Jakarta, there's no smoke without fire

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YOURSAY 'Just take the Malaysian companies to court, fine them and send them home. We don't care who owns them or where these companies originated.'

Fires found on M'sia-linked firms' land, says Jakarta

your say Anonymous #19098644: It is the duty of the Indonesian government to enforce its laws, no matter whether Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean plantations, local farmers or landowners are violating them.

As to evidence, either they are blind, stupid or just pretending again. As if you don't know where the fires are?

Malaysia, Singapore and adjoining countries should file for compensation from Indonesia for the economic and health damages suffered by all of us.

Anonymous #32557251: Take them to court immediately, and send the respective directors to jail and I can assure you that the companies will never let such the slash-and-burn happen again.

It's time for the Indonesian government to walk the talk. We have waited for almost 20 years for their action.

Wong100: If Jakarta is right, then show no mercy and do not be impotent like the Malaysian government. Prosecute them and shut down the companies.

Nil: When there is smoke, there is fire - what investigation are you talking about? You already have the evidence.

Just take them to court, fine them and send them home. Malaysians and Singaporeans do not care who owns them or where these companies originated.

Anonymous Cat: Does it matter who owned the plantations? What Indonesian Environment Minister Balthasar Kambuaya was trying to say was that if the companies were Malaysian owned they could not take action against them? Does this make sense?

NewMalaysia: As I see it, corruption is the main reason behind such irresponsible acts. Those who have done that must know they can bribe their way out from being caught by the authorities, and only then would they dare to do so.

Apache: For over 10 years, we have heard the same excuse from these Indonesian authorities that Malaysian companies are also responsible for the forest fires in their country.

Now PM Najib Razak, what did you discuss with the Indonesian president when you were there last week as the haze problem had already started by then?

Ksn: What is Malaysia doing about cooperating with the Indonesians to punish the Malaysian plantation companies guilty of this huge health problem?

Or are the plantations owned by cronies and hence the inaction? The haze issue has been in the air, so to speak, for years. Where is the sense of responsibility of both the governments?

Anonymous_40f4: I believe the rogue companies burning forests in Indonesia are mostly Umno super-cronies. The Malaysian minister for environment (who won by Orang Asli votes) is so reluctant to act. He is going to Indonesia only on Wednesday.

Then again, many high-level ministers have gone to Indonesia annually when the haze appears and all were a ‘sandiwara' to hoodwink the rakyat.

Previously during Dr Mahathir Mohamad's time, even the mention of the haze in the media was banned and the Air Pollutant Index (API) readings were a state secret. Only a change of government can end this problem.

James1067: Nothing will be done in the end. This have happened year in year out and no effort was initiated to put a stop to this.

The plantation companies are rich and influential and with some money, everything can be swept under the carpet. It has been going on for years and if any party was serious about this situation, action would have been taken a long time ago.

So minister, keep your ‘drama minggu ini' episode for your children and grandchildren. The plantation companies, their bosses and the banks that finance these companies, including the politicians, couldn't care less about our health so long as they see dollars in their bank account.

Unspin: Sometimes when asked by my foreign friends whether our equatorial country has seasons, I jokingly tell them we have three seasons - hot, wet and haze - no thanks to our neighbour.

Every time the haze happens, the Indonesian authorities would sound like a broken record, blaming Malaysian or Singaporean plantation companies for causing the problem.

Our environment minister should ask them why the same Malaysian companies do not cause similar problems in Malaysia.

Simply Best: Can the affected people, especially those respiratory ailment, take civil suits against the companies behind this predicament?

Het: Another year, another haze incident. And the situation is getting worse by the year. However, the "solution" stays the same - talk, talk and more talk.

It will take a major tragedy before the Indonesian government decides to take serious action. Let's hope such a tragedy will occur in their home soil.

Onyourtoes: Don't blame the plantation companies, don't blame for lack of laws and regulations, don't blame the workers who started the fire, and don't blame inaccessibility.

These are just excuses. Blame the government ministers who had taken bribes.

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