaysians stand up and tell the world today that enough is enough. We will have tyranny imposed through phoney elections no more.

We want democracy to be restored - not in five years' time, not next year, but now.

FellowMalaysian: Malaysians have reached a crossroads of their destiny and have to ask themselves critically whether they are willing to continue to withstand and endure the incessant litany of abuse of power by a corrupt regime which has plundered our country's economy into abysmal depths?

Time and tide waits for no man and so is seizing an honest opportunity to liberate this country from the clutches of vile and evil schemers.

It is indeed difficult to predict what is in the future for us all, but I think it would be rather foolish if we continue to support a regime that shows little care and concern for the welfare and well-being of its people.

Cala: When duty to the state and to the ruling politicians is taken as the same, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim's reminder to the Election Commission (EC) is timely, pertinent and in order.

The EC is dysfunctional, just like so many other institutions - a true legacy of Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Recall former Lord President Mohamed Suffian Mohamed Hashim's remark upon the sacking of Salleh Abas (one of Malaysia's most respectable chief justices).

What is more, when change of power is through an intra-party struggle of leadership, not by electoral competition by people?

In the end, the result is the formation of a huge organism; one cannot distinguish between the ruling party and the civil service. Little wonder that the EC heads speak as though they are part of the ruling politicians.

Odin: Yes, Anwar, asking the EC heads to resign is not too much. You see, those with no principles, a sense of integrity, honesty are worse than the most vile criminals sentenced to life incarceration.

Physically and spiritually, they are containers of all that is evil, all that is the antithesis of acceptable human behaviour.

Rahman: Those who continue to adore Anwar after clear deceits by him are fools who have no sense of right and wrong. You are the wrong people to clamour for justice. Just stay at home, fill your stomach and then sleep.

Boonpou: Those of you who lament about Anwar being part of the Umno machine in the past are clinging on to this notion that "time is an empty passage." But it is not.

Time is not an empty passage. Yes, Anwar used to be on the far right, he used to be the deputy prime minister and he would have been prime minister if not for his falling out with Mahathir. He went to prison and with it, had lots of time to do some soul-searching.

Those of you who do not understand that are the ones who have no notion of time (or temporality). You are the ones who cling on to Umno regardless of what has been exposed of this racist party.

Mind you, the current Umno is not the Umno which existed during the days of its founders. That, too, will be enough to tell you "time is not an empty passage."

Anwar today, or since he was imprisoned, is not the Anwar prior to that. So please, do not accuse him of being a hypocrite simply because he was once with Umno, and a DPM at that. There is no logic to your argument.

Malaysian57: Rational thinking people focus on issues and not on individuals. Nevertheless, the top duo in the EC must resign. They should resign as people have lost respect for them and for the people to regain confidence in the EC.

Aries46: Anwar couldn't have said it any better. A so-called leader who won the smallest constituency with barely 17,000 voters shows arrogance of power and feels justified to be called a minister and bark orders at rakyat and leaders who hail victorious from constituencies as large as 150,000 voters.

This ironic scenario and that of the 21 percent of voters providing the 122 seats for BN's 'first past the post' victory more or less sums up the credibility and legitimacy or lack of it of the current regime in power.

And to add insult to injury, some of these masqueraders have the audacity to issue threats, tell Malaysians to get out of the country and needlessly arrest legitimate protesters under trumped-up charges while protecting their extremists and ultras who are forever uttering racist threats and indulging in outright sedition.

Malaysians are not blind and those at the helm under the illusion that exercising extreme power legitimises their position and authority are underestimating the power of the rakyat.

Realis: The silent Malaysians are telling Anwar - accept defeat, stop causing havoc to the nation, and our lives are not centred around you. Is that too much to ask?

Simple Analogy: Realis, who are the silent Malaysians that you are representing? Are they the majority of Malaysians who have stayed silent through the years whilst the thieves were busy plundering the country?

We have taken action in our neighbourhood against the petty thieves and now we shall reclaim the country from the big-time robbers.

Michael Gan: Don't be sidetracked by Rahman and Realis. Among the many issues under the current EC, we have extreme gerrymandering with some constituencies 800 percent bigger than the smallest.

Nowhere in mature democracies do we have anything close to that. Because of that, our elections are hardly fair and democratic, resulting in our voices not heard.

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