Enough of 'ah chi, ah choo' over indelible ink

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YOURSAY ‘Ku Nan, if parliament passed it, then it is law and it is the duty of administrators to abide by and execute the task.'

Ku Nan: We don't need indelible ink

your say Anonymous_3e86: It isn't about whether we need indelible ink or whether Malaysia is a Third World country. It is about why the government spent RM7.1 million for ink with food colouring instead of silver nitrate?

It is about the lies the Election Commission (EC) told - that the ink contained silver nitrate when it didn't. Now that the truth has emerged, BN politicians are making excuses for the EC goons since these goons have already done their job to ensure a BN victory.

Now it's BN's turn to protect EC. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

Quigonbond: Obviously, they handed a different script to Ku Nan (Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor).

The deputy whip and Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Shahidan Kassim already said there was no silver nitrate in the ink but food colouring - why's Ku Nan talking about "reduced chemicals"?

Umno leaders are becoming ‘Comedy Central' - only that they don't know that people are not laughing with, but at them.

I think the Agong should tell PM Najib Razak to set up an RCI (royal commission of inquiry) to get to the bottom of this matter - and all other electoral shenanigans.

It's also great diplomacy. Ku Nan has just insulted all our southern sphere friends that we're better than them - more advanced in our corruption index, I suppose.

LittleGiant: There are many Third World countries with an electorate that is much bigger than ours. What Tengku Adnan should know is that these countries with a much bigger electorate probably have better and more reliable electoral process and system than ours.

We can feel proud to say that we are not a Third World country. But with the never-ending controversies surrounding the indelible ink used in GE13 by our EC and all the 'interesting and exciting' statements made day in and day out by our government leaders defending the EC, what is wrong if the whole world concludes that we are, after all, not a Third World country, but belong to a category that is even lower than Third World?

Wg321: Tengku Adnan claimed that the amount of chemicals was reduced because the government cares for the health of the people. The joke is there is no silver nitrate in the ink.

The EC must be using the thick black soy sauce as indelible ink. Now what happen to the RM7.1 million rakyat's money? Some cronies maybe laughing all the way to the bank.

To the EC, a wastage of RM7.1 million is nothing compared to our national debt of RM502 billion (2012 figure).

By the way, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will hope that there is no corruption involved in the purchase of this ‘incredible' ink.

TehTarik: Election ink, electoral marking stain or phosphoric ink is a semi-permanent ink or dye that is applied to the forefinger (usually) of voters during elections in order to prevent electoral fraud such as double voting.

Industry standard electoral inks contain 10%, 14% or 18% silver nitrate solution. Silver nitrate is only an irritant and frequently harmful at 25% solution and above.

The idiots in the EC are using food colouring instead of the internationally recognised silver nitrate.

Multi Racial: Malaysia is a Third World country not because of its infrastructure but more so of their politicians like Ku Nan. If you remember, Ku Nan was involved in the VK Lingam case where he allegedly brokered a deal between the then chief judge and senior lawyer Lingam.

In spite of that, he was chosen to by Umno secretary-general, he was nominated as Umno candidate for the parliamentary seat of Putrajaya and subsequently selected as a minister.

As you can see, we have a tainted guy who have not clear his name but honour with such high position. That is why we need to check every detail, especially when it involves the conduct of elections, because we know what these people are capable of.

We need indelible ink, not because of we are not a Third World country, but because there are crooks among us.

Kokkeong: After all that has happened surrounding the indelible ink, Ku Nan's very response shows how much we still need a reliable indelible ink that is honestly made available through the EC in our elections, whether or not we are a Third World nation.

Lin Wenquan: "The system where the MyKad is used was good enough for the country and it did not specifically need indelible ink," said Tengku Adnan.

It is precisely when it was detected that MyKads were issued indiscriminately to unqualified aliens that Bersih clamoured for a cleansing of the electoral rolls and other salient features to be adopted by EC to cure its many ills that were making a mockery of its claims of impartiality when challenged by documentary proof of its chicanery.

The ongoing RCI in Sabah on this treasonous act by NRD (National Registration Department) and abetted by EC has revealed the dark side of a ruling regime hell-bent on retaining power by devious means.

The indelible ink, first mooted to prevent fraud, is now subject to being tossed about like a rag doll by EC in its desperate attempt to exonerate itself for its biggest screw-up that has exploded in its face.

The EC of India has used it for decades and what health risks are we talking about? It merely stains my dainty finger for a while but democracy prevails.

Magnus: "They wanted it, so Parliament agreed," said Tengku Adnan.

That is interesting. If that is the case, then it look like this Tengku Adnan entity is in fact the supreme authority in Malaysia since he seems to to think he can override what was agreed by the Parliament of Malaysia.

Bumiasli: This is the lamest excuse ever given so far. So, the ink was used because the opposition wanted it? There are many things the opposition want but then why did you not comply.

You mean the government spent RM7 million just to please the opposition? And you claim we are not Third World country. My God, we're worst than that with your kind of governance.

Bash: Ku Nan, if Parliament passed it, then it is law and it is the duty of administrators to abide by and execute the task. Otherwise, why have rule of law and parliamentarians? So please do not twist and turn, and avoid the issue.

Anonymous_5fb: Once you promised to use indelible ink as agreed, just use it. But, you didn't use as promised. So, don't ‘ah chi ah choo' (make a fuss) now.

The EC chiefs have got to resign for failing to be impartial referees. No two ways about it.

EC 'backstabbed' by Umno in spite of its loyalty?

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