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Malacca CM killing goose that lays the golden eggs
Published:  Jun 26, 2013 12:26 AM
Updated: 8:06 AM

YOURSAY ‘If you have a parking problem, you solve that problem. Closing Jonker Walk is akin to killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.'

'Closing down of Jonker Walk not a punishment'

your say Malaysian Born: This is really the biggest problem for Umno, they have a lot of incompetent leaders on their team and they just haven't learned to keep their mouths shut to delay letting the whole world know just how dumb they are.

In this case, the newly-minted Malacca chief minister is literally an immature fool better suited to dispense toilet tokens than lead a state.

What on earth does he think will achieve by threatening the Chinese community? Does he really think that this will make them toe the line?

If anything, he will drive many others away. The incredible ignorance and arrogance it takes to think he can punish the electorate.

The act of shutting down Jonker Walk at this time ostensibly for traffic issues coupled with the veiled threatening comments shows that Malacca CM Idris Haron is a third-rate mutt who has no place in any senior political position.

The only thing that makes sense is that he must be secretly working for PKR and DAP as every time he opens his mouth, BN and Umno will be damaged.

Nostra: If you have a parking problem, you solve that problem. This is akin to killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Game Changer: Common sense will tell us to find ways to deal with traffic jams, built alternative roads, change to one-way road, erect pedestrian overpass, etc, anything but closing down businesses in the affected area.

In what world does the CM live in? In his earlier statement, he admitted his action was a political retaliation, now he said traffic was the reason.

It appears that our leaders can simply issue, retract and change statements in less than 24 hours.

Liew Lean Kut: The chief minister just do not want the hawkers to earn a living, that's all. Parking problems? Where are all the rules that control errant parking? It is boils down to enforcement. If there are many cars there, it means it is a popular place for tourists.

We spent millions of ringgit to promote tourism and here Idris is trying to close it down just because there are parking problems.

It shows what type of state leaders we have. Malaysia to be a developed country? I don't think we can do it with such leaders.

Kookie: What a weak government we have. If I were the PM, I would have the chief minister removed for even considering it.

What chief ministers and MBs do or say in public is a reflection on the government. If the PM has to bargain with them, then the government is weak.

Hibiscus: I suspect Idris intends to run for at least an Umno supreme council position. It seems the thinking in Umno is that anyone wanting to run for an Umno's post must show himself or herself to be anti-Chinese.

This has been the modus operandi of most Umno members. Idris, in this case, is carrying out his racist stunt at the expense of the livelihood of the hawkers and shopowners in Jonker Walk.

There are those who are willing to set the country on fire just to be in the Umno supreme council.

Yunoanon: Idris has already said he is following to the "intention of the people" . Here's hoping the majority of Malaccans will soon "intend" for him to resign, and he keeps to his words and follows the people's intention.

Anonymous #1278079: Malaysia is a democratic country and the purpose of holding elections is to let its citizens voice out their opinions through the ballot box.

As such, even if there were ‘empirical evidence' that a particular community or race had voted for a certain party in the last election, this newly-minted Malacca CM has no valid reason to take political retaliation against the community.

Instead, he should study the reason why people rejected his party and find ways to put things right to entice the hearts of those voted against them.

iWant: It is a grave mistake to do anything that harms tourism, be he a chief minister or a tourism minister. I hope they use their grey matters. Tourists spending their money in our nation brings in foreign currency and create jobs.

Even a secondary school-goer know this. Those cannot comprehend the advantages of tourism should go back to school.

Fair Play: Yes, another sandiwara (drama). Besides, Tourism Minister Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz is giving ‘face' to Idris.

No doubt Jonker Walk would be open again after the four-week 'trial'. How can a person with such brainpower become a chief minister by stating that the closure would overcome the parking problem in a tourist district?

Qiqi: No tourists, no more traffic problem. Simple solution to traffic jams.

Idris emboldened by PM's 'Chinese tsunami' remarks

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