Police chief will have to answer to Kugan

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YOURSAY 'He and the police officers who caused the custodial death must be made to pay and it should not be from the taxpayers' pockets.'

Kugan's family wins civil suit against gov't

your say Dr Suresh Kumar: The respectable High Court judge, VT Singham, has carried out his duty without fear or favour as per the evidence deduced in court, though it's too early to celebrate pending the appeal by the government.

I really wished the good judge had set a precedent by sending those murderers to the gallows. How can the perpetrators of such a heinous crime be allowed to walk the streets is beyond me, honestly.

I hope the lawyers who fought for this grieving mother, Indra Nallathamby, would not fleece her of her money in the name of legal fees, etc. Instead help her to invest and manage her finances prudently, that is if she is successful in the appeal courts.

So much for the authority's "water in the lungs" certification as the cause of death.

JMC: "Police lock-ups and police stations must be a safe place for every human being and should not be converted into a crime scene." - VT Singham.

Brave words by a righteous judge - a rare species in Malaysian judiciary today. But the sad thing is the culprits who inflicted the fatal blows are still walking free unperturbed by the crime they had committed against a defenseless citizen.

Aries46: Rather than to term it as a victory, the verdict is more of a consolation to Kugan's family as no amount of money can make up for the loss of a loved one, that too a needless loss.

I feel the same as lawyer N Surendran who said that the family would be more satisfied if the PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police) murderers be made to pay for their vicious crime.

As it is now, they are scot-free and remain an 'immediate and present' threat to innocent victims who fall into their clutches.

Nevertheless this is an indelible black mark on the regime, the IGP (inpector-general of police) and the rest of the defendants, regardless of whichever way the higher courts, should the government file an appeal, view it.

Vijay47: The quantum of the damages does not matter at all. The court has decided that the police and the government were party to the savage murder of a youth and that is a huge moral victory for all of us who have utter contempt for the police.

We can expect the defendants to file an appeal and going by the established trend, Indra's relief will be short-lived.

But be that as it may, what the IGP should do, if he has any crumb of honour or decency left, is to immediately tender in his resignation on the grounds that he has placed the police force into disrepute. Not that it has any reputation worth speaking about.

Anonymous #40538199: If the head of an enforcement agency is found by court to be in breach of the agency's rules or operating procedures, how is he going to demand others in the agency to maintain a high standard of professionalism?

Quigonbond: IGP Khalid Abu Bakar must go. It may not be proven to be a criminal offence yet, but he is clearly negligent in his duties.

Imagine PM Najib Razak using a doctor who has been negligent. Common sense will dictate that such person is not fit to run the internal security of our country.

OMG!!: The IGP should be sacked. He and the police officers who caused the custodial death must be made to pay the judgment sum and it should not be from the taxpayers' pockets.

Versey: Now, how could the prevailing IGP expect to command any respect from his staff and all right-minded Malaysians?

Is it not time for him to consider taking the appropriate step in order to preserve his and his workmates honour?

Pahatian: By winning the civil suit against the police and the government, does it imply that there is an actual wrongdoing? And does this also imply that someone or more people are responsible for it?

Lastly, doesn't it imply that someone or more people be charged for the wrongdoing, which is murder?

Fair Play: I am happy for Kugan's family although this is mere pittance because nothing can replace a life lost due to the negligence of the authorities. Let's hope the authorities won't appeal against the decision.

Cogito Ergo Sum: A decision that will be cherished, not just the family, by the rest of all right-thinking Malaysians. Well done, your honour. You are a rare breed among your brethren.

Holden: At least, some measure of deserved justice for a suffering family. My deepest admiration for the tenacity of the family as well as the courage of the lawyers, Surendran and Latheefa Koya.

To judge Singham, thank you for this measure of hope that may restore our faith in this broken system of justice in this country.

And to the government, it would be supremely ill-judged and indefinite bad taste if you are to appeal this verdict.

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